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  1. Allright, I’ll wright a comment as well if there isn’t anyone else besides me ( except the fellow on top of me- what’s in a word… ) These guys must be Japanese Tokio Hotel fans or something.

  2. They do sort of remind me of tokio hotel. Not a fan of them. But these boys are cute. And they’re not freaky, except maybe to old ppl =)

  3. My eyes first fixed on what look to be a dress in the background. Gosh it looks pretty! Frilly and what not. <3 Anyhow, yum! These guys are hot. The one on the left of the screen has really awesome hair.

  4. Boys like this are available all over Bangkok and Pattaya,, so much so that most are sick of them. They are funny to look at and to watch their antics, but after you’ve slept with a few it’s nice to get back to real boys again.

    One of the really nice things about Thailand though is that they put a premium on older people. So if you think you’re something hot in the West and are under 50 be aware that most Thai boys would rather go with someone over that age.

    1. And why is that? That is SO opposite how the bulk of the rest of the dating / one-nighter community boys think. Just wondering, and thank you in advance for your response.
      As I’m in the “over 50″ category, despite being in great shape, educated, and outgoing, my thinking is that older guys should take younger guys under their wing, not be shunned for being “old” / named predatory / etc.
      Anyways, thanks for your response.

      1. Kevin, the curator of a major gay archive on the West Coast of the USA once told me that 80% of gay history is men having sex with young teenage boys.

        Actually, its not only in Thailand that young boys are attracted to older men. It is ubiquitous throughout Asia. It was also quite in vogue in many cultures in the West until our own benighted modern era.

        Although China is not a good place to be today if you are gay or like teenage boys, you should read this:

        Note also that this is from the Archive for Sexology at Humboldt University in Berlin, whose director is Dr. Erwin J. Haeberle, one of the few major names in the field of sexology in the world today. If you explore his archive, you will find plenty there.

  5. so so so cute, defo my type of guys, shame we dnt have the same sense of style and self in the West :(

  6. Don’t like asians. First negative comment here by me xD I find them always some kind of… repugnant. I want cute boys, not weird guys like that… but yeah, it’s freaky friday. Gotta get down on friday.

    1. “I want cute boys,”

      Since when are Asians not cute? :S
      Even these freaky ones, which are probably not considered freaky at all over there :P

    2. Chris Storme & John:
      “No thanks, they don’t do it for me. NEXT!”
      “Don’t like asians. First negative comment here by me xD I find them always some kind of… repugnant. I want cute boys, not weird guys like that”

      I find comments like that very repugnant. If Asians aren’t your “cup of tea,” then just pass on and keep your ignorance to yourself. I could say I find a lot about Germany repugnant also, but I’ll just keep that to myself. You don’t need to make a comment about your physical dislikes. Same goes for John.

      Btw, Asians are plenty cute and stylish but idiots like you usually aren’t. To both of you, I say, “NEXT!

  7. I’m sooooo lucky. I work at a UK airport and see pretty boys (and girls) like these all the time.
    BTW I just like to look, I don’t want to have sex with them. They are so funny.

  8. Hey, that pic is taken in front of MBK shopping center in Bangkok :) [my bf (not thai :-D) once lived there, so I am familiar with that area]

    Personally I don’t fall for thai boys…allthough there are some that quite have the looks ;)

  9. I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so…..

    (Hint: that is a line from an older song.)

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