Is this a paedosite!?
Short answer: No.
Long answer: Paedophiles are into pre-pubescent kids while this is a site for and about teenagers, not children, so paedophiles would hardly find anything they’re interested in around here. The purpose of this site is to keep people updated about everything going on in the queer world and beyond and to give queer teens a place to hang out and connect with other people.

How can I contact you?
Have a look here.

How do I get my own avatar next to my comments?
Just sign up at with the same mail address you use to comment here.

I downloaded a file from the blog but can’t open it!
The downloads on milkboys are compressed with the 7z archive file format. You can extract 7z files with most archivers like 7-Zip (recommended), WinRAR, WinZIP and so on.

Do you have RSS Feeds?
Yes, one for the the posts and one for the comments.

Could you add my link to your blogroll?
Sure, find out how here.

I found one of my photos/videos on your blog and don’t want it there!
Please notify us if we have posted something that belongs to you for removal from this site or if you’d like us to add your credits. By the way: We do not post your photos or videos to claim the fame or steal them, we post them to share the beauty with everyone who loves visual poetry and will always give credit whenever we know the original source.

Do you know the boys on the photos/in the videos?
Sometimes yes,, mostly not. We get many photos and videos at random without knowing where they’re from in the first place.

I’d like to leave a comment but I don’t want to give away my e-mail address!
Your e-mail address will never be published. If you still don’t want to enter it though just type in a fantasy address like — keep in mind that you have to use your real mail address if you want to get notified about replies to your comment via mail.

6 thoughts on “Answers”

  1. me gustaría qeu algunos articulos vinieran en español, sorry i don´t speak and write english, but i agree this page jajaj MILKMEXICANBOY

    1. Si necesitas halgo traducido solo dime y yo tratare de traducilo, soy Mexicano pero vivo en US :D

  2. “How do I get my own avatar next to my comments?
    Just sign up at with the same mail address you use to comment here.”

    I got confused earlier, when i posted a comment on a pic in the Gallery section, and it posted the comment with no avatar. But the site seems to behave differently when posting in the Milkies and other threads? Not sure if this is a bug, or if it is meant to do this


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