20 thoughts on “Freaky Friday *42”

  1. How’s this freaky? Yeah his stretch is a bit on the big side, but he’s rather cute really…

        1. Dyed black hair, straightened, stretches, black piercings, pale white skin.

          A definition of emo / creative in my opinion, and very cute at that. I get a bit of the “freaky” stare at me some times because of my naturally black hair (and it’s PURE black, to the point it looked freshly dyed), slightly pale skin, and I have an eyebrow piercing.

          I don’t consider myself “freaky”, however, to most others it’s a bit “unordinary”, and I think that word describes this boy well. Unordinary, yes.. but cute? Damn yeah!!

  2. Black clothing, the black piercings, black hair dye, and I wonder if anyone noticed the black contact lenses. Add to that the pale skin, I think he just might be gothic.

  3. I feel like we’ve seen this guy before. If not, I would say we should see more of him. Beautiful skin. Gorgeous boy. :D

  4. He’ll be freaky by the time he reaches 40. Sheesh, someone should tell these cats that they’re going to age. And drooping earlobes and holes in the nose and lips are not going to be attractive. Like Swiss cheese with hair.

    Plastic surgeons are now hugely busy REMOVING tatts.

    My my.

  5. I was just going to say that lil teen, till I scrolled and saw your post. The image of Declan :)

  6. Something is strange about the nose, it looks like it’s facing directly towards the camera even though we can see that he isn’t, if you understand? x

    1. I think he is pressing his nose against a glass or something…

      Look at his cheek, hair and jacket.

  7. He’s quite a handsome young man. I don’t think I will ever understand the gauging trend, but to each his own

  8. I would like to call him ‘spiderface’ because of the pearcings, they look like extra pares of eyes. Your poison is running trough my veins…

  9. Goth boys usually arent that good looking to me but this boy doesnt look too dark if that makes any sense lol

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