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  1. I’m not even sure my brain is processing what I’m watching, I can’t decide where its a good thing he can make himself look like he’s just been pulled out of a car accident.

  2. In a way it’s a little scary to see but so graceful. He’s such a cute guy too. I think all of us have wished at times to either have flexible bfs or be that way ourselves.

    To think he’s almost 18 now and still that flexible.

  3. Great googly-moogly! This reminds me of a gag we did on one of the residents in a trauma center, where we wheeled in a contortionist who twisted himself up like a pretzel on the gurney. Our “patient” then screamed bloody-murder when the resident tried to examine him. The resident jumped a mile and promptly fainted.

    Ah, we were a cruel bunch back then.

  4. i know his pics and videos from the net well.
    very cute, almost georgeous creature, of course.
    but i think such exercizes may badly damage his vertebras.
    after ten, twenty years from now he will be disabled in many ways. (spondylosis, spondylarthrosis etc.)

    1. Nope. From what I have read contortionists actually end up having much more healthy joints and bodies later in life than most people.

  5. Odd way to open a folding chair.

    Contortionists give me the creeps but Darius is right. He’s very graceful. I guess it’s just one step away from ballet.

    1. Actually he’s ballet trained, you can tell if you watch his performances on youtube to music-watch his feet for one thing. Problem is, he transcends ballet-it can’t accommodate his talent.

      1. I think you’re absolutely right.

        And just look at that skin in this photo that Josh has picked above, his skin glows. OMG!

        1. It says on his site that he studies modern dance and ballet…it’s in every movement that he does. Almost classical except to the extent of where his limbs can go.

  6. I used to have flexible legs like that…….they were on a barbie…….but seriously its amazing the way he uses his body (His instrument) to create exquisite art and oh my god what a beautiful instrument. 1min 10 secs in is a vision!

  7. blackholesound:

    i think such exercizes may badly damage his vertebras.
    after ten, twenty years from now he will be disabled in many ways. (spondylosis, spondylarthrosis etc.)

    There is actually a body of evidence that shows professional contortionists suffer from far fewer joint diseases and ailments because the keep themselves supple and flexible. MR imaging has been reported to show no bone abnormalities being either causative of or resultant from, these extraordinary movements. There is some discussion and debate on whether genes play a part in making a contortionist’s ligaments a little more elastic, but I’m not convinced. There few documented cases where chronic injury has resulted from and extended career in contortion, contrasting with ballet, where such is expected.

    1. So this is really a bad thing. I guess we have to pay our respects to people like this performer who gave us so much of himself.

  8. This young man can clearly appreciate his own accomplishments. :)


    I was talking about being able to pat himself on the back! I have *no* idea what *you* were thinking of… :)

  9. Same routine though far longer (nearly 9 minutes),
    in Italy, same “garment”, better video quality:

  10. This pic brings to mind the old George Carlin question, “What would a chair look like if your knees bent the other way?”

      1. @ PenboyX2 – you should know full well by now that any post involving a link must wait to be moderated first. and as anyone can see, we both posted at the same hour, so neither he nor my comment posted until after moderation. apology accepted.

    1. OMG! He could be the reincarnation of Nijinsky’s Fawn. It is so fucking rare to see someone this beautiful. We need someone like Jean Cocteau to write a script and to direct a film of this boy. Holy shit! I’m going to have a heart attack if look at him any more!
      O muse be near me now!

  11. I don’t know whether I should be surprised this managed to turn up here ;)

    But it’s good to know that others appreciate his art too!

  12. This boy is absolutely flawless. He is perfect! I can’t get him out of my mind. He has no tattoos, no piercings, no weird shit at all to detract from his classical perfection
    He is perfectly proportioned. The legs in perfect proportion to the torso, the arms, the head and his beautiful face that is not marred with any bizarre hair styles. And he doesn’t have a spot on his skin or any kind blemishes. It’s rare to see someone this perfect. This is the golden mean of boyhood. I mean he is simply flabbergasting. He is soooooooo beautiful. OMG! Someone go out and photograph him over and over and with the fewer clothes the better. Clothes can only distract from this kind of perfection.

    1. My speculation of his “outfit”:

      “Clothes can only distract from this kind of perfection.”

      I suspect that he, himself feels the same way and actually prefers to do this with as little material as necessary. But, given that he’s now in the “public eye,” someone “higher up” or where he performs prefers him to be “more covered up” during these performances (they can’t allow him to show too much skin at his age, right?). But he doesn’t like that because it may restrict his movements dealing with “clothes.” So some gay designer in “his entourage” came up with this design and he probably accepts it as a compromise.

      Just speculation, of course I don’t really know.

  13. Josh, have you thought of writing to Evgeny Mokhorev to suggest he photograph this boy?

  14. I love his hair colour and his grace.
    That said, I thought I was super flexible but he makes me ache just by watching him….Ouch!

    1. Indeed, he get’s even more beautiful. Amazing grace, perfect balance and so much expression in what he dances.
      Making love with such a boy (well, somewhat older for law’s sake) must be very surprising, I imagine. But, alas, I’m too old for those dirty thoughts.

      1. Hey Jonas,
        He’s almost 18 years old. The age of consent in most of Europe is 16 as it is in Russia. Spain is even lower, 13. You’re a puritanical old Dutch fart Jonas. :-)

        1. Hi Legal Smeagle, according to the Wikipedia Alexey is now 16 years old (becoming 17 in December). Apart from being an old Dutch fart I doubt if I would be as puritanical as you think if I had met him three years ago, in Spain of course :-)

  15. He should be working in Cirque du soleil instead of being in some talent show!!!! Darn. Anyone who knows him, forward his info to that place.

    I used to think I’m flexible as I can bite my toenails…

  16. His coach’s name is/was Vladislav Rodin, and there was an older boy named Vladimir Gagarin:

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