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  1. It’s nice to see Tait again. These “Edwardian “ shots remind me of the movie Bright Star and the poet John Keats. I hope Tait loves poetry. But the black make-up around his eyes makes me sad. I like the 13 y.o. blond in his beige jeans better. But his modeling carrer seems to be blossoming. Good! Thanks, Claude

  2. I love Griffith Park… Tait would only make the scenery more magical and fantastic. I love the Edwardian look too, and his make up draws me back to Somerset Maugham and Anne Rice (sorry to lump them together but it’s how my associative memory works… strangely!). I wonder what type of person Tait is after work and among friends or alone? Mmmmm. :)
    He looks intelligent and thoughtful.

  3. This was a bit interesting, looking at it from a photographer’s point of view. At the first location, I think most of her shots could very well have been ‘ruined’ simply because the models were dangerously close to having one or both of those tree trunks ‘sprouting’ from their shoulders or heads — a huge no-no in any type of photography, let alone a fashion shoot. And 2 of the stills bore this out — the models were way too close [in front of] to the tree trunks [and I suspect several of the photos were probably quickly deleted just because of that]. The 2nd location in Griffith Park was better for the backgrounds.

    Also, each to their own, of course, but she was pointing out using ƒ8 @ 1/250 for some of the shots and if the b&w stills were any indication, for more of that “misty, etheral background,” I would have opened up to ƒ6-5.6 @ 1/500 for more “misty” and because she was doing a “35mm” [size] hand-held. Even though digital, basic rules of film photography still apply.

    Just my opinion from a technical, as well as artistic/compositional point of view. And I won’t go into the differences between digital and at least 2¼/2¾ [6x6, 6x7] film stock usually used in fashion photography. :-)

    1. Really enjoy your experitse re: photography. In one of my next lives I want to be a photographer.

  4. Ah, Tait. One of the great wonders of our world during our time. The worlds most beautiful human.

  5. What a truly handsome young man. Makes me think of Goths and Halloween. He even looks a bit like an Undertaker.

  6. Thank you, PenboyX for your comment; I’ve just switched from film to digital and I’m trying to master this new technique…no instruction DVD’s or books: trying to figure it out myself.

  7. Wow, Josh, this boy is not only (as illustrated / commented upon) blossoming in his career and beauty, but becoming noted / noticed by world class photographers as being on their hit-list to shoot. If Tait could act, he’d kill the box office. He should do a vampire movie, lol.
    Anyway, as always, thanks.
    San Diego, CA USA

    1. Absolutely. It would be a shameful waste not to put a beauty like this on film. I am obviously biased but I think Tait has the most beautiful human face ever. I suspect there is so much more to Tait than his ungodly beauty. I percieve a high degree of intelligence in his face. This is not a boy bimbo. I have long thought of Tait moving into acting and have commented on this before. Now that he is 18 and more mature, he may seriously consider a film career. But the script would have to be carefully selected considering american sensibilities. I could see him beginning his acting career in Sweden where his gender-bender beauty will be more appreciated than it would be in america.

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