55 thoughts on “Fapping Friday *1”

  1. Whatever happened to the good old days when you needed to skulk around unmarked vans or dig through the rectory dumpster to get photographs like this? They’re becoming so common that one hardly even feels dirty anymore when looking at them.

        1. my mistake. I am horrible at sarcasm and such things on the internet. I tend to take people by their word, and if something sounds off i just say “internet is crazy”

    1. Something this good would never be in the rectory dumpster. It would be stuffed somewhere among the pages of a prayer book kept neatly tucked inside the drawer of the bedside nightstand.

  2. What i really believe is that you should teach him to assume his bisexuality :-)
    In any case he has good taste …

    1. Nothing to teach there. He’s already a lot more open-minded & tolerant than most of us will ever be. He just happens to be into girls :p

        1. Girls are fun, for a time. But once in a relationship, they expect the boy to turn into a man, give up his dreams and pay the bills. On and on without end. Experience teaches this, time and time again.

  3. I had a boyfriend like this in high school and lost him. He wanted to go straight. This photo brings up my most cherished memories. This boy is beautiful.

  4. What a nice thing to see first thing in the morning, hope that every Friday is going to be like this.

  5. This boy has l-o-n-g been an actor for TBW, and is probably one of my favorites. He has the ability to change a few things (haircut, etc) and appear eternally young.
    Over and above that, he is blonde, good looking, nicely proportioned all the way around, and seems to be able to produce wonderful volumes of ejaculate.
    What more could one ask, lol?

    1. Kevin, I agree… Nothing like a sleek 18boi with a tight little body whose clenching young loins can push out a copious volume of semen. TBW should package his freshly-ejaculated product with a video documented seal and fast-ship it to those of us who appreciate the finer things, eh?

  6. Now that Friday is covered how about getting me something for Monday so I can get through the week till Friday. This lad is beautiful..

  7. I just came to realize that this boy has one helluva thick love stick. It goes well with his smoooooth, hairless body.

    1. Very true and I really love the blonde hairless type. This boy has such a soft, lovely face.

  8. Its a shame to leave all that spunk there going to waste,
    it should have gone straight into your boyfriends
    mouth, warm, and freshly milked. surely you must have
    a few dozen horny boyfriends, with active spunk shooters, waiting to be sucked, and sucked.
    here’s loving you georgeous.
    Ron +++

  9. God dam I wish I was on that bed with him, I love to lick all that Goo up and lick the rest of his body and suck those nipples. I would also suck his cock and do him in his bum hole and shoot my cum all over his gorgeous adorable skinny body.

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