Harlan Slim Pfeiffer

[This is a guest article by Sidney and was first published at Inkplum]

Harlan Pfeiffer did a series of naturist films, and books in the 1960’s. The above still is from “Peter, and the Desert Pirates”. This lost film is considered as the prequel to “Genesis Children”. No surprize since many of the same boy actors, and crew worked on both.

Sadly the film is nolonger available. It was never publicly shown, and only a few copies were made. By the 1970’s it had vanished. I’ve read that a VHS edition of stills from the production was availble for a short time in the late 1980’s, but the trail is cold after that.

As I mention at various times on these pages Queer history matters. All Queer history including, and perhaps especially Queer Man/Boy love history matters. That is to say the artifacts of Boys, and Boylovers matter, and are important.

If possible they should be found, and properly preserved. As opposed to being closely examined for leads to possible arrests,…then destroyed. In this case I fear all that is left of  “Peter, and the Desert Pirates” are random stills. One hopes an intact 16mm copy will one day surface, and be protected as a legitimate historical doucument.


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  1. Hi folks. I may have made an error about the actual date of the film. I say "1966/67" In fact I'm told it was actually shot in 1968. An very eventful year. Sorry for the mix up.

  2. Thank you Nick! Your link goes to a site offering that video of stills I mentioned. I'm glad it still exists, and has been transfered to dvd.

    Thanks again. I'll update my article.

  3. "Genesis Boys" is still available from Award Films. Google them or follow the link on Inkplum. Eh,… the link to inkplum is on the right there. Thanks for your interest.

  4. "Harlan Pfeiffer did a series of naturist films, and books in the 1960’s."

    Does anyone know the names of other movies and photography collections by Harlan Pfeiffer. I totally agree that all of his work should be saved for history, even if not viewed.

    On an impulse with no option,

    We gather shadows from the night.

    Securing them and storing them,

    Together we must fight, for the right,

    To hear the ancient voice,

    How else can we see inside,

    And give ourselves a choice.

    From a song I wrote for a Canadian musician last year.

    Cheers all!

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  6. does anyone know where any of the old lyric films or books are available for download or on dvd? I found genesis children but I cant find any others

  7. this picture is in fact from Genesis Children & not the stills. Shot in Italy, Peter Glawson on the front right. Genesis Children is still generally available – Amazon was selling it not that long ago.

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