16 thoughts on “Face Friday *8”

    1. That’s the impression I got too. And all the things he posts are pseudo trendy. “Do you like me… yet?”

    2. Being straight is not a really tragedy, it’s a perfectly fine and respectable thing for a young boy to be.

      Yes, I’m kind of joking.

      1. Being str8 is not normal, just common. Hopefully, he’s not horrified of being linked here…seen that before.

  1. He is very cute. It’s as if he’s saying, “Now I’m new at this. So tell me what you want me to do?”

  2. He is cute,and as for the fact he may or may not be gay,who gives a shit. He’s a cute lad and I hope he makes it big in life.

  3. Even if he was gay, what are the chances of hooking up with him? I have the hots for Tom Daley, chances of me hooking up with him=zero. We can dream then cream. xD

  4. I love his skinny body and pale skin. What is so great about being blond and tan, I don’t know.

    1. Weak for days!! What a hottie!

      I’m with you, Sienna, in Europe, we don’t have that many people obsessed with tanning relative to how people in “USA” are (yes, that is actually a word in Germany, pronounced “Oosa” – we’re goofy that way).

      I have the same t-shirt, only white on blue. Nice taste in t-shirts, kid!

      0713 5.8.12

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