Growing Up

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Photo by & with Evan


26 thoughts on “Growing Up”

  1. It kind of reminds me of the trailer for ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ which is supposed to finally come out this year.

  2. While “ordinary” could well be a descriptive term for … anyone except the exceptional, I choose to find the beautiful points about someone.
    This boy has rather nice shaped eyes (along w/ their color), nice hair (despite the dirt taking the front seat for attention), and sensuous lips that could form into a very wide and disarming smile.
    For a moment, just look at that face and imagine him smiling widely and without reservation…
    It’d be EPIC :-) and that’s what I see in this pic.

  3. I think he’s a faun emerging from the ground after winter is over….that’s a periwinkle he’s pushed out of the way – symbolic?

  4. For anyone not into the Victorian ( and earlier) language of flowers…
    Peri = a Victorian word for a fairy
    Winkle = small curly shellfish; in slang – anything resembling it in shape


  5. Same musical style as ‘Remember Remember’ from Scotland — it’s time to chill out again — and I only just woke up… :)

  6. wonderful music, so evocative and the boy is truly beautiful. Even the slight imperfection of what appears to be a mole at the corner of his right eye somehow just adds to his perfection. Plus there is something about the combination of blue-grey eyes with dark hair that is really exciting. I like Georgey’s idea of a faun emerging in spring and the periwinkle symbology. I expect when Evan took the photo he had a completely different idea in mind but then thats the fun of interpreting these photos that Josh gives us.

  7. I would highly recommend checking out his other photos by following the link below the photo!

    Its amazing that he takes AND edits the photos himself

  8. A most handsome boy, beautiful face and oh! what a glance! So charming. Simply lovely. Many thanks for posting this interesting picture.

  9. This boy is a remarkable photographer and artist. Looking over his pictures on Flickr, and reading the associated commentary, he comes across as wide-eyed and observant; watching the world around him and making effortless art without being self-indulgent and pretentious. Whenever I meet anybody like this, I am always anxious to sit, talk and delve into a remarkable mind.

  10. At first glance, he appears (to me) like an interesting mix between Toby McGuire (Spiderman) and David Kross (The Reader). Both subtle and refined.

  11. I really enjoyed reading the comments writen by Kevin, Greogrey, Geoffrey and Dashiell.

  12. Nothing better than a boy with imagination. Cute too.

    He and Cole Sprouse should get together and do some photography.

  13. Evan might like to take a look at the work of the photographer Hans Silvester and in particular what he has done among tribal people who decorate their bodies with flora and body paint.

  14. I don’t see anything “ordinary” about this boy. Sure he’s not the wispy-haired blonde Adonis that some guys seem to prefer, but he’s still quite beautiful. The shape of his lips, contour of his eyebrows,, perfectly sized ears. He’s just simply a lovely specimen of youth and beauty.

    And I second the suggestion to click the link below the post. The Flickr album is great. Being able to view the original size photo reveals e so much more detail than is lost in the reduced size of the post. You can really peer into his eyes and see so much more depth to him. The other photos are amazing too.a very talented photographer.

  15. I have some amazingly beutiful things in my garden but none of it comes even close to that, or should i say him. Mikee

  16. I would also encourage everyone to check Evan´s portfolio, which is just amazing, nonetheless seeing how it ever went more poignant throughout little more than a year. I´ll throw him in for a fashion thingy we´ll have to shoot, seriously. hardly *admit*: the kid aspect in the production has been pondered beforehand.. any case: chapeau!

    1. sry, came back here and found my initial comment unnecessarily ambiguous after grasping the whole context of MB. it was about photographers, not modeling. nonewithstanding though, of course..

  17. Hi Borgden, you are a bit ‘deep’ but i jus wanted to ask you, how do i check out Evens portfolio as you sugest. I dont have a computer only a tablet, Mikee.

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