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  2. What an extraordinarily beautiful face, with or without the ring; dark hair and blue eyes a devastating combination

  3. Modern boys have piercings, tats, shaved ‘parts’ etc….get use to it. If anything, it makes them unique juxtaposed against other generations.

    1. If you believe that “piercings, tats and shaved ‘parts’ etc” are MODERN, then you may well be the most clueless person posting here. Sheesh

      1. Never said that….what I said was that’s how boys distinguish themselves TODAY, sweet cakes. And since I’ve lived, boys never did all these things together at exactly the same time. and produced the ‘look’ that is so popular today. So really, you just flung yourself into your own clueless pit of dung covered spear tips.

  4. He’s a beautiful young man. He would be as beautiful without the ring, but it adds a bit more personality to the whole.It would be different if it were a big distracting thing, but it’s just a nice little detail. I like it.

  5. A very handsome young man. And he comes complete with a nose ring so I can hang him up in my garage when I’m done with him.

  6. @Real1: If I say that the ring in the nose does nothing for me, then that is that. I have nothing to get use to. It’s what I perfer. Now if he had is ears pierced I would not care. A ring in the nose reminds me of a bull. I don’t like piercings in the eyebrow, lips, or nose. Any thing that detracts from the beauty of the face is unique, it’s just junky. Get use to it.

    1. That’s just your opinion and won’t put you in great stead with the majority of boys. It’s a pretty small adornment to rule out a whole boy.

      1. I’ve ruled out whole boys, and lots of them, for a lot less. If a boy expects to attract my attention he better not have a mutilated body.

  7. @Real1: You are right,that is my opinion,but what does that have to do with being in good stead with the majority of boys. If the so called majority jumps off a cliff, do I jump to. From what I have seen the so called majority of boys don’t pierce their nose,lips,eyebrows,or tongue. I don’t know why your hot on my ass. That’s the way I like it. Some like SUV’s,some like small cars. Some like greater than average penises,some like averge. I’am not the one who called you clueless, but when I see you on my e-mail, then maybe clueless it is. Just keep off my e-mail.

    1. What the hell are you talking about, Michael? I’ve never written to anyone on this blog in email. You’re talking absolute shite now. My point is that if you like boys, you like ALL boys as the unit. When you start talking about the good ol’ days or things you hate to see, it just dates you. I can’t fathom why a beautiful boy like this would be a turn-off to anyone because of ONE nose piercing. But yeah, you’ve definitely stated your preference. The email part of your post is just to demean me I guess, or you’re a total nut job.

      1. What the hell are YOU talking about Real1? You are nothing more than a pompous ass preaching to everyone on this forum. Back off!

  8. Look Real1; I got five e-mails,and four of them have you as he Author:Real1. I see that it is sent by “[milkboys]“. Then it says what you have said on these comments, word for word. I don’t know what is going on here,for the life of me. I’am not some nut job,asyou seem to think,but I think someone is playing use both for fools. I can see now that there be no reason for you to put out a comment, and then do the same thing, word for word in a e-mail. I hope this get’s straighten out. I’am getting tired of useing that Delete button.

    1. Yeah will figure it out with an administrator here, because I haven’t sent you shite. You have little coward queen trouble makers permeating this site, all of them US in origin and like Tokio Funhouse above, they keep changing their names. It might even be just a few. I hope they fuck themselves and die, but the Net anonymity affords them the luxury of hiding behind their monitors. I’m sure since they don’t have real lives, they’ve figured a way to rig emails and such. Bully for them.

      As I said before, I’ve had ZERO email communication with anyone from this blog by my hand.

      1. Once again Real 1, you are the only one who other than me who has commented on “the trouble makers” who keep changing their names. I was recently referred to as “paranoid” for agreeing with you about this. These names will usually appear only once and their comments are usually antagonistic. I have a list of 23 such names. It is not much fun to see the regulars here go after each other because of these clowns.

  9. @ Real:Sent by “[milkboys]“I don’t know why the full e-mail sending address was not in the first comment.

  10. @Real: I’am putting the full address that is right after Sent By”[milkboys]” on;Sep 09/29/12 9:38PM

  11. @Real1: I got another e-mail,this time the author was Tokio Funhouse, and sent by Milkboys. Now you haven’ got my e-mail address, nor does Funhouse. That only leaves one who does,and less one of you work for milk, that leaves,guess who.

    1. There’s an option to get notified about replies to comments you made beneath the comment input field. You obviously activated it.If you want to unsubscribe from these mails you can do so by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the mail.

  12. I’ll take care of the boys who aren’t perfect enough for anyone… nose ringed blue eyed brunettes to the front of the line, please.

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