8 thoughts on “Fag-Tag”

  1. I'm a little bit surprised but I found it very hot to listen to him talkin about this hot stuff.

    Would be cool to get more of such nice stuff ;-).

  2. I hope his band leans more to Prince than to that other crap. I'd also like to see him being fucked in the ass by a big black man while he screams out his favorite word.

  3. Gawd, him again. For some reason I find his voice really annoying. He talks so sloooooooooow. And 62y old sucking off someone is not my idea of porn ^^ Of course Josh is 62y old too, so he can relate =)

  4. @Tabbs

    I wish I WOULD be 62… I could blog the whole rest of my life without thinking of lame things like work *__* Ok, on the other hand it would be kinda sad… you could be dead every day since you're even older than me xD

    I guess he speaks slow to let old people like us follow his words ><

  5. I "love" this guy. He has a type of look that is effable and lovable immediately. I like the way he talks and he does a GOOD job putting "it" together: coherent and fully articulated: NOT: hinting, hesitant, tentative, abbreviated, slanged. Why he bothers I cannpt say. Maybe he is an extreme outward type, or an actor and wants us to notice. I do not agree with him, of course (ME? AGREE? HaHaHa!). He DARES and is GOOD at it and for that: WOW! BABY CAKE!!! I LIKE!!!

  6. I would never spit your cum out of my mouth. I would swich it around in my mouth like a fine wine and enjoy it to the last drop. You can pop my cherry anytime.

  7. I like the way he talks,but it would be interesting too see him get fucked up his butt hole by a big fat black cock. I wounder what his favorite word would be then.Iwould swallow a good mouth full of love juice if it were to find it’s way into my mouth,but quite honestly if his load were to find it’s way into my mouth by some fluke of bad luck, I would most surely throw up.Who knows were that dick has been.

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