Good ol’ Times

…when fags where burnt on stakes (just try to ignore the fact that they never were burnt, at least not for being gay. Otherwise there would be no Catholic church nowadays seeing how they are the biggest gay club we have ever)

This funny man talking above is Father Raphael Trytek, a Polish priest.

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  1. This evil medieval institution should be consigned to the scrap heap of history where it belongs.

    1. The churches are so quick to demonize any homosexual desire or behavior, but actually the ROOT of all this homophobia is very *simple*: RELIGION IN ANY FORM (although I think the Buddhists are usually more sensible towards homosexuality, but they blow it with their beliefs of “after-life”). Religions have successfully BRAINWASHED BILLIONS OF HUMANS all for the sake of CONTROL and WEALTH (in whatever form the local culture offers). If humans would only apply their instinctive curiosity and common sense BEFORE it gets brainwashed away, we would have more sensible cultures throughout the world. And I fail to comprehend how ANY GAY person could even *think* of being Republican with all their extreme right-leaning hatred of ANYONE who doesn’t conform to THEIR own brainwashing.

    1. Usually I’m very pacifistic but I’m afraid in this case I have to agree with you…

      1. Guys I’m very pacifistic too but I agree with all you… He should burn on earth and in Hell…

    2. God doesn’t like it when people say bad things about other people and will smite him with a rod.

  2. Sadly there are a lot of fundamentalist in Kansas where I live who would agree with him.

  3. Unfortunately, it ain’t very original to see those kind of speeches. This gentleman is evidently fool, given how he talk about the Middle Ages.

    I found the questions of interviewers quite a good. The man said that homosexual is a malady independant of will , so why he calls them “pervert” ? Does he treat cancerous in the same way ?

  4. Now wait a second… Where’s his flowing thatch and his sprawling beard? I mean, doesn’t Leviticus 21:5 say “Priests must not shave their heads or shave off the edges of their beards or cut their bodies.”?

    I’m confused.

    1. The Greeks, and most of their neighbors, including Romans etc. sex was seen as natural and part of life. WHile they did not want you boffing your lover just anywhere, it was more common to see sexuality in public, like at the baths, gymnasium and especially in the field, on hunts or military. Temples had sacred prostitutes, both men and women, to enact the sacred bond between the sexes and in honor of same sex unions.
      Depending on the culture prohibitions would be in place to keep from corrupting youth (Athenian law 425 BCE about)… Alcibiades and Socrates ran afoul of this one.
      But generally sex was a natural part of life and honored as such. At the very least, same sex unions were quietly tolerated in the more robust groups like the Teutons and Vikings (especially when women stayed home and the men were on journeys of a year or more. Even barbarians could be rational.)

  5. Nice promotion of the church. I’m losing the remnants of respect for this institution.

    1. “remnants of respect”

      Really, what is taking so long? Have not more than 2 millenia of violence and bigotry towards women, Blacks, Native Americans, and other “Inferior” groups not made them unworthy of any vestigial respect or deference?

      Seriously, what will it take for people to completely abandon these same religious institutions whose sole existence is to propigate their own power over the ‘weak willed masses”?

      When they “Burn at the stake” everyone who isn’t exactly like them, are you sure you won’t be next? Religious idealism requires that there always be a visible and tangible enemy to point at and say: “There is the evil we warned you about. There is the target for your hatred.”

      It is the way that they justify their existence. If religious terrorists actually succeeded at their self-proclaimed goals, whats to stop them from just creating new enemies that look just like you?

      Well, if you keep kowtowing to them, then no one will be around to stop them from coming for you, or me, or anyone else.

      Religion poisons everything.

      1. Because I appreciate the contribution of the church in the fall of communism in Europe.

        Remember that the church has changed recently … but I will not discuss about the church, since I am an atheist and do not intend to defend him :)

        1. The Holy Roman Catholic Church did indeed fight against Communism because Communism was/is secular… it did not recognise religion as a good element, but as Lenin said “…is the opiate of the masses.” (I’m sure he was making a pun there).

          However the Church did take a hands off and passively supportive role when it came to the Nazi’s, down to running part of the underground system to help Nazis escape from the Allies and Russians.
          Hmmmmm. Hypocrisy much?

          I agree with the idea that religion is ok on the personal and social scale but it must be kept off the governmental and especially military theaters. It would be easier to just remove all religious protections from taxation. Many will suffer because of it, but being one who would, I would rather see the power aka money, removed from them.

          Extremists in the Catholic and Protestant camps have proven they cannot just live and let live.
          Unless you want an covert or even upfront theocracy in the Republic, this should be paid attention to with some care.

          1. Why do you write such long posts?

            Remember that the church has changed recently …

            Writing this, I meant that the church became more open. Not much but a little.


            I agree with the idea that religion is ok on the personal and social scale but it must be kept off the governmental and especially military theaters.

            Amen :)

          2. It was Karl Marx.

            And it was no pun he was explaining the insidious effects of religion.

            The present pope is an old nazi.

            The catholic church in Germany supported the nazi party.

            The USA has succumbed to 20 years of fundamentalist pressure how else can you explain the active teaching of creationism and the anti- abortion lobby ?

            1. @ Randyokami & kinkynik

              About Marx and Lenin – they both had their versions of the saying, but with a difference.

              Karl Marx talked about religion as “the opiate OF the people” ( in german: “das Opium des Volkes”) in one of his earliest manuscripts (if you want to be heavy, you should look up “Zur kritik der hegelschen Rechtsphilosophie. Einleitung.”, written in 1844 when Marx was 26), meaning that religion was the painkiller for peoples pain in life. In Marx views the problem was the pain, not the painkiller. In his time opium was considered as a medicine, not as a criminal drug.
              Much later Lenin talked about religion as “the opiate FOR the masses”, which is something quite different. It implicates that religion is a drug, administered to “the masses” by somebody else in order to keep people quiet and numb.

  6. Milkboy, if you are saying that nobody was burned for sodomy, you are gravely mistaken. It happened as late as the eighteenth century in Venice.

      1. Well it all comes down to terminology and definitions. Of course people weren´t put to death for “being gay” or “being homosexual”, since the concept of homosexuality (AND heterosexuality) was coined in the 1860s and the concept of “being gay” is a thing of the 20th century.

        But people were most certainly killed for acts of sodomy, which is a concept of purely theological origins. It was most probably coined by Peter Damian about 1050 in his book “Liber Gomorrhianus” (The book of Gomorrah), and turned into a central concept of systematic moral theology in the 13th century, when almost every influential theologian wrote a book or two about this subject.

        There can´t be much doubt about the fact, that this flood of anti-sodomitical theology was a main cause behind the criminal legislation against sodomy starting in different parts of Europe at the same time. The punishment for sodomy usually was death one way or the other – to be burned alive, to be hanged, to be castrated and left to bleed to death etc.

        So in my terminology, the great european witch hunt after sodomy and sodomites did begin in the late medieval era, from the late 13th century. People were burned for sodomy in Venice not only in the 18th century – the Doge and his chums had a veritable grill party in the 15th century, during which nearly 500 men were burned for the crime of sodomy.

        Relevant reading :
        Mark D. Jordan: The invention of sodomy in christian theology, 1997.
        Michael Rocke; Forbidden friendships. Homosexuality and male culture in Renaissance Florence, 1996.
        Guido Ruggiero: The boundaries of Eros. Sex crime and sexuality in renaissance Venice, 1985.
        Helmut Puff: Sodomy in reformation Germany and Switzerland 1400-1600, 2003.

        1. A brilliant return and beautifully written, Geroglk9.

          The main two verses in Leviticus that most anti-homosexual Christians refer to are :

          Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.(Leviticus 18:22 KJV)

          If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.(Leviticus 20:13 KJV)
          Thought to have been written between 1440 and 1445 BCE

          Both in Rabbinical teachings refer only to sodomy as the offense. It is only later, in the late Medieval and Modern era that Christian’s assigned the general prohibition of men being with men in any fashion. Clearly a trend, and one has to wonder if it were an attempt to stamp out ‘pagan’ ways of thinking or a reaction of the Church Theologians to rampant male /male sex within the church and in higher society. No one cared in the least what the peasant did.

          I found the article in Wikipedia had some very good references and resources for further research.

          1. Thanks Randyokami, you´re a sweet guy…or gal…or dog… or maybe… a cat…
            Not that it matters much, but my nick isn´t GEROgik9, it´s GORgik9, which is my way of tipping my non existant hat to my most beloved author, the one and only Samuel R. Delany – a gay man, a black man and a real inborn New Yorker; now there´s someone for you americans to be really proud of! Oh, and Gorgik is the name of a character in one of Delanys novels. (The “9” is a much more private and really kinky thing, so I´ll shut up about that…)

            About more serious business:
            The problem with Bible quotations is, that it doesn´t really EXPLAIN anything about anything. It doesn´t explain why a certain text from the Bible is quoted and considered important, while hundreds of other texts aren´t.

            Many contemporary debates about christianity and being gay begins with the phrase “- The Bible says…”
            No, it doesn´t. It doesn´t say anything about anything until someone reads some portion of text (but not a second, third, fourth or fifth portion…) and state: “-This is important!” What we call “the Bible” isn´t a book, it´s a library with so many texts and so very many different kinds of texts – there´s poetry, proverbs, prophecy, laws, history writing, gospels, letters and so on and so on.

            Now, most texts in the Bible are never ever quoted in any debate about anything – and many texts only very rarely are read or mentioned even in church. Let me take one of my favourite examples of texts, which seems to be forgotten by everyone including the most hardline american fundamentalists. I´m thinking about texts about usury, a topic commented on in a large number of texts in the Bible. What those texts say is crystal clear – usury is dead wrong, it´s a very grave sin.

            Now it´s important to know that the biblical and theological concept of usury is quite different from what we in modern society mean when we speak about usury. If we call someone “a usurer”, we think about someone who lends out money and demands excessively high interest. If someone gives you a loan of 1000 USD and demands 150% interest, you´ll shout – What loathesome usury! You belong in jail!

            But the biblical concept of usury is different. It doesn´t refer to excessively high interest on money loans, it refers to any interest whatsoever. ANY interest. If I demand not 150% but 1.5% I still am a usurer in the biblical sense. This prohibition was repeated again and again in christian tradition and when the monetary economy boosted in Europe in the high middle ages (lets say 1050-1300), the preaching against usury also boosted. Interesting enough, usury was quite often discussed in tandem with – sodomy. Why? Because both were considered unnatural sins, “crimen contra natura”.

            The reformation in the 16th century didn´t change anything. Luther wrote tracts and sermons against usury just as his catholic teachers had. But lo and behold! Around 1700 something does happen. Suddenly protestant preachers and theologians seems to forget “what the Bible (and some 1500 years of christian tradition) says” about usury. Why? Did some thelogical genious suddenly find out, that the Bible didn´t say what everybody for centuries had thought it said?

            No, this fundamental change in christian view on usury hasn´t got anything to do with the Bible. It´s about, well, The Bank of England (founded in 1694). It´s about the fact that the state itself – the crown, the king! – starts founding banks that do the same thing private bankers had been doing for centuries – lending money against interest. In short, the state itself became an usurer. Now, if you were a preacher in a protestant state church, this was really difficult business. If you wanted to keep your position and the head between your shoulders – you had better shut up about the state and crown becoming usurers.

            So it doesn´t matter what the Bible says about usury. Everybody has forgotten. No one remembers even in our time of global financial crisis. And the popes and preachers are so busy remembering and reminding the world how bad it is to be a cocksucker: they don´t have time to remember anything else.

            Well, there´s lots and lots more to say, but this is already way to long. But thanks once again!

  7. If its a curable disease, why does he want to burn gays at the stake?
    Do you cure homosexuality with fire?
    Maybe I should try this, considering that I can’t be happy being a faggot. :3

    1. Blergh, gays weren’t burned at the stake to be cured, but were condemned by the Church, who felt they could save the soul of the gays by burning the evil out of them. This blown logic was also used against Catholics, Protestants, Jews, witches, and anyone else who was not following the current social trend.

      So, put down that match and be happy you’re gay. You’ll find yourself to be far happier than
      other people living an “unnatural” lifestyle, such as celibacy.

  8. I’M sorry, but that priest is all wrong. He simply doesn’t know or have any idea of how a homosexual is … often, always sensitive, talented, intelligent and witty and with good taste (design, fashion). I love GAYS!

  9. If the church were burning gays again they’d have to begin with the ones in their own ranks……… probably lose at least 30% of their priests!

  10. To be honest, I’m really tired of this obsession with priests doing/saying something offensive. *yawn* Can’t we move on to something else (and your “hero” Dawkins is a hypocrite, too, btw). I’m sorry, but “misionary” atheism can be almost as annoying as the insane rants of those Westboro clowns.

    1. I’d like for you to expand on your Dawkin’s comment.

      (and your “hero” Dawkins is a hypocrite, too, btw).

      How so? What has he done or said in direct or indirect violation to his paradigm?

      I ask not to challenge, simply to know that side of the thought. Thank you. :)

      Otherwise I agree that replacing religion with anything, be it atheism, socialism, Leninism, or using science, fail in the same way.
      The scientific Method is a tool for understanding the universe. Any of the above only go as far as the person is willing to open the mind, and accept the basic facts of life. We are mortal and all things change. If you can accept that then the world and universe take on a spectacular meaning and beauty. To my mind, fear is truly our biggest obstacle to getting beyond the petty, virulent and ugly side to our species.

  11. He says all this while thinking in the back of his head how badly he can’t wait to get blown by his BF ;~). The kind of people that talk like he does are usually the ones that are dying to come out and hate everyone who enjoys what he’d like to have.

  12. One thing worth remembering is that Father Raphael Trytek is not a Roman Catholic… he’s a Sedevacantist

    Basically he’s some crazy guy who thinks the Catholic Church is led by some namby pamby Liberals instructed by Satan to make the Church lead people away from Christ.

    Whatever your views are of the Roman Catholic Church this guy shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush.
    I am Roman Catholic and am active in my the practice of my faith and have found my parish to be loving and supporting of me in my relationships. They even advertise as being an inclusive and loving community.

    1. I appreciate your position. At one time I felt the problem with the established religion was the people that corrupt it. I believe, from what study I have done, that the flaw is in both. The nature of Man to take the mentally ‘easy’ way, and the inherent tendency to cluster in xenophobic groups, ‘us against them’ where the ‘them’ is anyone not of the group. And the overt xenophobic and quite literally racist position of the fundamental principles that underlie the Hebrew, and, perhaps less so, the Christian religion specifically with it’s inherent mistrust of learning and knowledge, and misanthropic perspective of the world as evil and saturated in original sin.

      The evidence that there are people who take the high road and follow the more positive aspects in the later religious developments, particularly concerning the essential doctrine of the Christ, is, I think, more a reflection on their development as human beings than in the inherent ‘goodness’ of the religion per se.

      Having said that, I still believe each of us must find our own way through life and this is yours, to be in a loving and inclusive community within the religion.

      My analysis is less condemnation than an attempt to gain an understanding of where we have been and the dangers in remaining where we are, or particularly in going back as the extremists have done.

  13. Dumb question time. It says I’m missing a plug in. Any ideas on which?

    –NEVERMIND. For some reason a reload fixed it. Weird.

  14. Despite the fact that the only thing I share with this guy is nationality, I’m still disgusted by the level of obscurantism he displays. I mean the only thing that prevents me from killing myself at listening to such opinions is that elsewhere (in other countries) I also found this self assured and conceited approach. The guy knows shit about being gay. Fortunately it was some low-key TV station.
    God have mercy on us! ^_^

    1. Thank you steeglecobeegle … now I have to wipe Coffee off my keyboard. I guess I shouldn’t be drinking, reading and laughing at the same time. :-)

      Actually there is a grain of truth in your comment … think of all those fire and brimstone anti-gay preachers in the US. A lot of them got caught with (male) prostitutes. Maybe our polish friend is overcompensating. :-)

      Oh yes if you do so … post pics on milkboys :-) Funtimes!

  15. What a pathetic little man. “maybe we can get back to burning them at the stakes again”? this coming from the mouth of a ‘supposed’ man of god? I wonder if they can cure his ‘foot in mouth’ disease by just burning the foot right out of HIS mouth with a burning stake?

  16. Pathetic pretty much sums it up… a cure my eye…

    Now at a pharmacy near you Antigaythol…

  17. Hhmm .. i think it’s time to gather for a lynch mob.

    Tie him up a bit on a gay nudist beach , perhaps.

    Surround him with lots of flowers and a big sign

    <3<3<3 HUG ME <3<3<3

    He needs some love fast before he goes or orchestrates a horrible massacer.

  18. I’d bloody well burn him at the stake…

    But seriously, there are SOOOO many flaws in his argument: contradictions in logic, inconsistency with motives and solutions…

    He is the fool to be pitied. But because I’m angered by him, I’d burn him none the less. Wicked man.

  19. Some forgot to tell him then that Jesus was followed arround by 12 dudes and often shared small rooms with.
    and well after turning abit much water into wine some nights …..

    but on a serious note homosexuality as we kno it now is only a recent thing yes it’s been going on since the dawn of time just it’s only more recent since the last few hundred years the world has become increasingly prudish on sex.

    back then it was every one had fun and moved on.

    1. Precisely, and that Jesus went into the wilderness to attend a sect of extremist ascetic scholars, or Ascenes.
      Try as the early Church might, the information is still there, and as scholars find more of the literally hundreds of early religious texts from various groups throughout the Mediterranean now labeled ‘heretical’ by the same Church, the clearer the picture becomes of a Jesus supported by a large family under Joseph who preached out side of the Temple and against the Temple’s corruption. The Temple Elders and Priests saw in Jesus a very real threat, and it was they who went to the Roman Administrator to have him eliminated.

  20. I think you have to allow the man his due. His remark ‘Maybe we should go back to burning them at the stake again’ is historically correct – assuming that by ‘we’ he means the Catholic Church.

    The Inquisition arrested and tortured several thousand men and boys on charges of ‘sodomy’. Over a thousand were burnt at the stake. The leaders of the Inquisition fought between themselves over the question whether sodomy was a crime that fell within their jurisdiction. At one stage they managed to declare it a form of heresy (Mmm…interesting idea…).

    Finally they decided to burn all the queers anyway.

    Behind the Catholic witch-hunting of gays (which began with the so-called ‘Church Fathers’) was the paranoid recognition that the roots of Christianity were sexually ambivalent to say the very least. Christianity borrowed most of its theology and rituals from Hellenist Mystery religions that were deeply imbued with pederasty. The Church borrowed much of its ‘Jesus’ iconography from the gay cult of Antinous (which it later transformed into the sado-masochist cult of Saint Sebastian). The Church from its beginning displayed overt misogyny. And Jesus himself seems to have preferred the company of young men…and if we read the Secret Gospel of Mark the young men he liked were very young indeed…

    1. Good old Sion, I think I love you.

      Did’nt Jebus spend the “missing” years at some sort of seminary learning the secrets of judaism and that is why the jews were so pissed off at him. ?

  21. Benedict must be so proud! Not only do his priests expell children of homosexual parents from catholic schools, deny communion to homosexuals, now they advocate burning homosexuals at the stake. What a great way to follow Christ’s example!!!!!

  22. I’ve never trusted the Catholic Church. They’re a sneaky institution changing their mask everytime they can.

    They tried to get Descartes killed in his time. Now they worship his “Cogito ergo Sum” philosophy.

    Bunch of old hypocrites.

  23. He should go back to his fucking church and tie naked the pre-adolescent choir boys with rope to the statue of the Virgin Mary while he and Bishop butter up the boys holes and rape the fucking shit out of them, “quite literally”, make the blood run down their ass cheeks and cry out in pain, them threaten them with ex-communication, if they open their mouths. Then after they clean themselves up, the priest will ask the Bishop, what the time is, as he needs to go down to the square to rage against teenage and adolescent homosexuality. FUCK OFF YOU BIGOTED TWO- FACED PEOPHEFILIC BASTARDS. GO AND FUCK YOURSELF. YOUR PAPA IS A FUCKING NAZI CUNT.

  24. Dear Kinkynik,

    Love you too. There is reason for thinking Jesus of Nazareth spent some years in an Essene community at Qumran.

    But who were ‘the Jews’ who were ‘pissed off’ with him?
    Jesus had a huge following amongst Jews after his death. There was huge diversity in the Jewish communities of Judea. It is only the false accounts of the Church that paints a picture of a simple polarity between ‘Christians’ and ‘Jews’. Most of the ‘Xristos’ cults were in Jewish communities well into the 4th century.

    The Jews who collaborated with the Roman authorities in Jesus’ arrest and execution were an elite of Hellenistic Jews who benefited from Roman rule. It was a slander invented by the later Church of Rome that ‘Jews’ had murdered Jesus of Nazareth. The charge is entirely without foundation, as the Church is fully aware, but it has been repeated by the Catholic Church for 1600 years.

    The Church in its impulses of Christian charity has not only burnt gays at the stake – it has burnt Jews in far greater numbers. Anti-semitism is still rife. A Catholic bishop last year was quoted in an interview describing Jews as ‘god-killers’.

    So please, Father Raphael Trytek, let’s hear more from you! Pour out your venom for all to hear! Give us your line on Jewish god-killers! Let everyone see your true colours. The current Papacy has revealed more of the true nature of the Roman Church than has been revealed in the last two millennia – the faithful have deserted it in droves and its compensation payments for claims of sexual abuse of children have brought it to the verge of bankruptcy. I have a hope we might be living in the prophesied ‘end of times’ – for the Catholic Church, that is.

    1. Sorry, I dashed off my comment too quickly to be precise.

      What I meant was the leaders of the particular sect who sent him to Qumran were annoyed he’d crossed them.

      I have always said that if mankind could live by the teachings of Christ the world would be a better place.

      But the corruption of the catholic church has ruined the message.

      The church has the power to do so much good but it is a repository of self interest, greed and evil.

    2. The ROOT of all this homophobia is very *simple*: RELIGION IN ANY FORM (although I think the Buddhists are usually more sensible towards homosexuality, but they blow it with their beliefs of “after-life”). Religions have successfully BRAINWASHED BILLIONS OF HUMANS all for the sake of CONTROL and WEALTH (in whatever form the local culture offers). If humans would only apply their instinctive curiosity and common sense BEFORE it gets brainwashed away, we would have more sensible cultures throughout the world. And I fail to comprehend how ANY GAY person could even *think* of being Republican with all their extreme right-leaning hatred of ANYONE who doesn’t conform to THEIR own brainwashing.

      1. The funny thing is, with all your screaming about religion brainwashing and calling all religious people idiots, you appear to hate ‘ANYONE who doesn’t conform to [your] own brainwashing’. Oh, and by the way, religions were created by humans applying ‘their instinctive curiosity and common sense’ to try and explain the things they saw around them. Nice one.

        1. Honestly what he is saying is correct about any culture that has a long standing religious tradition, whether it is Egypt 3200 BCE or today under the monotheism of The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion. (I lump them together more for convenience and similarities than differences).
          People today can not easily conceive of a world without a concept of an all powerful, invisible All Father, creator of everything and source of a savior as well as the darker side in Lucifer. It is called indoctrination where the child is laden with these images from the very earliest moments. Even in non-religious families, the children understand there might be a god…. not gods or nothing. Those concepts have to be specifically taught and even then the trace of a monotheistic god sits in opposition.
          Indoctrination not so much brainwashing… but it is a major social control mechanism. Christianity might never have attained its position through the last 1500 years were it not for Rome and the administrative structure that provided the church with a ready made structure for control and wealth.
          And when you get right down to it, the Church (of all denominations) has controlled, finagled , lied, absconded and outright butchered in its own name. Those who do honest good works do so through their faith in the religion. It is not the people twisting the good principles of the religion for evil, but the foundations of the monotheistic structure to segregate the members from non-members, intimidate with damnation and excommunication, teach a distrust of intellectualism for the masses and general acceptance of others different from oneself. I think that is clear from the Talmud, through the current accepted conglomeration of stories that form the Christian Bible.
          Leaders have used religion to get people to see things their way since we have had some form of spiritualism. It gathers the tribe together, presents a united front to the outside… and gives the leaders power, wealth and status.

          Quite frankly by this time, Man should be able to live and grow without it. We do not need to replace it with science or fantasy, but stand on our own. Mortal creatures working their way through superstition into a world of intellect, reason and rationality. We should be able to live with the religiously minded, but sadly the very nature of monotheism, in particular, makes that nearly impossible. The current state of evangelicalism taking root in our military and government through covert as well as overt means is ample proof of that. Those who believe in the separation of church and state feel they have a battle on their hands to prevent the same mistakes made from the 5th century CE to the 18th century. So I would say PenboyX is basically correct.

        2. @ElCapitain: It’s obvious by your reply that you are quite religious and you have no true understanding what brainwashing is – Randyokami used the term “Indoctrination,” which is essentially the same thing, just a more polite word. [I disagree that indoctrination is not the same as brainwashing as any practical matter, but otherwise everything else he states seem to make sense.] And for the record, I am NOT trying to brainwash anyone here. Just trying to educate. And where do you get the impression “I HATE ANYONE” who disagrees? It is YOU who seem to desire hate for anyone who has the courage to denounce any of your family/ church approved deities or “gods.” By the very fact you are so quick to demonize me for just trying to point out what should be very obvious facts about religion.

          “Religions were created by humans applying ‘their instinctive curiosity and common sense” is so laughable. The curious folks looked to the skies with TELESCOPES to attempt to learn about what was going on around them. It is RELIGION that TRIES TO STOP all curiosity and ignores common sense about anything in astronomy and how this planed evolved. Do you have any idea of WHY the “christians,” et al started believing in ONE deity? Simply they were tired of bowing to so many other deities that they made up just one so for the masses of unintelligent humans, it would be less confusing (this is just the simplified version, to be sure, but quite accurate).

          If you wish to converse INTELLIGENTLY, and without any “god” ranting and the standard religious “defense” of that most ridiculous idea of “faith” as being the “reason” for everything, I could debate you item by item. But of course you would need to use common sense and actually stir some of that chemical reaction in your head.

          BTW, as ACTUAL PROOF that concepts of “creationism” and “intelligent design” is pure bullshit, you only need to read the legal brief of 2004 “Dover [Delaware] School District vs. Intelligent Design” [That's the basic concept, I don't remember the EXACT wording of the lawsuit.] You can also look it up at and do a search of “intelligent design.” They did a documentary on that trial named, “Intelligent Design on Trial [2004].” And for all you r/w religious types, the decision was decided by a REPUBLICAN, RELIGIOUS judge who was appointed by George W. Bush and he found that ANY “intelligent design” concepts for teaching in PUBLIC schools was pure bullshit (my word, not his, but same decision!). One of the primary PROVEN FACTS of this trial was that the creationists who tried to bring ID into public schools and the writing of their own book on the matter, DIDN’T EVEN EDIT THE WORDS CORRECTLY. At SEVERAL locations in their book, the word “creationism” [and its varieties] was simply [sic] replaced by “intelligent design” and they didn’t even delete/ erase the first & last characters and you see the term “cIntelligent Designm.” Those religious freaks were so lazy and stupid they couldn’t even EDIT (copy/ cut & paste) their own concepts correctly! Don’t believe me, LOOK IT UP, RENT OR BUY THE DVD FROM PBS or look it up in a complete library.

          1. Firstly, I’m not religious. I’m an atheist. Nice assumption.
            Also, why did you insult all religions in your first post, and then only focus on Christianity in your second? Is this perchance because you know nothing of these religions and are generalising?

            You also realise that as you are growing up you are indoctrinated into the beliefs of your parents and the society around you? So yes, you are getting angry at people who don’t have your brainwashing.

            I’m not sure why you name dropped Randyokami at me, as I didn’t comment on his post and to an extent agree with him.

            I’m also not quite sure why you started insulting me for no reason. Admittedly, I did conclude my post ‘Nice one.’ which was rather childish, but I didn’t see the need to tell me to ‘stir that chemical reaction in [my] head’ and to accuse me of having no common sense. I think if you’re forced to descend to insults then really you can’t have much of substance to say.

  25. One of the many aspects to the ‘genetic’ side of gay is the lack of interpretation building from the evolutionary standpoint. They(that which the journalists love to create a story from.) merely expect to find some sequence entitled ‘abhorant.’

    We traditionally argue that complex life formed from a single organism and then bloomed into complexity; yet this does not initiate key differences in the performance between the male / female passing of genes. (the web theory has been touted again recently as well.)

    The basic argument would be that the way males pass on the genes are similar in how certain virals perform the same function – insertion of their genes into a secondary body.

    As an additional side-note, one must also make considerations that within evolution we have prey attacking prey. It may be possible to find a few viral systems the specifically prey on the weakness of another viral.

    The female side of things would basically involve the cell-divide system found within many bacterial species.

    Between these 3 systems, you could possibly find genetic similarities within the human genome that mimic each active and unactive role for the release/capture/identification to the 3 specified viral/bacterial might be present.

    All fairly simple. The problems with it arise in that we cannot claim a pure male/female counterpart. Or rather we can’t claim that all homosexuals would have the bacterial strain active within a viral archtype. The gender classification would still resolve around the same 2 primary’s which create the male/female system; but we would also have 2 or 3 secondary systems at play with the likelyhood of parity between the 6 or so classifications.

    The psychological effects of preferance would however still be as unatainable as current science has a large gap yet for discovery.

    Oh, and I find it so very amusing when they tout the gospel. :D Homosexuals don’t enter the Gates of Heaven; yet the meek shall inherit the earth. So there seems to be leeway as to whether or not homosexuals must therefore go to Hell.


  26. Scarier than this asshole is the final 30 minutes of “La Ville dont Le Prince est un enfant” I challange anyone to find a more precise demonstration of centuries of Catholic domination of peoples souls.

  27. “There are no angles, no demons, no heaven or hell, no god or devil. There is only our natural world. Religion is superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds”

  28. Errrm,

    First, your text with the video is abit off. If anything the Catholic Church is the biggest Pedophile club, not a gay club.

    Second, this man should be defrocked, shame on the Pope for not commenting on this and ousting this idiot.

    Thirdly, if it were a disease, why hate someone who is sick. Want to burn people with cancer at the stake too?

  29. This guy’s a comedian, surely? This can’t be real! If this guy is serious… then… he needs some serious help… or some serious “help”, if you get my meaning.

  30. …If homosexuality is a disease and can be cured, then why does he want to burn the gays? What a fucking moron.

  31. OMG! I’m kind of speechless. There are so many things that can be said to these mosquito-brained guys…
    1. All animal species in the world practice homosexuality, so ¿What natural laws is he talking about?
    2. I wonder why all angels’ catholic images look so homo…
    3. Do you understand where have most of fascists been educated? Sure, you got it… in catholic schools! Unfortunately, there are still thousands of them all around the world.
    Just ask some of my Spanish friends where Franco got his “ideology” from…
    Well, cheer up Milkboys!!!

  32. I can only imagine how nice putting my 9mm between his eyes and pulling the trigger would feel.

  33. Put him OUT of his misery? Why that?

    Most people who spit this stuff, are actually suffering from “unwanted homosexual fantasies”.

    Like, when I was a kid, and I was afraid of asking my best friend for sex, because “what if someone finds out?”
    Instead, I tortured him, attacked him and beat him every single day, just so I could get some physical contact.

    Of the acceptable, and horribly, psychologically destructive kind. As long as you don’t do no gay stuff, it’s all good.

  34. I am a Catholic brother – this priest requires serious help. Very sadly he is the one who is in need of a cure – and maybe a good man can do it for him

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