30 thoughts on “Freaky Friday *39”

  1. I won’t blame ppl not to write to this post. The boy is not handsome and the expression on, or better in his face isn’t rather pretty. Maybe he swallowed to many asperines or maybe a partydrug.

    1. Are you nuts? This kid has a hot look in his eyes and I love the ones that are foaming at the mouth.

  2. I dunno – I think he’s cute. All in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Looks more like toothpaste in his mouth.

    1. I think he’s cute too – love the eyes ‘cos they’re the same colour as mine! Not too sure about the foam though.

  3. Good dental hygiene is a definite turn-on. You really lose the desire to kiss when he smiles at you and all his teeth are rotting out

  4. Silly kid. Milk is suppose to go on your upper lip. :p

    (But don’t listen to the haters. This boy is cute.)

  5. He’s rabid! *shoots him with tranq dart* now I can get rid of the rest of these clothes he has *wink wink*

  6. I agree. I think that this boy is cute. Boo to the haters. I wouldn’t hurt a wee boys feelings for all the tea in China. Bless his little cotton socks. Aww.


    P.S. I think he’s swallowed some sherbert?

  7. this one is old(nowadays olds) we use to be friends on myspace, those were the days, i hate facebook.

  8. RABIES!!! Nah-he’s cute lol!!! Love his eye’s and that long, lean torso of his-VERY YUMMY!!!

  9. « Freaky » is the right word, I would say. It’s certainly suggestive … like meant to provoke anyone’s imagination. OK?

  10. well, he is cute, I love his eyes, but that foam doesnt look good at all, and if he had his armpit shaved he would look very nice. A beautifull forehead.

    1. Nah-i love that ‘lil tuft of hair peeking out from under his arm lol!!! A beautiful boy…

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