Between sex…

then next thing i remember i like woke up in the night nd ben was in the bed with me!! like seriously! he was facing away from me nd a bit curled up and taking all the room and most of the blankets. it was v cold nd i like pulld some of the blanket back. it felt a bit gay, and v horny nd then i just couldnt get back to sleep. hes a bit youngr than me, but he is pretty cute, nd just being in bed next to a boy was pretty horny, nd got me rock hard. the more i thought bout it, the harder i got nd my cock was like twitchin nd stuff. i was rubbing it and squeezin it a bit, nd pulled it out of my undies. felt a bit wrong, but didnt care cos was just too horny. was playn with it and rubbing it for ages, nd ben moved and wriggled a bit, nd he must have been like just a few cms away from me. he was still on his side facing the window, and i was facing the same way. i know its bad, but i just pushed a bit towards him to press my cock onto his back, nd when it touched his back omg i nearly came right then. it was really warm and my cock had never been so hard. never really touched my cock on any1 before, felt nice against a warm body.

…and liitle worries

ive done something bad again :-( was supposd to be lookn after cats for nicholas over th weekend, i fed them like once on friday morn, then completely forgot cos went to auntie maureens. omg. bad me. but the worst bit is nicholas just came over nd gave me a box of 12 creme eggs and £20 :-( just cudnt bring myself to be honest nd tell him id forgot. he thinks im like a little angel, but im just bad :-( ive sooo gotta do something good next time. like do it for free, or just do something else nice. i’ll nevr go to heaven.

A teenage Life?