Today is Coming Out Day.

I believe that the best way to have your coming out is… not having one at all. Think about it: Why are you supposed to tell people about your sexual preference like being gay or bi is something to be ashamed of or an illness (Better stay away from me, I got the queerness! *sneeze*). The whole process of coming out makes you look like you have to justify being who you are by telling others about it, by making a confession. Where is the pride in that?

Why don’t you just bring your boyfriend to the next party? Kiss him, hold his hand, just act like there is nothing special about it. Because there *is* nothing special about loving someone. We should stop longing for acceptance from others, we should just live our life and don’t care about the rest, this way they won’t have a choice, they just have to get over it ‘cause no one cares about their stand on the issue.

We don’t get warned by our straight friends about their preferences, why would we act in another way? And if they can’t be your friends because they have a problem with the way you love… what kind of friends are they anyway? Stop worrying about others, focus on shaping your life in a way that makes YOU happy, that’s all you should take care of.

Note: This was written by me as someone who lives and grew up in Central Europe and therefore it naturally takes a somewhat European point of view & is mostly directed at Europeans. I realise that the whole “just be open about who you are” thing doesn’t necessarily work out for people in more religious countries  where you have to fear to be kicked out by your parents or bullied to death when you’re queer.