Fairy Tale

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18 thoughts on “Fairy Tale”

      1. that’s what they want you to think ;-)
        He prob. has a porn magazine hidden in that “book”

  1. The song is about Lewis Carol and his beloved Alice. I have some specific memories with this song as well and the mix of those and the fact that it’s just a beautiful song always results in my getting teary eyed when I hear it.

    1. If that gets you teary eyed… did you hear “Toys in the Attic” or “Sing for Love” from their latest album?

  2. Being horribly dyslexic back in a time when you were just labeled ‘lazy’…..once I did figure out how to read and actually enjoy it, there was no stopping me. I’d steal off like this boy (although most probably in shorts), reading faerie classics and Beatrix Potter. Sublime times…..

  3. Hmm he’s a bit to big for Beatrix Potter and the like but he’s lovely. Where did you come across this?

    If only it were poety. It puts me in mind of Edward Fitzgerald’s translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Fitzgerald was a closet gay btw):

    “A book of verses underneath the bough.
    A jug of wine, a loaf of bread- and thou
    beside me singing in the wilderness-
    Oh wilderness were paradise enow!” (stanza 14)

    1. You’re never “too big” for Beatrix Potter…as long as when you’re his age it isn’t the mainstay of your reading endeavors. I have an original 1909 “Alice in Wonderland” with color plates that I bring out once in awhile to read. Never been a big fan of poetry….I guess I’m not gay ‘enough’…lol.

  4. Ok song. Betta if it was kept as an instrumental. Enya does a great instrumental called “Fairy Tale” as well. Cute picture too.

  5. Josh, this boy looks familiar. Have we seen him on this site before?
    And, as noted, your melding of this pic and this song is par for the course for you – which means you did a great job at it :-) so thanks again.
    And, w/ Onmia, I have another group on my list to go find on Amazon and see what they’ve got.

    1. Holy crap, Josh. They’ve got a large number of albums. Any recommendations as far as a “first album” for me to listen to from this group?
      Thanks so much.

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