21 thoughts on “Freckle Friday *4”

  1. To me, that’s the enchantment of hazel eyes….I don’t know what other color you could call that….except maybe chameleon.

  2. As an amateur photographer I like this portrait; the fact that the model is a gorgeous young boy is a definite bonus.
    Any details about this cutie?

  3. This cute lad with those gorgeous eyes that just look right into your soul.Love those freckles he has.Not too many,not to few.

  4. Intoxicatingly beautiful. I’m weak in the knees… his freckles, eyes, hair, and his fine eyebrows… sigh. He will look good for years to come.

    There was a young man who looked like this who I used to make out with and do all kinds of stuff with, he loved it when I stared at him all day & all night. If you haven’t had that joy, it was even better than you could ever imagine…

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