18 thoughts on “Freaky Friday *18”

  1. why did you leave home with 17? Are you living on your own?
    I have a great respect for people who have the courage to leave “hotel mama”.

    I am 21 now and I’ll be 22 in July and I can’t even imagine living on my own… cooking for myself, washing my clothes, oh my god.. and CLEANING THE HOUSE… cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the windows… aaaaaaaaaand… paying rent.

    how do you DO that?

    PS: -activate aol voice- “you got mail” -deactivate aol voice-

  2. @SWNicko
    Cooking? He’s got his poor boyfriend (guess who) and Soja cooking for him :p
    But he helpes sometimes.
    Cleaning windows? We’re so goth, out keyboard’s light’s enough for us, don’t need the sunshine or dayligt in our rooms.

  3. To clear things up a little bit: Jay is my boyfriend ^^,

    It was kinda easy to leave, I knew there’s nothing to miss at home and well, I was young, I seeked the adventure xD (Oh btw, I’ll mail you back ASAP when all the computer stuff works again)

  4. I wouldn’t mind moving out, as long as there’s someone to support me financially (read: parentals) and as long as I’m sharing a room with someone. Oh, and it has to be at a university campus, otherwise it’ll be too weird.

    As for today’s picture, hate to state the obvious but that hair’s colourful!

  5. I’m so jealous about the hair!
    + piercings + drinks coffee = interesting person!

    I want to leave “hotel mom” like SWNicko said so beautifully!
    As soon as possible!
    I’m finishing my last year of college.
    (Actually it’s my first year for the second time, different school, but I just quit ^^)
    Then I’ll go work again, and after a year I’ll go find a place.
    Have to pay for everything myself when I don’t go to school.
    My parent say I’ll grow some responsibility then…

  6. I always wanted to be able to wear such alternative looks, but it is not in the cards for me, alas.

    I don’t quite understand people who continue to live with parents for many years after they’ve become adults (18, more or less); does our society continue to promote dependence on our parents indefinitely?

  7. this is zac. he prefers salem. okay dick, and his face is pretty cute. but his attitude is crap and he is EXTREMELY sketchy. also, not really all that great in the sack.

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