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  1. Josh, for heavens sake don’t be sorry, and I hope you aren’t either, Joe.
    Joe has (please excuse the metaphor) thrust himself into the limelight for better or worse, as it were.
    He’s a very real character, and vid’s like this simply add a more flushed-in, 3D aspect to an otherwise two-dimensional venue.
    As I’ve always said, cute boy, very sharp, keep up the nice work, Joe.
    And, of course, you too, Josh :-)

  2. Has Joe asked that you not put these up in the past? I know that he has mentioned Milky Boys has increased his “old pedophile” audience a lot…

  3. @kevin

    No, he didn’t ask for something like that and didn’t talked about an “increased old pedo audience” AFAIK (but someone else did in a comment under one of his videos — and the audience here isn’t that old by the way, we have a lot of teenage readers and even I’m kinda young :p And I really don’t see where it’s “pedo” when teenagers are looking at teenagers o.O That’s nonsense even if the viewers are adults ’cause pedos care about children while the boys posted at milkboys are teenagers and not children) but… dunno, I guess it could seem a bit strange when I feature every 2nd video he makes here xD

  4. A reason for me to regularly visit Milkboys is the mix and surprises. A video from Joe every now and then is really nice, especially since Josh carefully picks them. This one is no exception. Joe is cool and I fully respect him and his friends.

  5. Heh, you don’t put every second video I make on here Josh, just the ones that contain gayness…It just so happens that almost all my videos feature gayness. :P

    1. Wellington is the town to be in. Why are these now private or deleted. I don’t think your page is up anymore.

  6. Nice to see him smile and be happy all over!I think he analyzes life too much on his own and what`s better then to see two funny boys in love.hail hail!!

  7. This is a nice video and love seeing 2 yonger guys makeing one togeather you go :)

  8. Hmm… I really distinctly remember reading this comment on one of his vids, and feeling very defensive. However, I cannot find it now- so maybe I misread. I’m 25 so I don’t think Im that old either, but I could see how it could be “creepy” to a 15 year old. But you don’t have to defend it to me- I completely agree with you.

    I see Joe replied here…. is he a reader :-) or does he get notifications when his vids are linked?

  9. Oh my … Damn i can’t get it out of my head… JOE you broke my heart !!! welll it reminds me to the video “tribute zo joe” or something … “i hate you couse…” you stole my heart … and now you#ve broken it….like a german saying “now my complete day is in a bucket ”

    Muh !!!

    Well to say something meaningful: I´m 19 … I love Joe and his Vids :D some more some less… he is cute, cool…. back to topic…. i can´t see any relation to “pedo stuff” Josh you are really right … whereas …i like you too :D

  10. Joe is Awesome, not just because of his cuteness but because he is wise beyond his years. Generally speaking we all wish we were Joe! and not just to get ourselves a cute guy like Kane but we wish we were brave enough to display our sexuality to the mainstream, beyond the gay villages. Thanks Joe, Thanks Josh and helloooo there Kane :D

  11. I predict that when Joe gets to be over 30 (or at whatever age one becomes an “old pedophile”) he too will enjoy looking at videos of gay adolescents. All of us don’t drool, some are just interested in what the “new” scene is like. Shame on
    you guys for being age bigots.

  12. @Curt
    I didn’t see any of them here.

    And you got a nice identicon.
    By the way.

  13. 16 here, but it feels like I’m 72 when I see Joe though. Normally it feels like I’m only 40. :P I really don’t understand social things and the people in my age…

    I am attracted of boys who are a couple of years younger than me, sometimes even more. It’s probably something temporarily, but for now it feels like it always will be as it is now. Despite the fact that it’s very impractical I don’t see any problem with it (as long as anybody’s freedom doesn’t gets insulted). And when I’m older, I’ll probably continue looking at younger boys because they attract me more, or they are rather the only thing that attract me. Sure, the community will probably never accept me but what can I do about it?

    I’m not sure what my point was with my little story… Ah, well, great blog at least.

    Greetings from Sweden. :)

  14. it seems that there is some confusion about the age group who comes to milkboys, i don’t no if you have done this before… how bout a survey on age? i’m curious

    and of course joe is always fun to watch, to bad the one of him and alex got flagged :(

  15. @Zebsine
    You should live your life now and don’t care about what could happen when you’re older — your influence on that is quasi-non-existent and you’ll have enough time to think about such things when you’re finally old so don’t waste your youth with concerns about the “community”.

    Yeah, I thought about that but I saw quite a few of these surveys on other blogs and the results seemed a bit… unplausible to me :|

  16. Zebsine, bless you. Our path is thorny.

    About Joe. To me he seems to be an ideal. He is an ideal person, with ideal friends, ideal family, ideal school, and lives in an ideal country. All around him seem to be understanding and supportive of him. Thank God for Joe; if he didn’t exist, we would could only guess if such a person were possible. He deserves all the fans on youtube that applaud him. He brings to life the belief that times have changed for the better.

  17. It´s all right. Joe is just amazingly creative post broadcast media and acting beyond role-playing as well, vs. the obvious roles. This might be the new Dogma. Chapeau to Joe, n Josh for the pick. & pedos? Cmon.. There´s more to life.

  18. @zebsine
    I can really relate to what you’ve written. It is hard but as long as nobody is getting used or abused try not to worry too much. As for the “community” well not too long ago it saw fit to segregate black from white and classify homosexuality as a sin. Remember that the community isn’t built upon absolute truths but on a progression of ideals.

    Oh and your not alone I’m from sweden too ;)

  19. Joe’s great! He’s cute, smart, articulate and, most of all, courageous.

    On another topic, raised by a comment and answered by several, including Josh, consider this: The social contract by which most of us try to live would be greatly enhanced if individuals would avoid using incendiary trigger words, or, barring that, use them only in a narrow, specific context AFTER demonstrating an understanding their definitions.

    I, like many of the rest of us, will be OLD some day [ if I'm not already there ;) ], and I sincerely hope that I never lose my appreciation for beauty nor be forced to endure criticism for it!

  20. This is an interesting thread. aleks I hope that you aren’t referring to my comments as “incendiary”. I am a milkboys reader, so obviously we have common ground. I was only repeating what I thought Joe mentioned as a comment on one of his videos.

    I don’t know why people have the preferences that they do. I feel like Zebsine is on to something–maybe it has to do with the age that you start to accept who you are interested in, etc. While I agree that everyone should be open to enjoy what they feel is natural (as long as it isn’t hurting anyone), I can also understand why a 15 year old might be uncomfortable with people older then him feeling as such. When you’re 15- people in their 20s live in a different world, and that’s not unfounded. Certainly, my life has changed dramatically over the last 10 years–much more so than I ever would’ve guessed when I was 15. Regardless of how mature Joe is, and I do think he is a pretty amazing 15 year old– he still has a lot less life experience.

    I’m not sure what my point is, but I know that over the last five years, I have become very aware that what I consider attractive isn’t growing with me in all cases—and from an outsider point of view this is not a good thing. Thus, I have debated with myself how I should feel about this: one side of me notes that most guys my age still talk about and hit on a lot of girls in the 15, 16, 17 year old age range (double standard)–and 18 is just an arbitrary number…thus it is “ok” and I shouldn’t worry about it. And then the other side of me remembers what I was like when I was 15… I would’ve probably thought a 25 year old “old” person was a “creep”. I think I was more mature than most 15 year olds, but life is just different.

  21. ‘Steve,’ if you’re ‘Planetx_123,’ I was referring specifically to your comment. The words “old paedophile” are the incendiary words and, further, your comment contained not just one or two, but three negative implications; a) that Josh was reposting someone else’s material against their specific wishes to the contrary, b) that TheJoeFrom1993 is uncomfortable with being noticed by ‘old paedophiles,’ and, c) that this site is followed by a larger percentage of ‘old paedophiles” than other forums and that that is inherently a bad state of affairs. Something can be considered “incendiary” if it increases the likelihood of strong reactions. Your comment certainly colored most others, as you posted in the 2nd spot. Check this out:

    2. incendiary words
    3. a gentle, but firm and specific rebuttal [I'm new, but I think this is Josh's site, so you heard it from the top]
    4. reference to ‘surprises’ may be about comment 2 as well as the video
    5. direct reference to age
    6. post by the owner of the video, who chose to stay out of the fray [why?]
    9. original poster posts again, pushing the original point, but giving a a late but needed way out
    10. another reference to age
    12. another more pointed rebuttal of the original words
    13. another more pointed rebuttal of the original words
    15. more concerns regarding age, but generally aligned with Josh in # 3
    16. neutral on the surface, but concerns on the demographics of site visitors
    17. once again, Josh gently moderates in favor of tolerance and acceptance
    18. more support for Josh’s ideals
    19. a gentle slap on the wrist for the incendiary words
    20. more support for Josh’s ideals, but directed at a commentor
    21. my comment
    22. your incredible query

    I initially wrote briefly on a topic that I’d usually rant about, and even now, I have NO desire to engage in dialogue with you over my comments. I try to live with facts, not fears – sometimes difficult in this ‘enlightened’ world we inhabit. Steve, your comments were intrinsically negative [see a, b, and c in paragraph one of this post] and certainly “incendiary” [as you can see, your #2 post affected 18 of the 23 posts to date, thats almost 80%]. I am pleased to see that you seem to be singular in your opinion.

    Bottom line: I wrote to criticize an idea embodied in specific words, NOT to personally attack the commentor. If I have come down on you in a manner that hurt you, I apologize, but please please re-read paragraph two of my earlier post and continue until you see it as gentle guidance instead of an offensive flame.

  22. As Aleks said in a previous comment, we all get older. I made it through the hard times, succeeded to accept myself as gay pretty early in life and don’t feel I live a bad life. Yes, I’m old. I’m leaving the magic 30 behind me now and I sort of like it. I’m not ashamed I still love the beauty of boys. Boys make me happy and make me feel good inside. When I was younger the thought of getting older was terrifying, but tbh I feel pretty comfortable with it. I respect people and that includes boys, of course. I’m responsible for my own actions and if someone have a problem with me being old it’s their problem. I feel sorry for people who assume all older than 20 are creepy. Hopefully you one day will get comfortable and just enjoy life as it is.

  23. Aleks- you have misinterpreted my first post. This, of course, is my fault for not typing it clearly. Let me flesh out the context:

    Josh’s comment for this video is “Sorry Joe, I had to put it up here”.

    My first part of comment was “Has Joe asked that you not put these up in the past?” This is a legitimate question that is a direct response to Josh’s comment on the video. I was trying to determine if Josh’s comment was meant as light and comical or direct and serious. How could I have posed this question in any other way? I see no way that this could be interpreted as incendiary.

    The second part of comment was “I know that he has mentioned Milky Boys has increased his “old pedophile” audience a lot…” This was a suggestion for the reasoning that Joe might’ve had for why he did not want Josh to post. This is not my commentary, but referencing an exact comment from Joe. I didn’t say that “I thought it increased…” I said that “he mentioned Milky Boys….”. Again, how could I have stated this differently? I have watched most of Joe’s videos and read almost all of the comments, and after his “conversation with alex” video- he mentioned milky boys viewers a number of times (actually, even in a video!).

    I do not understand the logic behind your recent reply:

    “I try to live with facts, not fears”. This implies that my “discussion” that some teenagers may not be comfortable with older viewers is not a fact, but just my (naive) fear. Am I to infer that you do not believe that teenagers may be uncomfortable with your viewing them half naked on a blog? Remember, I am not stating there is anything wrong with this, but I am only trying to have a discussion about the perception of this from the point of the subject. I think I must be misinterpreting your statement, because it would be incredibly arrogant to think that my bringing up a valid point for discussion, is just my fear, and not a fact–and not worthy of discussion.

    “Steve, your comments were intrinsically negative”. You misinterpreted my comments as negative, but I will take responsibility for not qualifying my intentions (which were not positive or negative, but inquiring about Josh’s intentions on the comment).

    “and certainly incendiary”- I see that it affected 80% of the comments, and this is just proof that I didn’t make myself clear enough. However, certainly interaction and discussion is the point of most blogs, so I don’t know if “incendiary” (an intrinsically negative word) is the best word for this purpose.

    “please re-read paragrah…see it as gentle guidance instead of an offensive flag”. I would suggest that you reread my initial post. You might notice that I say “he mentioned”– I was making no statement about my beliefs at all, but referring to a statement that Joe made in direct response to Josh’s comment on the video. I would argue that equally important to not using “incendiary” words, is to read the words precisely in their context–especially before criticizing the poster. You contradict yourself saying “If I have … hurt you, I apologize” only a few sentences after implying that I was not “enlightened” and being pleased that I was singular in my opinion (certainly you meant to hurt me).

    Additionally, you say “incredible query” and didn’t respond to my post at all. I assume that you believe that there is no room for discussion? You must have it all figured out then, and I apologize for wasting your time. The purpose of this second post was not to claim that I am “just uncomfortable” and need to “enjoy life as it is”, but to raise a discussion point that I think legitimate. Am I alone in seeing the value of understanding others’ perceptions and feelings about this?

    Bottom line: I believe that I should’ve qualified my original statement more so that the casual reader would not mis-interpret my statement. Aleks you can’t attack me, claim that you don’t want to engage in a dialog (and then of course engage in a dialog) and then say that you didn’t want to attack me… this is nonsense. But I will accept that it was my fault, because I didn’t make my intentions (asking Josh a questions, referring to Joe’s comment as partial suggestion) clear. Regardless, I enjoy the discussion and interaction, even though I think you are overreacting, I still enjoy the dialogue—thats what social interaction and the internet is all about! Thanks!


  24. ok, let’s clear some things up here and answer some questions – as far as I can with my poor English articulation.

    – My line under the video wasn’t serious at all.

    – Joe didn’t ask me to stop posting his videos. I don’t know how he feels about seeing his videos here but I guess it’s ok as long as everyone here treats him with the respect he deserves (what you guys do, thanks). He is one of the few YouTubers at all who might be mature enough to look behind this stupid “pedo!!!!” panic.

    – As I said before I didn’t hear any negative comment from Joe about milkboys (not milky boys by the way Planex, that’s another site ;p) but from some people in his comments. I can live with that.

    – Finally: I don’t care if my readers are 15 or 50. Age doesn’t make you better or worse. I think it’s pretty save to assume that Joe doesn’t care about the age of his viewers too since it makes no difference at all. You count as a person, not as a number of years.

    And now, let’s have some Joe ;o)

    1. Sorry josh I’m not 15 or 50 I’m 65 and love milkboys often just to read the news stories Like the rise of Communism in Japan a few days after this page.

      Also so cool movies Like the trumpet playing Zboyz

      You have a good site I don’t mind the decent photos I sometimes save an handsom over 18 year old boy photo provide he is clothed. As a mater of fact whoever said “clothes make the man” was spot on, I don’t get fun from porn like Lube tube etc. My pleasure is there for seeing handsome healthy youth, something I lost a while ago. Particularly as My wife and kids got a new husband/father 25 years ago, and I miss those kids also.

      Guess I was too busy working to notice she wanted more of her man.

      So be it I like Milkboys for many reasns, guess Josh smarts is a big part of that interest.
      Ciao mate from Rob Carter
      Keep up ypur good work.

  25. First: Joe thank you! Great to see two young guys just having fun! There is a timeless part of you and Kane together that makes it. It will be interesting to see who you are at 25, hope you will keep posting the blog of your life.

    Second on aging: I once saw an article about a group of older gay men (minimum age to join 65) in New York City, who got together every Saturday (or Sunday?) to watch porn movies. – Rules, everyone had to be naked below the waist and everyone had to have at least one orgasm during the party. To me that was the most healthy ‘old and gay’ thing I have ever heard of. I was in my 20’s at the time and figured I’d start a chapter of the club when I hit 65 if there was not one around. – Yes, one’s playmates would not look like the ideal, what they were watching would! The feeling of camaraderie rather than being isolated would make it. It kills me every time I hear one of our brothers say things like, “In the gay community your dead at xx;” please all live until you really are…

    Zebsine: If it helps, when I was your age I felt way out of age too; I liked classical, my friends were into Led Zeppelin. No way did I fit in school, even feeling odd from the ‘odd group.’ I knew no gay people and the internet was years away. However, better things were just up ahead.

    Coming out took a while, mostly me giving myself permission to ‘melt’ inside. I found by joining gay groups who’s activities were of interest I was able to see and feel that I was not some strange thing at all.

    The best experience along these lines was getting involved with gay motorcycling. – The one buch thing I had always wanted to do was to ride a motorcycle. Once I had been riding for a while I had that though, “there must be other gay men who ride.” I made it my quest. That found me as a member of a riders club (nice guys) and accessing the motorcycling//leather world. Until then I had been afraid of our leather, motorcycling sub-culture. At 16 I would have been in shock if you told me I’d find my definition of gay masculinity with a bunch of leather clad guys on bikes (fyi – the largest all gay male motorcycle event I’ve attended was a weekend with 400+ ).

    As far as liking younger guys, the biggest landmark in my sexuality was serious sex play with my best friend at 11. It was so new, so fresh and finding out he liked it too! – In my mind it would be easy to lock in there. However, as I have gotten older half naturally and half by conscious choice I find enjoying guys around my own age quite satisfying (my lover of 15 years is 2 years older than me and we get as playful as Joe and Kane). But nothing says I can’t visit ‘Golden Youth Land’ in my mind or on the net.

    Guess I’m 47 going on 16. ;-)


  26. I forgot my Latin textbook this morning so I hadn’t anything to do on the bus to school. Instead I studied the humans on the bus, one of them was an extremely cute boy. I thought that he would easily fit here on Milk boys and it reminded me of this interesting thread where pedophilia has been mentioned a couple of times. I haven’t really “analysed” the moral aspects of pedophilia until this morning. It’s quite interesting actually and I thought I could share the conclusions I made.

    In theory I am a nihilist i.e. I don’t believe a god exists and thus I don’t believe that there is any purpose with our lives or that there is any objective morality. So for me there aren’t any moral issues with pedophilia. But most people aren’t nihilists (and maybe that is good :P).

    To forbid a pedophil to be a pedophil is impossible. But one can forbid the pedophil to make pedophilic actions which I believe most people consider as right. In Sweden it would be a crime to have sex with someone who is younger that 15 years and I guess the laws are similar in most countries. To have sex with someone is an agreement between to individuals. If a 40-year-old have sex with a 13-year-old it’s an agreement between them which doesn’t affect anybody else. Still, the laws says that it’s illegal, which is quite absurd when you think about it – other people prevent them to make something they want to do and it doesn’t even affect these people who forbids them from doing it. From an utilitarian perspective it would definitely be wrong.

    The argument is that anybody under 15 doesn’t have enough life experience to understand the consequences of sexual intercourse (pain in the ass perhaps? :P). I believe that many who are under 15 can make this decision but they aren’t allowed to do so. However, they are allowed to do a lot of other decision… When are you old enough to know what’s best for you? I would say never. Still there has to be a law for it, heck we must have laws for everything! And…

    Damn, I should study chemistry… Eh, anyway, it all comes down to the very interesting question – how many more paragraphs can we write in that fat law book and continue saying that we live in a “free” country with the individuals best as a central term?

    I really need to do some chemistry now. And tomorrow I promise to not forget my Latin textbook so you don’t have to read a similar comment which probably is full of bad English.

    Take care.

    Let’s see here, chemical bonds, yay! Bah…

    EDIT: And, yes, I know I should live now, enjoy life and all that stuff, but I’m kind of stuck in a role. It’s not easy when you always have been an outsider and I’m not even sure if I want to change. Sure, my life is kind of tragic but it’s easy.

  27. Dear Zebshine,

    Adding to my comment to you (#28): I did not do major coming out until I was living on my own. I had a feeling my father would stick me in some kind of program or other if I was not an adult and able to support myself. – So please live now as you need to. What I was trying to say was along the lines of, “16 sucks! – It gets better from here.”

    Also, Your English is fine! Just reading what you have to say comes across clear, its not choppy and your ideas flow.



  28. I don’t think Joe has given any indication he objects to MILKBOYS sharing his adventures on you-tube. To Josh’s credit, when Joe’s comrade, AlexTheOwl, voiced an objection, Josh removed the related posting. I’m sure he would do so if Joe so requested.

  29. In regards to anyone being uncomfortable with “old pedos” or what not viewing their vlogs well… that naturally leads to the question, “why post in the first place?” Naturally, if one posts something to the internet, one should expect that anyone in the world would be capable of watching it. And from my experience, there are forums with a lot less benign readership than milk boys.

  30. Meerschaum: I haven’t made major coming out yet either. I think it would be ok for my parents as long as I don’t say what kind of boys I like. Then I probably end up at a psychologist again, and they are so boring. My plan is to flee to UK and study there. And yes, it helps very much to know that you also was an outsider and gay – and survived! :P Hopefully, I’ll manage to do it also.

  31. At the age of 15 I adored 15 year old boys and chocolate. At the age of 45 I still adore chocolate……….. and nobody in the world would think there’s anything strange in that. Unfortunately the world is driven by people who never adored chocolate, have forgotten how good it tastes, or simply have been beaten into submission into believing that our tastes must change with age.

  32. where can i see more videos of these two?! they give me such courage and will to come out (im 18)
    want to see more!

  33. Ha-ha!!! Good 2 hear Kiwi accents lol!!! Love the apparrant ease and fun filled nature of this young guy and his friend. They are 2 very cute young pups.

  34. I like so many others am heart sick when told Cloud and his family was captured. I’ve enjoyed each of the 3 episodes and by fluke have inherited a Pryor Mt. mustang that I adore. He looks very much like many in the show. His spirit is different than other domesticated horses. Tigger was taken from the wild when just 1 yr old. I don’t like captivity for these beautiful horses but if they are already captured I feel privileged to share my life with him. I will write my Congressmen to express my views.

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