Hardly Anne Frank

Between sex…

then next thing i remember i like woke up in the night nd ben was in the bed with me!! like seriously! he was facing away from me nd a bit curled up and taking all the room and most of the blankets. it was v cold nd i like pulld some of the blanket back. it felt a bit gay, and v horny nd then i just couldnt get back to sleep. hes a bit youngr than me, but he is pretty cute, nd just being in bed next to a boy was pretty horny, nd got me rock hard. the more i thought bout it, the harder i got nd my cock was like twitchin nd stuff. i was rubbing it and squeezin it a bit, nd pulled it out of my undies. felt a bit wrong, but didnt care cos was just too horny. was playn with it and rubbing it for ages, nd ben moved and wriggled a bit, nd he must have been like just a few cms away from me. he was still on his side facing the window, and i was facing the same way. i know its bad, but i just pushed a bit towards him to press my cock onto his back, nd when it touched his back omg i nearly came right then. it was really warm and my cock had never been so hard. never really touched my cock on any1 before, felt nice against a warm body.

…and liitle worries

ive done something bad again :-( was supposd to be lookn after cats for nicholas over th weekend, i fed them like once on friday morn, then completely forgot cos went to auntie maureens. omg. bad me. but the worst bit is nicholas just came over nd gave me a box of 12 creme eggs and £20 :-( just cudnt bring myself to be honest nd tell him id forgot. he thinks im like a little angel, but im just bad :-( ive sooo gotta do something good next time. like do it for free, or just do something else nice. i’ll nevr go to heaven.

A teenage Life?


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  1. what worries me is all the "text messaging" abbreviations. In ten or twenty years, will that be the standard? And will that be the death of the English language?

  2. I've been following this blog for a while now; Josh is really cute in the way he writes. He's not really writing the blog to win awards or anything, its just something fun; so what does it matter that he doesnt write in perfect English? Its the content that matters; and it always makes me smile.

    Its a sweet, honest account of a young gay lad, working it all out by himself. Coping with his sexuality, whilst still being in the closet (but still having a lot of fun by himself ;) )

  3. Hm. Hm. Hm. to be honest, the site reeks of fake. it all seems too forced, too eager to sound like a gay teen, to "hip" and stuff. wouldnt be surprised if this "josh" really is some thirtysomething rehashing his youths… the whole blog seems more like some fantasy you'd expect at niftys archive.

  4. #4:

    yeah, it definitely is a fake. okay, todays teens love to blog/brag/vlog about every last bit of thing they experience, but not like that. sometimes, this "boy" writes in a somewhat self-ironic way, talks about his experiences like they are his second youth. he knows what it's all about and what he has to pay attention to. no teen does that. if you live through something for the first time, you may be trying hard to make it look and sound like you've seen it all already, but the result isn't that stereotypical.

  5. batz and louisdijon are right … this is definitely a fake … granted a very authentic one but lets not forget the very adult contemplations – no teen ever does this.

  6. Yes, This is probably a fake. But just in case he's not I'll go visit him and make sure ;)

  7. I'm fairly confident that this is NOT fake. I know what its like growing up as a gay teenager in England (I live not too far from Oxford, where Josh lives).

    The quote used (about his encounter with Ben) is an unfair representation of the blog. He rarely writes anything that could be considdered 'Nifty' material; its usually about what he's doing, his relationship with his friends, his hobby, and REAL life as a gay kid.

    You guys really DO underestimate teens; sure, he's quite a mature in what he writes about, but he also writes in a style very typical for teens in England (the words he uses, and the style obviously comes naturally, and is not faked).

    I've followed the blog for a long time, and read it from the beginning. Its obvious it started out as a naughty little secret; a blog where he could open up, without the people close to him knowing. Its purpose was not to become a popular gay blog, in the way that it has; so what would be the point in faking it up?

    Its a shame people just jump to the wrong conclusion and criticise based upon not much at all.

  8. Why do people fake things? Just for the kick of doing so. I don't underestimate teens, but although he sounds english, he writes like older people think that kids talk. My remarks werent just based on the raunchy stuff, but on the everyday postings as well. I just dont buy it. He has to much of an adult perspective on things and seems to clearly know which audience to target, which all the seemingly casual lewd conontations. I have experienced more elaborte and mor pointless hoaxes over the year and i think people just do it. maybe its like the kick of roleplaying and the what if aspect, but surely people do it always have created things like that. and to agin compare it to the nifty archive: there are many stories who dont actual contain wall to wall sex description, but boring day to day life stuff to, and quite a few of them are packaged as diaries, which is why I drew the comparison in the first place.

  9. Josh: for me, it's not a under/overestimation-thing. it's not the belief, that that "teen" is better at "being a teen" than i think regular teens are, that brings me to doubting that show. he just sounds so much like the gourmet, so.. hmm, my english.. "abgeklärt", anyone? it's not better, it's just a grownup-point of view.

    but i must really restrain me from thinking about it any further without actually reading that blog – i haven't yet made it through more than 3, 4 entries. yikes.

  10. I agree his writing and outlook are mature; but it isnt that long since I was that age, and I'd like to think I also had a mature perspective. Just because a lot of the teenagers in England right now arent particularly bright or mature, doesnt mean that none of them are.

    I trust that he's for real. I have no real evidence to support it; in the same way that the people who think its fake dont have any against it. I believe its just meant to be enjoyed; and i do enjoy it. I just upsets me that some people would rather analyse and criticise it, rather than just simply enjoy it for what it is.

  11. of course it's meant to be enjoyed. it's utterly impossible for me NOT to think about the human patina of the protagonists/authors of a given text – the fake-thought came up without me analysing or regarding it critically. be upset about it, but don't think i didn't enjoy reading it. good fakes are particulary more interesting than boring truths. this fake may be (afaict) a noticeable fake, but it is definitely not amateurish or boring or dull. on the contrary, i bow the hat for that author, whom i'd guess to be in his late twenties, for really "getting" the todays-youth-spends-a-lot-time-online-and-is-used-to-permanent-self-portrajal-thing. he get's that – not easy. he instrumentalizes it to bring into life his "proto-teen".

    it's a good read, but it somehow always shines through, that the author desperately wants to fuck his main protagonist. ;) that'd be my mighty guess.

  12. "it’s a good read, but it somehow always shines through, that the author desperately wants to fuck his main protagonist. ;) that’d be my mighty guess."

    to stay in the context of teen-lingo: LOLZ ^^

    I think thats exactly the impression I got from reading the stuff…

  13. Like Tybo, I've also been reading Josh's blog for quite some time. (Hi, Tybo! Zoloft here.) Josh is nothing if not endearing, sincere, and genuine in what he writes. He's a good kid — a bit scared, concerned with doing the right thing, unsure of himself, and trying to discover a more adult way of life. I really enjoy reading his blog — more than a fair number of other blogs out there, quite honestly! His writing style is unique. He's hardly the first to have adopted a unique style as his own. Read Portnoy's Complaint (written in the 1960s) for one example of a completely unique narrative style that has -shock- been published and acclaimed. Another is Hubert Selby's Requiem for a Dream which I swear doesn't have a single period in the whole book.

    Point is: Josh's linguistic style is what it is. It doesn't make his story any different. It just changes the way it's told. Like when actors in a movie take on a different accent to, well, accent their performance. Whether Josh's language constructs are used unconsciously as matters of stylistic preference or more consciously to flavor his readers' perceptions only Josh knows.

  14. it's not his "linguistic style", that makes me believe he's a fake. as for the "reading for quite some time"-thing: i wasn't personally involved back then, but "lonelygirl15", that YT-girl who turned out to be fake, also managed to befool many thousand people for months (if not years).

  15. Josh,

    For those of us who have been Boy Scouts or Hiking Troop Members the sex you described is common to us – the best reason to be one – the place and situation where most boys involved have their first sexual experiences.

    I am thinking back to the 1970’s on Henrietta Street in London where I found my first boy love literature in a book store just down from where Braden Powell had his first Boy Scout Office … hummmmm.


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