58 thoughts on “Freaky Friday *46”

  1. Not at all freaky to me. Perhaps unconventional. I only wish more boys could dare to be different. This outfit is to die for ^.^


    1. totally agree with u Randy……….like to see people express themselves in a way they want.

    2. If you ever visited Thailand you would find that this look is not at all unusual. Boys who dress like this are called “ladyboys” and are very much accepted in public and in Thai society in general. In fact, some primary and secondary schools in Thailand have toilets for boys, girls and ladyboys.

    3. Agreed with daring to be “different”. But young adults using a pacifier was already done in like the 90’s. Is this fad now coming back?

  2. I only need those “clothes” and i would make pics like this too but i cant find them -.-

  3. My God he is BEAUTIFUL…. I went rock hard immediately! Must get his name so I can look at more!… WOW

      1. He may live in Thailand where it is quite normal. See my reply above to the first comment.

  4. what’s so hot on him ? The bunny ears, the dummy in his mouth his open brief showing his mankind ?It’s silly, not more

  5. Is this Roland? He’s on DeviantART I believe! not so much revealing, but plenty of artful nudes if it is the same guy! he is a stunner!

  6. So so hot , smexy with tight and shiny skin .

    Please visit me in my dreams, tonight. <3

  7. He’s actually got a nice muscle structure, beautiful features, and a very nice … um … boyhood :-P
    I think he could dress up damn near however the hell he wanted and we’d probably all still want him :-)

  8. Wow i didin’t know that one of my pic would end here, that’s alright, and thanks a lot for your lovely comments people [=

    1. StarSky, do you have a site? I find this pic fun, attractive, and of course… at the very least, alluring :-P

  9. I love love love this picture. Reminds me of something I’d do, hehe. Wish he’d get back on the chans … think it was 7chan or Fapchan. Can’t remember.

  10. I think the boy is attractive, but I’m not interested in his clothing, it’s too way out for me. A simple pair of brief briefs, maybe? Or a junior jock strap?

  11. Ah yes, I know this guy. He used to be on 99chan. He had tons of great images. However, he dyed his hair blonde to keep up with his CD stuff.

  12. Are you doing training for have a belly that flat? I was like you before but now i ve got a small one … not very big 32 inch of waist but would prefer 28 ^^

  13. Frankly, my friend, despite or including all the bunny ears / costume / make-up, you should do house calls.
    Where do I sign up?

  14. Not sure what it suggests, but I think the only thing I find disturbing is the baby pacifier in his mouth

  15. Totally agree! would love to see more of him, just dont get boys like that in Ireland lol :)

  16. yeah is so beautiful…I would like to see me as … well of cute with those amazing colors striped socks and thong! looks so gay, I want to see more pictures of guys dressed so

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