24 thoughts on “Feasting Friday *33”

  1. The chocolate brands look to be British ….

    Oh Dear God!! Please let me meet him…. :) I’ll be a good boy – honest I will.


      1. Oh YUP — British brands and dollars = Australia
        Also maybe New Zealand ???

        But Mega Sigh!!! — Not the U.K. after all :(

  2. Yep, that’s Australia, more specifically Queensland.

    My parents live there and it’s great when I go on holiday, I have nothing else to do except ogle at guys like that xD

  3. There are Caramello Koalas on sale, which I think is Aussie only.
    There is a Metcard card sticker on the window, which is a previous public transport ticketing system in Melbourne, so I think this is from Melbourne.

    1. Now let’s see one of you detective types triangulate the shadows to determine the latitude and longitude, along with what time of day he frequents the shop…

  4. I know who this is hes one of my closest friends and we dated before hes name is Kristian hes really sweet i still love him tho

  5. OK, after further investigation, the 3 stripes (orange/green/red) on the window are from Corporate logos from a 7-11 store. That cup is a Slurpee cup (7-11) cause I drink them in summer. The blue circle on the window says telephone. the $ signs. There are 7-11’s in Australia also says their website. BUT HOLY HELL THERE IS A 60% OFF SALE ACROSS THE STREET! That is where he must be going.

      1. Well Mate, I seriously doubt that is Melbourne. Take a look at Google Street view. No stores look like that. Try again.

        1. Looks like Its taken at the 7-11 On Chapel St, Melbourne, Near Toorak Road – right Opposite the Country Road Store.
          Pretty old by the looks of it that 7-11 was renovated about 4 months ago and doesn’t look like that any more!

          1. They’re British and the Harlem Shake meme didn’t exist four years ago so that seems unlikely.

  6. SUPER CUTE ! I’d even hold his hand when he gets a brain freezy from the Slurpeeeeeeeeeee…
    Thanks Josh !

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