23 thoughts on “Undead Pride; or, Gay Zombies with Eating Disorders”

  1. LaBruce sure is right. When I posted the trailer on Fünf Filmfreunde quite a few comments where surely disgusted, and not because of the blood…

  2. I actually know guys who are so horny that they would pick up a boy with blood all over his face, no questions asked.

  3. Quite interesting. Have you noticed Giovanni Andrade, this amazing actor of James Bolton's "Eban and Charley" ?

  4. Cycylolo:

    Are you saying he's in this movie? Because he isn't, at least per the IMDB.

    p.s. I love E&C and J. Bolton. I can't wait to see Dream Boy!

  5. @Phillip


    Was meinst du?

    Die Blume die er im ersten Bild im Mund hat?

    Erklär dich bitte.

    Ich freu mich jetzt schon auf den Film :D

    [Wenn auch nicht so sehr wie auf Batman 5,5.]

    Schwul und Zombie, es geht kaum cooler.

    [Jaja und gesellschaftskritischer, avantgardisstischer, experimenteller...]

    Hoffe nur sie haben entweder englische Schauspieler oder drehen auf deutsch, die Stimmen von "Raspberry Reich" halte ich keine fünf Minuten aus.

  6. OMfG that IS him! And he seems to have done a lot of interesting things since E&C too. Wow.
    Thanks for the heads up =)

  7. I’m so looking forward to it. I actually have 2 minutes of my music on the soundtrack at one point, which I’m excited about. LaBruce is one of my favourite film makers by far. His last movie, the Raspberry Reich was great. Otto, just looks spectacular. Can’t wait to finally watch it.

  8. A pic from the shooting I did with Gio Black Peter for “Otto; or, Up with dead people”. He’s a real cutie and great artist.

  9. Wow talk about awesome,the blood is nothing but that creepy meowing at the background uh!

  10. YouTube has just removed the trailer for Otto I’ve uploaded there because it contains a scene of two guys kissing…

  11. (In German cause of a movie festival taking place in Konstanz/Germany)

    Für alle, die es interessiert, aus der Region Bodensee stammen oder mal eben vorbeijetten wollen: Filmfestival “Que(e)rgestreift” im Zebrakino Konstanz vom 6. – 16. Feb 09

    15.2., 20:00 Uhr: “Otto …”

    Das volle Programm angeblich unter http://www.zebra-kino.de, hab’s bislang aber noch nicht gefunden.

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