UPDATE: The photographer of these photos don’t want his photos to be posted here in an expedient resolution. So I decided to take down all but one. One would imagine a photographer is happy to see one high-res photo to be posted for the free promotion he gets for it but well… it’s his personal right to decide that. Seems like you have to pay him 240 $ if you want to see Felix in high resolution.  At least the parents of his models seem to be very progressive since they have to know that not many people without interest in boys wouldn’t pay that much for a few photos ;) (Comments are closed by the way to prevent further trading of the photos, sorry about that but you know… the legal stuff.)

Found at le blog de Bernard Alapetite


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  1. An excellent series. A pity though they are slightly distorted. Would have been perfect if sharper and clearer.

  2. They are commercially available in much higher resolution here at sportfotos-online.com

  3. If somebody’s interested:

    – Name: Felix Dehmel
    – Birthday: 21 August 1990
    – Location: Cottbus, Brandenburg (Germany)
    – Occupation: Student (Sports school, 11th grade)
    – Marital Status: Solo
    – Sexual Orientation: Straight (as he stated)

    – He cycles for RSC Cottbus (rsc-cottbus.de/) and for the German youth national team.

    – The pics were taken for sportfotos-online.com (as ‘kai’ mentioned before)

    That’s everythin I could tell u bout him… should be enough ;)


  4. pix were taken when he was 16yo!

    not a fag? je vous en prie! in an interview he said: “…auch wenn ich meinen Po ohne Ende pflege. Aber da muss man jetzt wohl einfach durch. …aber wahrscheinlich auch an Oliver Hermanns liegt… . Er hat mir gerade super die Beine massiert und…”





    felix is zu scheen für fraun!


  5. Too bad for the intersted German guys ^^ he’s just lovely. I have the exact same body, thats just too funny. He’s one of the cuttest guys ever posted here, except that he’s young, later, he should be an heartbreaker.

  6. I would have guessed 14 years….. Maybe I’m moving to Cottbus and become a masseur for young athlets. ;)

  7. Yet again I have a quick look at milkboys and find myself spending too much time exploring the amazing offerings of the world wide web. The site Kai gives a link to above, sportsfotos-online.com, is almost amusing in its seemingly serious offering of sports photos….its just they appear rather specialised in their appeal to those who may also find themselves checking into this magnificaent site regularly….

  8. this kid is amazingly beautiful. and he seems to be packing awollop in his package. thanks, Josh. I love you.

  9. Ist das eigentlich DER Felix, den mancher BLover unter uns kennen wird?
    Die Ähnlichkeit ist jedenfalls verblüffend – finde ich!

  10. One of the most beautiful boys I have seen since Andresen-Tadzio. Truly! Thank you so much for allowing me to admire such youthful beauty. It actually made my day! Claude

  11. i wonder what photos you get if you buy the set…especially if you buy the VIP set of photos :)

  12. @jason
    Strange that the VIP edition has 7 more photos, I thought the only difference would be the higher resolution.

  13. yeah….better be some amazing photos for more then double the price – anyone want to go half? lol

  14. Well if the 7 include visual proof of whatever he’s packing in those pants I’d pay for it!

  15. I made a little update, someone mailed me the first two pics in high-res. Thanks :o) (clear your browser cache to see them)

  16. I snooped around the website for some time and here you go:

    have fun!

  17. mike/josh can we at least know what the pics were? pity I missed them! any chance of gettin them emailed?

  18. looooooooooooooool

    he is from Cottbus (my hometown) and I already met him a couple of times :D :D

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