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    1. And it’s legal mutilation. If you cut any other part off your child, you’ll be in jail for a long time.

    2. Has anyone else ever paid attention to the fact that so many religions insist on circumcisions? And yet, the great artist, Michelangelo painted all the men on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and also provided his own rendition of “jesus christ” (who, btw, didn’t have any “god-size” penis and judging by the scale, had at least ½” foreskin overhang) on the cross — all uncircumsized. Those religious freaks couldn’t even get their shit straight on the “value” of circumcision! And he was crowned “king of the jews!” (I have a huge book on Michelangelo’s works that shows in great detail this painting of that schmuck that got crucified.)

      1. No wonder that every religion who shows that schmuck on the cross with a cover over his “private” areas. They are so fucking embarrassed that this “king of jews” wasn’t circumcised! And why was it so private? Everyone who supposedly “witnessed this crucifixion” saw his penis! Why shouldn’t everyone else … if we’re expected to “pray” to this schmuck?

  1. Thankfully, my parents didn’t have need for such heroics. But Foreskin Man has plenty of work to do here in the States, unfortunately.

  2. Ugh! I can’t possibly see how people can enjoy cheese dicks. Yuck. For some, daily showers don’t stop the cheese or the fishy stink.

      1. Yes, absolutely correct – clean it! … Unfortunately, parent(s) everywhere do/will not spend the time to correctly teach their very young boys proper penis etiquetteboth cleaning their uncircumsized penis and urinating with it. And relatively recently, [our] ridiculous laws regarding “child sexuality [which isn't sexuality but hygiene]” and general [sexual] paranoia put some of the fear into these parents regarding teaching boys about their penis. But ultimately, it’s also laziness on the part of either/both parent(s) to take the time to do what is necessary to teach their boys about their penises. If the parents would only teach their boys properly, we wouldn’t have the “cheese” problem.

  3. Ah I wish he had saved me too. I love foreskin… and everyone of those I’ve been able to share with kept them clean and pristine. Mmmmmmm :)

    Give me skin any time.

  4. The fact that this has a disclaimer kind of amuses me, seeing as how obviously useless a circumcision should seem to a rational person.

  5. He’s white, buff, and blond, and he’s against circumcision. I’m sensing some anti-Zionist/Aryan undertones here.

    1. Most ‘gods’ are white and fully bearded. So why would any good-looking smooth Asian ever want to believe in that bullshit?

  6. Saw this from Alex Cummings’ blog also via AfterElton.
    Thanks mom for not letting the doctors mutilate me.

  7. Last year there was a boy born at a local hospital here who had no eyelids. The doctor grafted his foreskin onto his eyes in an attempt to restore them.
    The kid’s doing fine today… just a little cockeyed.

    I don’t like foreskins, but I wish I had one.

  8. I grew up in the 1950s-60s when circumcision was almost universally routine, but because my dad had somehow escaped the procedure I was left uncut. All the teenage boys I ‘did it’ with were fascinated by my penis. The teenage girls I ‘did it’ with weren’t always so amused at first, but they all got over it. My son is also intact. We, and my daughter also have our tonsils – another target of last century quacks. We’re all O.E.M.

  9. I saw this again today and beside busting loose a torn muscle in my rib cage, I think he was dead right.

    I miss him. And I know many of you do not agree …
    I am not flaming you, just religion. :)

    1. Thank you for that! You are soooo correct! He nailed it perfectly! I almost couldn’t stop laughing at the absolute correctness of it!

      1. this clip has made be to watch more from Carlin….and i see myself in some of his rants :)

  10. The whole point is *infant* circumcision, isn’t it? In my view, the procedure should only be available to adult men who can make informed decisions about what they want done to their own body. Until then… leave that kid alone!

    1. What about the many (easily in the thousands, if not even more) males who have serious medical conditions directly related to foreskins like phimosis?

      1. Intactivists usually do not argue against procedures done with medical necessity. It’s kind of like how doctors shouldn’t go around cutting people’s ears off, but if it gets infected beyond repair, cut ‘em off.

        There is also the fact that phimosis is NOT a serious medical condition. It is often confused as such in the U.S., but in countries without RIC, they know better. The most common cure for phimosis is six weeks of steroid cream with at least five masturbation sessions a week. If that does not work, a dorsal slit may sometimes be used, but preputioplasty is most often used as it has a very small surgical area and does not cause a noticable difference in how the penis looks. If phimosis becomes chronic, which is very rare, that is when doctors use circumcision.

        1. OK …. Now, let’s say YOU have a case of phimosis and the only way to ‘cure’ it is to have a doctor bring out his scalpel and do at least a partial circumcision on YOUR penis …. NOW, TELL ME IT ISN’T A SERIOUS CONDITION.

          1. I’m sorry mate, i really don’t get the point of what you just said. I am trying to say that in most countries, phimosis is not considered a major medical condition, and is therefore treated with non-drastic measures such as steroid creams. Once as a preputioplasty is needed, it is typically considered a worse condition, but the surgery is still minor. Phimosis is only considered a major condition when it is chronic, and that leads to circumcision. That is why circumcision is extremely rare in European countries even though phimosis is not rare.

            Basically, the average case of phimosis is minor and treatable with steroid creams, and most international health organizations do not recommend circumcision unless the phimosis becomes chronic, or somehow untreatable even with a preputioplasty.

          2. Or to put it another way, an infected toenail is not considered major, and is treated with antibiotics. An infected toe with necrosis may have to be removed. Phimosis, like infection, is measured in the severity of the case. In the US, we do not do that, and consider all cases of circumcision major. In countries that do not do that, it would be about the same as removing a toe due to an infected toenail

  11. cool comic but im cut and i love it im totally pro circumcision, painful? maybe but i was a baby and cant remember. !CUT THAT UGLY SHIT OFF!

    1. Maybe it wouldn’t appear so ugly if nearly every male still has his foreskin? It would be just natural then … much like seeing the many variations of the penis glans and scrotums.

  12. I’m against circumcision. It’s mutilation, but…
    There are some beautiful cut dicks and lots of ugly ones. There are some beautiful dicks with foreskins and there are some ugly ones.
    I haven’t had any smegma since I was a little kid. I feel I’m missing out.

  13. Shit happens. I’m sort of glad I was circumcised. Knowing my genes, I’d have one of those ugly ass uncuts. And since I don’t plan on ever living in another country (for education and career purposes only, I don’t care much for this land), I’m considered “normal.”

  14. Thank goodness this is virtually inheard of apart from religious reasons in the UK. Soap and water works fine!

  15. Erm mate Jesus was a jew, he was circumcised as all Jewish boys are and it is mentioned in the Gospels.Michealangelo’s adding of a foreskin is probably due to the anti semitism of his time.

    1. Brainwashing at its finest [worst].

      1. If that schmuck was the “son of god,” I guarantee you he wasn’t of any specific religion – those stupid religions were based on him (and his daddy)!

      2. Jews/jewish are nothing but of a religious order …. they are not a race or specific nationality. There’s only 3 races of humans – check all your science books.

      3. Since I consider the entire bible as total fiction (with only a few decent philosophical phrases like “thou shalt not kill”), you’re stating that he was circumsized reads of total bullshit. And just exactly, who would have circumsized him anyway – and when did they do it – exactly (at birth or as a boy or teenager)? (It wasn’t immediatley after birth.)

      4. Since any & all jews are nothing but of a religious order, at the time of “jesus,” technically there weren’t any “jews” since the jewish religion is based on that schmuck. Don’t you even remember the bullshit teachings you received? All christian religions are of the bullshit that says that schmuck supposedly died for all of you. And since he hadn’t died yet, how was there any christian religions anyway – to say he was circumsized?

      5. And lastly, Michelangelo did some pretty awesome paintings and he was said to represent that time period very accurately. I seriously doubt that he would have just added a foreskin since all representations (drawings, paintings, sculpture) during that time period of the male genitalia showed them to be uncircumsized (just check pretty much all your books of art).

      1. Kind of you to use bullet points to display your ignorance. Jesus was jewish, he was circumcised as were all jews then. There is no such thing as race, the “science books” will tell you that there is more genetic variation within any “race” than there is between them. Race is a political construct.
        Judaism isn’t based on jesus, it predates him by thousands of years; who do you think the old testament is about?
        That you doubt that Michelangelo would have added a foreskin does not mean his work is anatomically correct, given the antisemitism of the time and the fact that he would have seen very few penises but his own, he would have drawn what he knew.
        You’ll have to forgive me if I’ve misunderstood any of your points, clarity is not your strongest suit.

        1. The fact that you actually reference a totally fictional book shows your ignorance to me. That “old testament” is nothing but bullshit as far as I’m concerned. And to say there are no races of humans? What planet are you from?

          And “Michelangelo [an Italian] would have seen very few penises but his own”? Again, which planet did you fall from? Until recent history, Italy has been one of the most “nudist-type” countries around — in the sense that some public male nudity was totally accepted in their society. Did you forget the Romans? And you talk about “clarity.”

          1. What you think of the old testament doesn’t matter, the fact that it can be independantly dated as being long before the birth of christ does. The fact that the books contain unverifiable stories does not render them historically useless.

            I come from earth, where current scholarship holds that in biological terms race is meaningless. If you’ve got anything that’s not an ad hom, them do please present it.

            Your claim about Italy, “nudist type”; is this a historical category? Let’s see your evidence, you make the claim.

            In the matter of lack of clarity, I think you present sufficient evidence for us to add ignorance as well.

  16. I applaud those with foreskins who believe they are the ultimate beauty mark. For me, however, they are the ugliest thing on the face of the planet. I was circumsized at birth and thank my lucky stars I was. I have no cleanliness issues personally, and never deal with any sexually. Yes, you can spend the time and effort to make an ugly situation more palatable (literally), but it feels so good to be free of that lifelong affliction. Cheers and good health to those who love their foreskins, but I’m just saying how deleriously happy that I and my partners aren’t in that position. And the fascists who want to tell everybody else how to think? Well, that’s just sad.

    1. You might want to look into the meaning of fascist; it doesn’t mean what you think it does. While you’re doing that you might like to check that it was your foreskin and not your brain that was removed at birth.

  17. Foreskin Man needs a sidekick.
    How about Smegma Boy.
    “Holy head cheese, Foreskin Man!”

  18. LMAO sangerknaben. Oh and nice profile pic of little Josh Madine from Libera: well not so little now: he’s 16!

  19. I’m sad the simple issue of ‘choice’ got bogged down with the religion stuff. Whether it’s healthier or not isn’t the question either. it’s just a matter of the right to chose yourself when you’re old enough.

  20. So many guys respond “O I hate that foreskin, I am so glad it was cut off as a baby!!!” And a whole debate starts. THATS NOT THE POINT.

    The point is this is an issue of human rights and personal choice. We all have strong opinions on how our penis should look, and we ALL should have a right to make that choice for ourselves.

    Can’t we all agree on that point? No parent, doctor, or religion should force us to be circumcised or not. It should be OUR choice!

  21. Are most boys in America automatically circumcised at birth? Do infant boys have no human rights? Makes me glad that I was born in Scotland. You do know that in China, up until the beginning of the 20th Century, all females at an early age had their feet bound, (in honour of, by one account, a Chinese Princess who had clubbed feet, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery).

    There are several legends that endeavor to account for the inception of this custom, one is that the concubine of a Chinese prince named Yao Niang walked so gracefully that it seemed as if she “skimmed over the top of golden lilies. ” At that time the “lily footed woman” or a woman with bound feet became the model in China. A second legend says that this concubine, Yao Niang, was ordered to bind her feet so that her feet would look like new moons. A third legend says that women bound their feet out of sympathy for an Empress with club feet. Another account is that foot binding was made stylish by court dancers, However this seems somewhat unlikely because women with bound feet had a hard time walking let alone dancing. The origin of foot binding may not bc dear, however the results or after affects are apparent. Foot binding stopped concubines and wives of the rich from straying or running away from beatings. Confucian teachings at this time stressed the superior status of men over women as a basic element of social order and this was certainly an effective method of restraint.

    So in a nutshell, Circumcision will be, (hopefully), looked upon by, say 22nd Century historians with as much disgust and horror as Foot Binding does with contemporary historians. As a barbaric right of passage for a less enlightened times.


    BTW. To many Biblical Jews, Circumcision was like Baptism, a way of purification of your sins before God. Some early Church leaders were undecided on this point however. If Jesus was circumcised, even as a baby, then he must have had the original sin of Adam. But because he was free of any sin, then he must NOT have been circumcised. They then contradict themselves 1000 years later, by trying to sell Christ’s foreskin, (along the thorns from the “holy” crown, pieces of the “true” cross, vials of his blood and even his mothers milk), along with indulgence., No wonder there was a Reformation? But it only replaced one set of lying scheming scumbags with another.

    1. “Are most boys in America automatically circumcised at birth?” Yes and No — Today, that’s a difficult question to answer correctly. If we are talking about recent USA history, say post-war, particularly during the 1950s, 60s and at least half of the 70s, then that answer would have been: Mostly Yes. But if we talk about even more recent history, since the late 70s and forward, then the answer has been “swinging” more toward: More of them No. I don’t know what the actual figures are today, but I would suspect that its either just around 50/50% and possibly edging over 50% to No.

      “Do infant boys have no human rights?” Again, Yes and No — depending on the subject. But where circumcision is concerned, usually infant boys do not have any explicit “rights”. Circumcision is in control completely by the parents and/or parent–cleric customs.

      BTW, Whiterabbit: I love the nick, symbolizing the Summer of Love, and a great song by Jefferson Airplane!

  22. Thanks PenboyX

    I didn’t know about Jefferson Airplane, or the song Whiterabbit. But I do now thanks to your good self and Google. Nice song. I call myself Whiterabbit for a number of reasons. When I was a wee boy, I used to love reading Lewis Carols Alices’ Adventures in Wonderland. I loved the fabulous character White Rabbit for a number of reasons.

    1. I had a whiterabbit stuffed toy up to the age of 10. At about the same time I got my first timex wristwatch.

    2. I was called that nickname by my Primary 6 teacher, because I was always running into class 10 minutes late, puffing and panting looking at my watch and making up excuses why I was always late, (just like the character).

    3. Having a wee white rabbit toy hanging out my school sachel didn’t help either. lol.

    Thinking back, I was definitely the archetypal passive – submissive femmy poof that I am today. XD


    1. Whiterabbit:

      Well, Jefferson Airplane’s idea pulled that song directly from Adventures in Wonderland, so you weren’t far off. And if you enjoy Jefferson Airplane, I invite you to listen to: Somebody To Love — another of their great songs — this one in the “Spring” of Love. Oh, the memories of graduation and Kentucky Tavern Whiskey (in a private boys dormitory & school)! ☺☺ In fact, their entire first album, Surrealistic Pillow is incredible — very easy to listen to. Grace Slick was a great singer! I used to put that LP on “automatic” (back in the days of Turntables) and go to sleep listening to it.

      Oh, yeah, Jefferson Airplane changed their name to Jefferson Starship and later to just Starship

  23. Interesting how opinions are polarised on this subject. I used to be in the camp that wanted to stay uncut – no matter what! But then I fell in love … and my Asian boyfriend wouldn’t even touch my dick until I got circumcised. I was talked into getting cut … but then my mutilator only cut a small piece of skin off and the results were rather unsatisfactory. Going to have the rest removed in 2 weeks time though. Must be unusual to be cut twice! hehe

    1. Wow! And OUCH – DOUBLY SO! I hope you didn’t have to PAY for the first time since the doctor was so incompetent. Otherwise, I think I’d have to make a quick stop at my attorney’s office. For the 2nd time, you’d better bring a BIG MAGIC MARKER with you and mark it so hopefully he can follow instructions this time!

      1. I did pay for the first time – about £100; but it is not worth pursuing it. Already discussed with my Scottish surgeon what exactly is going to happen in a fortnight; plus, he has guaranteed that he personally will do the operation – no students!

    2. Update: Had the Corrective Circumcision operation 2 weeks ago – and it now looks a lot better, though there is still some skin to spare! Just have to wait for the stitches to dissolve, which could be another 2 or 3 weeks or more. Worse than the op, was getting over the anaesthetic – I had to close my business for a couple of days. Also, telling people what I had done was embarrassing; the worst being my mother!

  24. Was this done privately tomnahurich or on the NHS? If it’s the NHS no wonder so many people are opting for BUPA. In the Scottish NHS the surgeons would not be paid for the botched operation, would not be paid for the second operation, (because they botched up the first operation), you would be paid compensation by the Hospital, who would get re-embursed out of the surgeons own pocket the full amount owed back to them. He would then be fined by the Local Sherriff (Judge in England/Wales/Ireland) and a mark put against his Licence. So many marks and he has to re-train at his own cost. I assume the NHS in England/Wales/Ireland don’t do this? as this law was passed by the Scottish Government/Parliament 2 years ago.

    1. Whiterabbit: It was done in Indonesia – at the private clinic (dare I add that it was Muslim?) of a supposed professional! The corrective op is being done under the NHS – andI have no complaints with them!

  25. A movement of forcefuly circumcised men should be started, as happened against paedophile priests,and those responsible for these atrocities commited on boys should be prosecuted and made to cough up huge compensation money to their victims (apart from being jailed and barred from exercising medicine).

  26. Warhol would have labelled this The Age of Outrage, where everyone is required to be outraged about something – anything really – for 15 minutes.
    As another famous artist said, “Much Ado About Nothing”.

  27. i think this comic would look better if there were a jewish sidekick, or a jewish superhero against circumcision. it seems this comic book caused them to stop trying to outlaw circumcision in Santa Monica. thanks foreskin man <–sarcasm.

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