11 thoughts on “Freaky Friday *44”

  1. Niice. Makes me think a counterpart is in order. Prom Drag Queen Bathory might be a suitable complement. =)


  2. I don’t get what is fascinating in bloody pictures, for me it’s sick and promoting violence :/

  3. violence? his crown makes him bleed, like a crown of thorns, poor beautiful prom king. Your beauty is a blessing and a curse.

  4. the imagery is commonplace but nonetheless pretty well done. plus, the boy has to-die-for eyes.
    and, are those bite marks on his neck, i.e.- has he been turned to a vampire?
    if so, he can bite me next, lol…

    1. Aww I’m not very good looking. I don’t even like ppl taking my photo. But I appreciate your kind words.

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