20 thoughts on “Freaky Friday *49”

  1. He tried to write “Angel” on his chest but the second word he wrote is wrong.

    天使 = Angel

    You can compare them and see the difference

    1. Thanks! I always wonder if folk get it wrong and write something real stupid.

  2. His name is aki kun. I knew him from vampire freaks. I’m pretty sure he had a da account. And he did have msn but not sure if he uses it anymore. I think I still have a couple if old pics of him. I have not talked to him in a long time. He lives in America I think it was and is half Japanese….. Well I thought he Saud he was this info of course is over 5 years old. As I said. It’s been a long time.

    1. Sorry Sam, but he is beautiful and not in the least bit disgusting, much less horrid! I think HK has infected your senses. That can happen, ya know?

    2. I don’t find the young man appealing, but then why would I find every young man appealing? I’m not a fan of the way the shot’s staged, either. But saying that it is horrid and disgusting is beyond rude. Better to keep that style of opinion quiet.

      He’s worked hard on his look. It isn’t to my taste, but others here love it. Disgusting it isn’t, nor horrid.

  3. I like this picture! I think the wild hair is cool, and the goggles kind of hint at steampunk.

  4. Now that’s the type of boy you could bring home to meet your parents! Love the whole look.

  5. Others might like this, though personally he’s not my cup of tea. A few years ago back when I was in my emo/scene phase, I probably would have found him more attractive.

  6. Teenagers are great…
    To go all goofy like this is wonderful .. and he looks good too….
    We all need more colour and adventure in our lives…..

    I know Josh’s title is ‘Tongue in Cheek’ stuff — but ‘Freak’ is not too nice as a description…
    People who are offbeat must be applauded..
    I love them all…..

    1. I know you got that but to stress that again, just in case: When I say “freak” I mean it in a 100% positive way just as when I say “queer”.

      1. Yes Josh, you are on the right side of things – we know that.
        I was feeling a bit niggled that anyone could criticise a teen for creating a look for himself as above. Teen years are best for fun, adventure, exploration and the stage of life where you can start giving back to people. Who wants a world full of ‘drones’ in grey overalls?
        I love City Centre weekends with all the teens showing off and ‘Freaky’.
        So, it’s impossible and awful to criticise the boy above — really a reaction created by some sort of inner fear.

        Meanwhile Josh, you would never have a picture topic labelled ‘Nigger Nights’ … difficult to find where to draw the line as the sands keep shifting.

        But yeah, your blog is perfect…. :)

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