23 thoughts on “Feasting Friday *27”

  1. “No lewd Comments about Minors!”

    Yeah, right …… how can we not?

    Btw, didn’t he pick up the wrong cup? And don’t forget the cow’s cream!

    Maybe you should rename this one to “Fondling Friday?”

    1. Minors???!!! I thought he must be at least 20. Anyway he’s in university so I don’t think there is any issue about “minors” here.

    2. Look at that body hair, that height, the fact that he appears to be alone… He’s not a minor.

  2. I’am not making any lewd remarks about this lad,just why is the countertop have to be in the picture,and his he spilling his drink. He is cute,but let’s clean up the kitchen a bit.Now that is the way I coast around my house.This is my kind of lad.Free going and happy.

    1. “*just why is the countertop have to be in the picture,and [his he] spilling his drink.”

      LOL! You really know how to make us laugh (without really knowing it!). He’s not “spilling his drink” — it’s obviously the string from the tea bag in his cup [which I contend is the "wrong cup" :-) ].

      1. or

        . . . the string from the coffee bag [instant/"freeze-dried"?] in his cup.

  3. But guys he is cute and you got to leave something to the imigination. We might be disappointed with what is really there if we saw it.

    1. If you like everything else about him, why would you be “disappointed” with “what you can’t see” in this pic? Is that so damn important?

    2. Yeah I agree with Penboy, and also with you about leaving things to the imagination. It’s not about being disappointed when we see the thing, it’s just that tantalizing view without revealing all.

  4. Hey PenboyX.I’am so glad I could make you laugh.You must be some fu-k up teacher,because you see I made a mistake,and you have to jump on it.Yes I put [his down]I should have put is down.My fingers jump all over the keyboard and I have a habit of submitting the comment with out checking my spelling etc. I’am so delighted that your there to correct me and get a laugh.I’am sorry that your life is so boring.I’ll say a PRAYER for you.

  5. P.S .PenboyX. I’am not a tea drinker,but when I have had tea I would take the tea bag out of the cup.Of course I most likely am drinking out of the wrong cup,and maybe I’am not suppose to take the tea bag out,but on any tea bag that I have seen there is a brand tag attached to the string to keep the string from falling into the cup.That’s just what I know,but then again I’am not much of a tea drinker,and from your comments you do believe me to be on the stupid side of life.Well that’s that for now,I’am up for a good cup of coffee just about now. Oh just a little correction.You said that I really know how to make US laugh.I fail to see anyone,but you making comments on my grammar etc.

    1. A hot lad is in the picture and you guys noticed a tea bag string hanging on the cup?

      WTF, are you guys straight?

  6. Reminds me of the slender figure I had 40 years ago…(sigh).
    Tempus fugit, tempus fugit!

    1. Why do you care what you look like? It’s what you’re bed buddy looks like that counts. Maybe that cute young trick digs old dudes. Lots of them do, ya know.

  7. This is a hot guy in the picture,and it was not you guys that saw the tea bag string,it was PenboyX who had to inform me that it was a tea or coffee bag string,not something being spilled.Of course from my limited experiences with tea or coffee bags,I have found that the bag and string come with a tag,so as the string doesn’t fall into the cup.This string in the photo has no tag and it is easy to thing that something is spilling. If it is something spilling who knows just what it may hit when it gets past the counter level.

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