14 thoughts on “Freaky Friday *48”

  1. Expressive, funny and enjoyable certainly, but Freaky? Meh, not so much. Now if that were barbed wire…

  2. i really like the picture on the left side,i like that thing where in you can actually see the shape of his chest in his clothes + the collar bone + the shape of his hips @__@.not freaky..hot >/////<

  3. Not freaky, but cute. If it where otherwise chainsaw-
    chains around his shoulders…well, then…

  4. If you guys think he is hot, you should see the other boys in the musical group he is in: B2st. You guys will LOOOOOOve Gikwan and Yoseob is cuter than cute!

      1. True, but the boys from B2st have a particular charm and sexiness . . . . yes, I am a fanboy

  5. I just gotta say it doesn’t matter to me what he’s wearing because it will be taken off of him in just a few seconds…. If ya know what I mean ;P
    Plus I really think he’s H-O-T HOT!!

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