27 thoughts on “Freckle Friday *15”

  1. He’s gorgeous =) And I was just thinking yesterday, “Milkboys needs more Freckle Friday posts!”
    Thank you Josh for delivering! =)

  2. With or without the freckles he’s just great. And that’s some torso attached to those freckles upstairs!

  3. I have an amazing picture for Freckle Friday I’ve been wanting to send but don’t know where… is there any way I can send it and maybe you post it next time your do Freckle Friday? It’s amazing! :)

  4. *fans self and tries to keep calm* OMG!! He’s beautiful. Please post more of him.

  5. I’m surprised the bitter naysayer here didn’t run this pic down. Anyway, exceptional boy. Probably has the personality to match, how could you not with those freckles?

  6. I just need to tell people! I just had sex with an amazing young lad who is just as cute as this one! I feel like the luckiest guy ever! Thanks Tom xxx

  7. Where is the other picture of him, or what is his name?
    I envy those eyes with a burning passion..

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