60 thoughts on “Feasting Friday *17”

    1. I didn’t think I was until recently. To suck his big toe, especially with squirty cream on, would be divine! : )

  1. I really do get tired of reading the ‘I don’t like’, ‘not for me’, ‘not my taste’ comments. Honestly guys, keep it to yourself. Nobody cares.

    For me, this is a cute photo.

    1. I get tired of the oh this is a cute photo, its pretty…

      lol honestly keep it to yourself :p

      just playing ;-) Have a great weekend Cronos!

  2. Feet go on the ground!

    Penises go in vagina’s!


    I think his feet are cute, anyway.

    1. As a submissive bottom my penis goes in and out of my pants for a pee only. David if you are seriously homophobic, (which I don’t think you are, I think your only joking-I hope), then you’ll not like the idea of what goes in and out of my bumhole? And I don’t mean only suppositories? My ex boyfriend said could I suck his foot if he put squishy cream on it? I agreed. He put it on his dick. I said, “That’s not a foot!”, and he replied, “What’s an inch between friends?”. The old jokes are the best. BTW, how many of you would describe yourselves as Top, Versatile or Bottom? And if Versatile, Versatile, mainly Top? Versatile all over? or Versatile mainly Bottom?

  3. Good for anyone here with a foot fetish. I don’t but the boy’s cute still =) screw tenactin! Use whip cream. He’s got the right idea!

  4. A foot fetish at 12? Hmm. I guess I never thought about that, but I guess many fetishes develop early on. That would be an interesting subject for study.

    1. Freud said that the die is cast by about age 5. You must be a late learner. And anyway, all sex acts are symbolic, even penis in vagina, or mouth or asshole. All symbolic.

      1. Really? I know that a lot of things are symbolic for the whole penis and vagina thing, but what exactly do they themselves symbolize? Don’t they predate our psyche and thus symbols by quite a margin?

      2. Actually, I studied psychology for quite a few years, and long ago made the decision to make believe Freud never existed, at least as regards understanding human thought and behaviour. While he did get our understand started in a new, more humanist direction, most of his cause and effect reasoning turned out to be fatally flawed (as was that of many others who built on his work). Freud was a magnificently creative thinker, but none of his work was based on real scientific study – it was all theory based on personal observations.

  5. u know the boy is simply adorable looka inocent and sweet like a boy id wana sit down and talk to and really get to know. feer gross. boy cute.

    1. Estimates vary, but 5-10% of people are “other than heterosexual” (meaning LGBor T). The odds are good that some of your school friends are bi or gay – just unwilling or afraid to be open about it. If no one is “out” you’ll need to develop your “gaydar” sense and take some risks by carefully approaching others you percieve to be gay. I’m betting there are others your age who feel exactly as you do – they’re just waiting for someone else to make the first move.

  6. omg i know this boy! he recently deleted these pictures from another website where he had a ton of really hot hot pictures of his foot fetish – i actually fell in love with him because i love feet and i love boys like him and he’s close to my age <3

    1. Oh, we’re not in Kansas any more, “me”. It’s Kentucky.
      Do you like horses? Blue grass?
      Right now I am listening to “My Old Kentucky Home”.

  7. Am I the only person who thinks this looks remarkably like a young(er) Justin Bieber? O_o

  8. louissullivan:

    omg i know this boy! he recently deleted these pictures from another website where he had a ton of really hot hot pictures of his foot fetish – i actually fell in love with him because i love feet and i love boys like him and he’s close to my age <3

    Would you happen to have the other pictures? :P

  9. im so fucking pissed i didnt save the pictures to my computer :( i actually thought about creating a folder of him, but i bookmarked his page where he had these fucking hot pictures of him licking his feet and stuff but i never expected him to delete his account, so theyre gone :( and he is the only boy like of that age who ive seen on the internet that has shown feet like and who is fucking hot like him, like my type

  10. The teenage male foot is sensual because it is a body part that is usually covered (sox and shoes) and any usually covered part that is revealed is automatically compelling. The foot is also often out of proportion to the rest of a growing boy’s body, and anything (except fat) disproportionately large on a boy – big feet, long legs, big hands – may lead some to pre-conceived implications elsewhere on his physique. The foot is also a structure of male power and masculinity. Well formed and large feet may imply strength & virility in males, while dainty female feet are considered feminine and even elegant. SO, while I do not consider a teenage boy’s feet to be ‘sex organs,’ on some guys they are a powerful sexual marker. Throw in FOOD like this kid is doing, and that makes it even more mouthwatering. Like Sigmund Freud said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a dildo.”

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