Again and again Elisha finds himself confronted by Alex, Timo, Sascha, and Mika – all 14-year-olds living in the boys’ orphanage with him. Their worlds ought to be similar and yet they are completely different. While Elisha builds tiny obstacle courses for ants in the woods, the other boys spend their days watching porn, absorbed in their emerging sexual fantasies.

When the attractive 31-year-old Gisberta is newly employed at the orphanage, she quickly becomes the object of their desires and the boys try to approach her with clumsily aggressive adolescent behavior. Elisha, however, actually gets to know Gisberta.

Alex, who has his eyes everywhere, discovers the two laughing in the kitchen. His erupting jealousy drives the group to continuously humiliate Elisha in any way possible, but this just brings Elisha closer to Gisberta, and a tender friendship develops between them. But one day the sexual fantasies of the other boys take a turn to brutal reality.

You can watch the short film here.

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  1. Why do so many gay coming of age films have to lead to so much grief , pain and hate.

    We need more films that show the best sides of people , make examples of happy lives .

    Peace. =-)

    1. didn’t see any mention, directly or indirectly of gays in this one. It was heartbreaking anyway, i have no further words because i don’t know the life children have in orphanages.

  2. I did not saw any gay content? ^^

    For me this short movie was quite boring as I saw already too much movies with exactly the same script.

  3. Yeah, this had nothing to do with homosexuality. As it was posted on Milkboys I was kinda waiting for something gay to happen, but it never did… But that didn’t matter, it was a powerful and depressing, very well acted shot film.

    1. I’d like to point out that the majority of people posted here on photos is not gay either ;)

  4. It is relevant to milkboys as the theme is bullying which is prevelant against lgbt etc.

  5. Hmm … i spoke too early .

    Extract the word gay and take my statement as a universal wish .

  6. I found it totally unbelievable that she couldn’t defend herself better against that kid . . . up until he had the pipe, anyway.

    1. So you must be proud of the fact that the ban has been lifted on women in the US military and small arms conflicts. Now we can train our women to be killers as well. This comes on the heels of a huge report about sexual abuse/rape of women in the US military. Always been a ‘good’ idea to throw women in the mix with pumped-up jarheads, right?

      Yeah, she should have been better trained to neutralize male teens because……life is just more dangerous in the kitchen making pudding….

      1. What a load of crap you’re talking. She’s a strong, healthy, young WOMAN, who looks and acts during the water fight, like she’s perfectly comfortable with a bit of rough and tumble. He’s a half-grown punk KID, who looks to be about 13. If she’s supposed to have spent her life “in the kitchen making pudding” then she is seriously miscast. How you get from my critical comment about a film to “our” women fighting on the front lines is beyond me. For the record, I don’t think women in hand-to-hand combat is a great idea because it will probably get more of “our” men killed, though there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to get themselves blown up while flying a plane or driving a tank if they want to.

        1. It’s an easy jump to assume with you that women should be trained fighters. She’s a cook for Christ’s sake…why would you expect her to trounce the “punk”? You really think that the other boys wouldn’t join in if they had to? You’re projecting you own violent opinions onto her.

          1. Please include the number of your psychic hotline in next comment; I’d like to learn more things about myself that I don’t know. I didn’t expect her to necessarily be able to”trounce” the punk; I did expect (not wanted, expected) the other boys to help the punk if the fight continued; the outcome of the encounter made story-line sense once he grabbed the pipe. I found it extremely difficult to watch any of the bullying in the film, but whereas the smaller, weaker boy was perfectly believable as a defenseless target, I, PERSONALLY, couldn’t believe the character portrayed by THAT actress in THAT scene would have been THAT passive and THAT defenseless before the punk grabbed a weapon or was helped by the other boys. It made the scene almost unbearable for me to watch and I just didn’t believe it. Sue me! I don’t know why you keep going on about “trained” fighters. I have met a number of untrained women in my 75 years who could kick the crap out the “average” guy (during WWII the bouncers in Harlem bars and nightclubs were almost all women), but that’s a different subject. I lived in Germany for seven years and I don’t believe many women in this day and age would put up the shit that punk was handing out before going after him whether they stood a chance of trouncing him or not. Just a personal opinion.

            1. OK, so now it’s a “personal opinion”…that’s cool. But for every woman would fight a boy “punk”, there would be three that would be entirely passive. I don’t know what it’s so hard for you to “buy’ that she’s passive or a non-fighter, especially at your age. One flaw though, is that she does strike the boy and then quits…that’s a little odd I grant you.

            2. My original comment begins “I found it totally unbelievable,” so it’s been a personal opinion from the very beginning. And I never meant it to pertain to anything outside of that particular scene in that particular film. That’s all I have to say on the matter. We’ve both wasted enough time on this argument. Again, that’s just my personal opinion.

    1. I agree, where was the rest of the staff, I find it hard to believe that only 2 people managed an entire orphanage. Their should have been someone close enough by to hear the screams coming from the laundry room.

      I promise if i ever meet a kid like Alex, my foot will be shoved up his ass.

  7. To start CodytheNoble, if you find a kid like Alex,and that’s not so hard to do, and your foot goes near or up his ass, you well most likely have fun in prison with things up your ass. I do believe that they have boys showering in their underwear in these films, because they don’t want to give you guys a hard on. If they did the film in the nude there would be comments about these childrens ages. It shows that you don’t have to be gay to get bully. @@Real1 Those pump-jar heads to speak so nicely about are helping to keep di@k-heads like you have the freedom to speak your mind,what there is of it. If you are in favor of womens rights, then why not on the battle field. We have female police, and if you needed a police person and a women cop came to your aid, would you tell here to go get a male cop, maybe a gay male cop. When you have a bunch of such well mannered kids as they had in this orphanage, yes she should have been trained better. I don’t know where Erik got the gay thing from, but I glad to see a bully scene without the gay line. I take it Tim you had a rough time, but I glad you got through it, hopefully with out too many scars.

    1. Speaking of d@ckheads Michael, how do you know I haven’t served in the military? This isn’t about women’s rights and if you had the brains to remember, they have always advocated for peace/non-violence from the podium of suffrage & rights. Women cops are fine…most of the time they never have to discharge a firearm and they bring their own unique compassion to the table. Training them to fight in small arms conflict in the military is a whole other issue. It’s been proven in combat that women hesitate, hesitating gets your comrades killed. You’d know that if you had ever been in the military. And you also ignored the HUGE fact of sexual assault/rape going on against women in the military…how would you propose to stop that? Or is that just collateral damage from serving alongside men?

  8. @Real1: If you had been in the service you wouldn’t be calling our military jar-heads. When I was in they didn’t have women in combat, but I stand ready with any skilled female at my side. Sexual assault are not new in the arm-forces. The Army had its wacks, and the Navy has its waves. No I don’t think you have been in the service. Your just one of those Liberals/progressive who sit on the side lines saying how it should be done, but you go first and I’ll stay behind and bitch about what your doing.

    1. You’re are either daft or completely out of touch. Modern Marines call each other Jar-heads…it one of those words where you can use the term positively or negatively. The ‘amount’ and incidence of sexual assault/rape in the military IS something ‘new’. Again, I think it’s just because you are so out of touch. It’s rampant in the women that serve and we’re not talking about “wacks” and “waves” anymore. And you still have no idea if I served or not in the military. Your Liberal/progressive comment is not even deserving of an answer. Penboy seems to bring out the worst in you, although it comes from you easily/naturally.

  9. I’am neither daft or completely out of touch. I stand by what I said. Yes I know what a JAR-HEAD is. Anyone who has or has not been in the service knows what it stands for. Your statement,[Always been a "good" idea to throw women in the mix with pump-up jarheads,right?] WRONG. There are women in all branchs of our Arm Forces as you must know,then why pick on the Marines. Your contempt is very plain to see. Please keep your pompous comments to me with out useing Penboy as a background. I know pretty much where you and Penboy stand so when you have two peas in a pod, I’ll just take the pod.

    1. Yeah, you’re goofy. You have no idea where I stand because all I write in here is pro-boy stuff. Only problems I’ve had is with old BL’s like yourself, that have made this blog a virtual cesspool with imposed, adult opinions. You’re rambling, meaningless diatribes here are very well known to all.

  10. OK am I missing something? For me, this film was in German, and no way to translate it to English or to add English subtitles. Am I wrong?

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