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    1. I lived in South Korea for two years. Koreans are some of the most accommodating people in the world. Along with the really cute guys. You see people holding hands out of friendship, walking together along the sidewalk. Old people are treasured, young people respectful, family’s are worshiped. My kind of place! Horrible drivers though, and I can say that out of first hand experience.

  1. He is simply beautiful… gorgeous and from what I am reading, south Korea is an amazing place.

  2. He has a nasty expression on his face. I lived with a Korean boy who looked like this, but with black hair, for a year at one time and I count it as one of the worst experiences of my life. This picture has brought back a lot of bad memories for me.
    And Korean food has to be the most disgusting in the world. Their recipes for cooking dogs are about as good as it gets since the rest smell like festering dung.

  3. Wow. “Jaw dropping” about covers it.
    But, more specifically, this boy has great hair, nice facial features, wide shoulders but a slim body, and dresses extremely nicely. I especially like the shirt horizontal stripes. They are more closely together on the arms, and farther away from each other on the torso. Very cool. And the colors match the boy pretty well.
    Quite cute, I agree.

  4. yeah not my thang. i mean cute kid ish? but the whole westernizing dying of the hair blonde is so fake and unneeded its a shame. like i said he’s attractive in the sense of the spectrum, but i really think the diluting of eastern culture is a tragedy.

  5. woah i thought he was caucasian till i read the second comment :)
    nice! that jumper is dotey x)

  6. ~Late to see…but he’s so sweet, I loves the Korean dramas; they’ve got a few cuties like this on one vamp one; fairly sure it’s SK, but it may be Japanese.
    Doesn’t matter anyway…nobody back this far in mb’s site!!

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