Forever Frozen

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Model: Marco


26 thoughts on “Forever Frozen”

    1. are you self-conscious about your hair? its the only thing not showing in your (hot) photo

      1. Another victim to my avatar. I should really change that as it is not me and you are not the first person to have been confused. It’s a singer called Jesse McCartney, and alas, my hair is not as lovely as his. :P

        1. Jesse McCartney has been beautiful for quite a while, lol, so no need to apologize for not being as lovely as he is.
          Everyone is beautiful, eh?
          Have a good day,

  1. The music and the face are a beautiful combination. I can loose myself in this face and the music encourages that. A truely lovely boy. Sweet lips.

    1. u think farang boy good to prune. u say Thai boy disgusting. that is what u think.
      u like pol pot only helping people. nice man u. just like pol pot. so sweet. kiss of death.

      1. Stop harassing Bruce. He is one of the nicest people here, so you must have misunderstood what he said. I’m sure you are nice too, but language is clearly a barrier for us. Let’s just enjoy beauty as we see it.

        1. @ Rusty {& for Bruce} – i fully agree with you!
          and Bruce IS one of THE nicest people here!

      2. Pom please stop this vendetta against Bruce. He never said any of the things you accuse him of, it is all in your head. You misread or misinterpreted his words. You’re just embarassing yourself now.

        1. bruce call +pruning+ (???) Thai boy +disgusting+. he use that word. i am yung thai boy (14yo) & like old mens. why bruce hate yung boy? or only yung thai boy he is hating??????
          i not start *vendetta*. most farang i like but not call touch thai boy ***disgusting***. this is not nice man who say that. u go look what he was said.
          i not like write here any more.

          1. The post where he mentions “pruning” and “disgusting” he wasn’t even talking to you, and certainly wasn’t talking about Thai boys. He was replying to the post by Brian D about the orchard/garden – pruning is a gardening term. It is sometimes hard to tell which post someone is replying to in these comments so I can understand your mistake, but please accept you are wrong and move on before you embarrass yourself more.

      3. Pom, I must agree w/ Rusty here.
        Whatever viewpoint you think you have of Bruce that causes you to harass him here on this blog, please reconsider.
        I wrote you back after your last attack on Bruce. You failed to respond or comment, yet continue to pursue Bruce to make bad comments against him.
        Please, try to change your view, your comments, and be happy :-)

  2. Forever Frozen … who … that the young man ? What a luck, everybody calls me the microwave :-)
    Stop looking at me like that young man … I feel like being naked !

    1. When I was that age long hair was not yet popular and gay life among teens was an extremely well kept secrete, only queers masterbated and everyone went to church. I remember a few faces similar to this which created no end of fantacies and subsequent fears for me. I can now look back and realize that I had exellent taste when attracted to boys.

  3. Nice music, beautiful eyes and hair, making for a very striking blend both visually and sound-wise.
    Thanks, Josh.
    I am not familiar w/ the group. Are they typically string / violin oriented? I liked this composition, but wondered if the other music / cuts on this album are similarly arranged.

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