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  1. “Removed due to a terms of use violation.”

    Less than twenty minutes, they’re getting good.

  2. Youtube has become a gigantic piece of shit over the past years. It’s really time for something new. Unfortenutaly it is too fucking big to suddenly vanish from the interwebs.

  3. wow, THAT was quick. i checked milks about 40 minutes ago, nothing new on here. I check 39 minutes ago, a new video, i check 38 minutes ago, and you tubes found it!!! sad things happen when big companys are involved… :D

  4. This isn’t just wishful thinking, but he really does set off my gaydar in a couple ways.

    I can’t quite pinpoint why (and no, it’s not because he’s adorably cute and precious and talented), but I’d be willing to bet 50/50 odds that he’s gay.

    1. I honestly don’t think you can judge that until a boy is 14. Maybe 15. 13 at the very least.

      1. I can assure you can.
        Been teaching for 18 years, and there have been a good half dozen kids who were very clearly gay at 9 years old (and in particular was always asking men out, we were regularly warned by the director).
        They have all become …gays.

    2. I’m glad somebody else said this because I thought it was just my gaydar that was being set of. I totally agree with you.

      And, yes, he is “adorably cute and precious and talented.” :)

  5. @blackjack

    Yeah mine too(re gaydar), but even if he is.. God fearing parents and locals will keep him in the closet for many years to come!

  6. hes tooo queer hope they dont want to change him maybe now hes in a gay owner “record label” he can be himself, and hes actually kind of freaky but that haircut make almost everyone look cute even justin b. without that hair hes not to die.

  7. I just hope that he earns enough small change to get a better piano at home. That little drop-action spinet is not much of an instrument.

  8. YouTube warned me of one of my videos where some music was playing in the background.
    Now my video can’t be played in Germany. *rolls eyes*

    And I love Greyson Chance.
    He’s taken the place of Elie Dupuis as my favorite young male musician and he’s full of energy, spunk, and loving life as he should as a boy.
    I just hope all this doesn’t go to his head and he stays on the ground.

    Whether he’s gay or not, who cares? It’s his singing and enthusiasm to excel that keeps me anxious for his next video and yeah, he’s ultra cute too so that doesn’t hurt either.

    1. Yes, he has phenomenal self confidence. I don’t think he is gay (he is quite preoccupied with girls), but he was definitely born to perform.

  9. Greyson is a very cute and talented boy. I am very glad that he is close friends with Cody Simpson. I love Cody too btw!

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