He couldn’t stand his Eyeliner

Three years ago 14-year-old Brandon McInerney walked into his middle school computer classroom, sat behind Lawrence King and shot the openly gay student twice in the head with a .22-calibre handgun as 24 classmates watched on. Now, the 17-year-old McInerney will go to trial. His defence? He just couldn’t deal with King’s eye makeup and women’s accessories.

Prosecutors call the murder a hate crime worthy of 53 years in prison. McInerney’s defence team calls the murder voluntary manslaughter saying that the abused young man could not rationally deal with the “gay panic” he experienced from King’s repeated come ons. [via Queerty, more at Towelroad]


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  1. Why does the sexuality of the person he shot or his motivations for shooting him matter?

    Anyone that is going to commit such an act towards anyone for any reason is clearly unable to participate in society in a productive manner and needs to be tossed in a cell that’s promptly welded shut.

    Would it have been any more acceptable if a gay student had sat down behind a jock and blown his brains out for refusing his advances?

    1. I agree. It is obvious the shooter does not have the social skills needed to function in the real world.

      This is clearly a sign of inability to cope with things that he can not comprehend or relate to.

    2. It only matters if the sexuality is part of the motivation.

      God, I have wrote essays on this stuff!

      If you want to know more, just reply and I will go into every damn detail.

  2. I remember when that happened. I’m glad it’s finally going to trial. To be quite honest, I don’t really care what happens to the boy, it won’t change the past. The most you could really hope for is for people to notice the problem and try to make a difference.

    I’m glad people in Cali are waking up after situations like this and the suicides last fall. Finally waking up, I should say. But legislation like the ones following Seth Walsh, are definitely a start in the right direction. There is a good article on the same site (http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-0702-harassment-20110702,0,6645495.story) that talks a little about some new stuff going on in Cali.

  3. The perpetrator was 14 years old. He is a child. It does not matter what the crime is or how horrible the crime is a child is never as responsible as an adult. It amazes me that America looks at it’s young and says, If you behave and get good grades and follow the rules you are acting like a child and we will treat you like a child. But if you are violent or seriously misbehave then you are acting like an adult and we will treat you like an adult.

    1. If you’re old enough to shoot a load, you’re old enough to take responsibility (big word, I know…. it’s a shame it’s been largely forgotten in the western world) for your actions. It gets tiring that no one is ever held responsible for what they do and no one ever takes responsibility for their actions.

      If he had the balls to honestly say, “I fucked up, there’s no excuse for what I did, and I know nothing I can say or do will ever make it right, but I’m sorry and I’ll take what I deserve.” Then, it would be acceptable to grant leniency.

      1. Very well said Sixie!!! This boy knew right from wrong by the age of 14. We all did! Personally, i think if the parents taught him to hate Gay people they are just as guilty. I doubt that angle will be brought up in court though. As for what happens to him…I think 53 years (who comes up with these numbers?) is not long enough nor punishment enough. Gay Panic? This is a new term to me.

        1. “Personally, i think if the parents taught him to hate Gay people they are just as guilty. I doubt that angle will be brought up in court though.”

          His father did “teach” him to hate gays. He went on and on about “queer this” and “faggot that.” That’s probably 75% of the reason Brandon went to get his father’s gun the night before. This shooting is absolutely premeditated. I wish they would charge him with “in waiting” as that is exactly what happened the next day. As far as the father being tried — he’s dead now so it will never happen. (Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” idiot.) And I’m glad he had to “witness” his father’s death while he was still young — maybe that will now teach him something of what it’s like to love and need family.

      2. I knew right from wrong before that age, but what might be a slightly more important difference is that not everywhere is there guns for the kids to play with.

        Guns kill people.

        I guess it would been bad too if he had stuck his compasses in that poor guy’s shoulder, but he would still be alive.

        1. No, actually, people kill people. Let’s be honest, if he didn’t have a gun to kill the boy with, he could have used a knife or a baseball bat or any number of sharp or blunt objects. He’s responsible for what he did and him alone.

          1. It’s an interesting question. Let’s say this : If you had a power that make you kill people just by thinking about killing them, as a teenager, you realize there would be a higher risk that you actually use that power to kill everyone that you hate. right ? I think we can safely assume that, I know I have hated people enough to wish them dead several times when I was his age.

            So, If he had no gun, and had to kill him with a knife or a bat or whatever, it would be a lot harder for him to have the guts to do it, he would face the risk of a retaliation, failing his attack, getting his weapon turned against him etc All these things actually matter when someone decide to do such a thing. So even though there is a crime, and there is responsibility, it’s certain that guns help such crimes to happen.

            Now the sociological problem of violence doesn’t change whether the kids have guns or not, they are still hating each other, they still live in violence. You can’t blame that on guns. Only the fact of the matter is : Murders happen more often if they have better weapons. So making sure they dont have access to guns is a necessity I believe.

            1. Please, no one that shoots from the back of the head a) has any guts to begin with and b) was going to get disarmed. You’re dead by the time you realize the gun is pointed at your skull when you can’t even see it.

            2. I don’t think you understood my point. That is precisely why I say it is easyer to kill with a gun, because it takes no guts, or at least less guts, than killing by stabbing. Therefore, guns are not “responsible” per se, but they allow kids to make fatal mistakes like that out of anger. On a side note, they also help people commit suicide on an impulse, people who would be too frigten to cut their wrists or to jump from a high building. It’s incredibly easyer to just pull a trigger and do something stupid like that.

      3. @ Sixle
        “If he had the balls to honestly say, “I fucked up, there’s no excuse for what I did, and I know nothing I can say or do will ever make it right, but I’m sorry and I’ll take what I deserve.” Then, it would be acceptable to grant leniency.”
        very good point…

  4. @buford: You’re correct if the crime is fairly minor (like stealing a car for joy-riding), this is premeditated murder which is far and beyond child’s play.

    When are we going to get rid of the “gay panic” defense? If the repeated “come on’s” is a defense for murder, then why hasn’t every pretty woman been able to shoot all of the male lechers who have ever made a pass at her.

  5. If you don’t know murder is a wrong at the age of 14 then when are you supposed to know? Hard to believe such hatred could flow through the mind of a 14yo! Guess his lawyers will try to find anything that tries to ‘justify’ his actions…… glad I’m not a lawyer, couldn’t do that kind of thing.

    1. “Hard to believe such hatred could flow through the mind of a 14yo!”

      Why is that so hard to believe? It’s exactly the same “method” as the idiocy of religion flowing from church to parents to (generally) all their kids through many generations. It’s the same thing that some parents will “drill” into their kids our Second Amendment rights — but they only see those “rights” as the “god-given right to kill all the homosexuals they can.”

      1. Didn’t mean it literally…. it was a figure of speech. And, yes, I agree, kids get taught to be religious too leaving them little or no choice to question it when they are old enough to think……if they have been taught to do that?

      2. oh here we go…I was wondering when PenboyX2 would bring religion in on this discussion in some way…

        1. I call it as I see it ….. only the religious can’t/wouldn’t see the correlation when it’s so painfully obvious.

          1. One day you’ll meet a homophobe who has never heard of God. I hope you cope with the shock.

            1. I once met a homophobe who was an atheist, he was also a neo-nazi but that’s beside the point.

          2. that’s the thing.
            you DON’T “call it as you see it”
            you’re as bad as those who try to shove religion down peoples throat,
            you CONSTANTLY do the opposite,
            and its getting tiring the way you rant…
            it’s time to take up a new BETTER cause.

            1. To you and tcave:

              I do call it as I see it. I also recognize science and facts and truth and reality.

              I don’t rely on talking snakes, burning bushes and “virgin mothers” for my information on the world at large.

              What all of you religious refuse to grasp is common sense, logic and proven science for your “education” of the world. (I suppose Sarah Palin looks good to you right now.)

              Everything I state against religion is truth and facts — but you’re too wrapped up into some “rapture” to understand that. Ask anyone of science and history who knows a whole lot more than I do and they will tell you the same things.

              What’s tiresome are your pro-religious rants. Why don’t all of you pick up a real cause — something that science supports — instead of just ranting to me and avoiding the real issues?

              (Now you’ll go into some double-speak because you can’t argue with me and use …… facts.)

            2. Sarah Palin does not look good to me. i prefer guys over girls….
              rapture? i’ve never said anything about rapture.
              where did I say RAPTURE? Dumbass
              and what the heck makes you think i even believe in rapture?
              yeah, i’d say ANYONE “…knows a whole lot more than (you) do…”
              I have NEVER had a “pro-religious rants”… ever…
              its YOU who CONSTANTLY rants on and on bashing and belittling EVERYONE who believes in a God.

            3. Just as I said earlier: Now you’ll go into some double-speak because you can’t argue with me with any …… facts. You are fucking pathetic.

            4. @ PenboyX2 – i did NOT go into some double-speak.
              It was YOU who did.
              You didn’t even respond to my points because you know they were correct.
              YOU’RE the one who is “fucking pathetic”…

    2. “glad I’m not a lawyer, couldn’t do that kind of thing.”

      I wish I were! I’d love to be the Prosecutor of this case against that boy. Even though in real life a lawyer couldn’t do this — but I’m pretty sure they will make some type of movie about this before too long — and then I’d have the Prosecutor grab a very menacing looking shotgun and hold it 2 ft. away from the boy’s face right next to the witness stand microphone and do a very intentionally LOUD cocking of the gun just to scare the shit out of the boy …. and then revel in his reaction to it.

      Then in my best Jack Nicholson voice say loudly, “You can’t handle the truth, can you?!” :-)

        1. Just to point out how stupid that reply is …… where did I say POINT? Dumbass. Barking like a dog, as usual.

  6. Is this not the same defensive posture frequently taken by those accused of rape? While I try to take a full measure of any topic under discussion, it disgusts me when the victim of such a crime is painted as somehow having brought it upon himself.

  7. He obviously is disturbed. I remember reading about this once in XY Magazine. I couldn’t believe it.
    In my estimation 53 years is not enough, he’ll be out on the streets when he is in his forties. Then what? Will the state put him on disability? I think a gay state executioner should sit him in school chair in the middle of the town’s center and the executioner should put a bullet through his head.

    And to add insult to injury, McInerney’s lawyers are blaming Lawrence King? “McInerney’s defence team calls the murder voluntary manslaughter saying that the abused young man could not rationally deal with the “gay panic” he experienced from King’s repeated come ons.” Give me a $#%&@#$ break. That will fly well in court. I feel strongly about this.

    1. It’s very easy to be part of the blood-eyed mob and scream for his death, I’d be lying if I told you there wasn’t a part of me that doesn’t cry out for this type of vengeance right along with you. However, I feel just as strongly that killing the murderer puts us on the same level. Far better to let him linger and suffer in prison for the remainder of his natural life, than to give him an easy exit and consign him to some imaginary hell.

      1. And what does it cost to keep him in prison in that state? The costs run between $30,000 and $50,000 a year on average across the country. It’s easy to say lock ‘em up and throw the key away, but are you willing to pay for it?

          1. I can’t believe that for a moment. After several new Supreme Court rulings over the last 10 year, appeals have been sharply curtailed. And what does a dose of injected poison cost?
            Every 10 years in prison can cost a cool $500,000. If he were to live to be only 60, that would be a cost of around $2 million (in today’s dollars). The courts don’t waste a lot of time on appeals these days. Lots of innocents are also executed so no one really gives a shit about a legitimate appeal system.

            1. @ Trevor Koch – Hi Trevor, I love you’re name “Trevor” – hehe…

            2. “Lots of innocents are also executed so no one really gives a shit about a legitimate appeal system.”

              And that doesn’t bother you, not even a little?

        1. @ Victor Borge – it costs so much because of all the “perks” they get there etc.
          it’s time inmates got a much ‘stripped down’ prison.
          they eat and live better then poor inner city kids.
          an that’s just wrong,
          but my argument on this is for another place and time.
          BTW, I ALSO don’t believe a person should go to jail for the punishment to get raped.
          no matter WHAT crime he committed.
          NO ONE deserves being raped! PERIOD…

        2. @Victor Borge – I understand your point, but it does not override my core belief that killing the murderer would do nothing but add to the body count. I would like to think that perhaps committing that kind of money to each child for their education would be a better investment; however, given the American education system’s propensity to gobble up more and more resources while producing incrementally poorer results, I’m not so naive to think this is the entire answer either.

  8. I hope he gets life in prison, and hope he gets fucken raped. I sick and tired of people killing innocent people, and have ridiculous defenses. Kasey anthony in her “I was abused as kid” defense is just as ridiculous. Nuff said.

  9. I just want to ask something ?
    Which kind of sick gave the boy a .22 caliber gun !?!?

    1. That’s US. Most kids just have to look into every drawer to find a weapon, because so many people have one hidden somewhere…

      2nd amendment, they say. And you feel so much safer with a gun at home. Until a member of your own family gets badly hurt… If they could some would get a nuclear bomb in the garage, just in case. Such a religious country, and yet they still would have to meditate on the gospel message : “those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.”

      1. “Most kids just have to look into every drawer to find a weapon”

        Your ignorance is blinding.

        Yes, we have guns… but even those lobbying for gun control (the ones that would use the highest number they could find) in the US say that only about a third of all households in the country own a gun.

        Even by the loosest definition of “most” (more then half), most children do NOT have a gun in the house they can just swipe to do bad things with. In fact, the vast majority would have to go somewhere outside their home if they wanted one.

        1. Ofcourse most children/teens/people won’t contemplate abusing a gun in this way, but how many (gay) hating households own guns? That’s the statistic that would work far better in this respect, I think.

          1. I fail to see how your comment relates to the comment you’re responding to, but I’ll respond anyway:

            I really don’t care how many gay-hating households have guns as that’s not how the vast majority of them go about their gay-bashing where I am. I’m far more concerned with being surrounded, beaten, raped, and dragged behind a car as Matthew Shepard was then I am being shot in the back (and I’m truly not very concerned about being the next Matthew Sheppard either TBH).

            Everyone in other countries is always screaming about Americans and our guns, yet, with only one exception, there have never been any guns involved at any time that I’ve considered myself to be in danger. Knives, superior numbers, drunk drivers, etc. are a MUCH bigger concern to me when I’m walking home from work at 2:00 AM then a gun ever will be.

            There’s a reason gays in the US go to self defense class rather then the shooting range. Outside of an unusual incident like the OP, the haters want to humiliate us and make an example of us (just like in other countries) before killing us and guns just aren’t going to accomplish that.

    1. No, it’s psycho-babble. It’s the psycho-trade’s misbegotten belief that if we have a word for something that we understand it. The exact reverse it true.

  10. I never said the boy should not be held accountable for his crime. I said that he was still a child and should not be judged as an adult. But for people to say they hope a 14 year old gets life in prison and raped is to display the same level of hatred as the perpetrator. As far as children killing. I would like to point out that the military’s of the world have no trouble taking 18 year old boys and teaching them to shoot other 18 year old boys in the matter of a few weeks.

    1. As far as America is concerned, you really need to get a hold on reality. By comparison, 18 is far from 14 in maturity regarding “killing and guns.”

      And what would you have societies recruit for their military? Start the geriatric ads for all their 50+ males & females? Get real and stop trying to push bullshit around. “We want you to fight! But only after you have your Geritol.”

      BTW, Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan and other middle-east countries are getting some of their children to be their suicide bombers now.

  11. Penboy my point was killing comes naturally to humans. The human species has always naturally killed those that are designated as different. God alone knows there are enough historical references. The hard part of being a parent is to raise your kids not to be cruel and hurt others

    1. “The human species has always naturally killed those that are designated as different.”

      How about, the human species has always instinctively killed for food — that’s what carnivores do as well.

      I think we killed for food before the “difference clause.” But, yes, we do kill for differences also. And, “god” doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with it or knowledge of it, so don’t bring that element into anything.

        1. A perfect example of how religion fogs up your mind. You are the one who brought god/religion into your comment when it wasn’t called for. I was only reminding you to not bring it up because it wasn’t needed. Read again.

          Just shows how you and Dewboy get so “raptured” in your “beliefs” that you will look for anything to come after me. Now, who’s “ranting?”

          1. Your comment, the 18th on this post, was the first one to say anything about religion.

            I am an Atheist and I find you to be a despicable fundie almost as bad as any religion fundamentalist out there. Sharing the planet with people like you is a disgrace. Shut up and stop using the death of an innocent child to pedal your stupid fucking anti-religious crusade, it’s obnoxious. Really, it’s just as bad as the time the conservative media started calling Jared Loughner a liberal moonbat after he shot Gabrielle Giffords. Besides being a completely incorrect assessment of his political beliefs, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HE BELIEVES; HE KILLED SOMEONE. Isn’t that all that matters? Isn’t he a bad enough person because he committed murder? No, we have to inject pointless ideology into it so we can get the peanut gallery to go “YEAH DURKA DURR WOO HOO WE’RE RIGHT UR RONG”.

            Man, fuck people like you.

            1. Boy, when you open your “mouth” the stupidity really flows unchecked.

              What do you think his homophobic actions and the “gay panic” defense is all about? Are you really that stupid you can’t see it? Easily 99% of all homophobic actions are religious-based and that’s a fact. Just because some of them will say “morals,” it’s only their definition of either theirs, their parents or others in their family & church drill that into them. Argue all you want, but I know what’s real. And for what I said directly above, I was asking to keep the god crap out of this discussion — but you’re too hot-headedly stupid about that.

              And to say that “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HE BELIEVES” when he’s being charged with a hate crime — again, how stupid are you anyway? You can best believe the source of their beliefs will be introduced in the trial. Only an idiot can’t understand that.

              What was it you said to me? Oh, yeah: “Man, fuck people like you.” [Just wanted to quote it properly -- unlike what you do.]

            2. “Why is that so hard to believe? It’s exactly the same “method” as the idiocy of religion flowing from church to parents to (generally) all their kids through many generations. It’s the same thing that some parents will “drill” into their kids our Second Amendment rights — but they only see those “rights” as the “god-given right to kill all the homosexuals they can.””

              That does not sound, whatsoever, like “wanting to keep religion out of the discussion”. That sounds like walking right into the discussion and letting the shit stream flow freely.

              “You can best believe the source of their beliefs will be introduced in the trial. Only an idiot can’t understand that.”

              Right, they’re going to bring up the fact that he killed the guy because he was gay and his father brainwashed him into being a homophobe. It doesn’t matter WHY he was a homophobe, the key issue is that he WAS one. And he killed someone because of it. It wouldn’t make it any better what he did if he wasn’t religious, so just piss off already.

              By the way, I don’t see very many quotes in your reply. Maybe there should be a rule on minimum quotations.

            3. Why should I need to quote myself? But here goes:
              “And for what I said directly above, I was asking to keep the god crap out of this discussion ”

              And “directly above” was referring to this (#48 buford), “God alone knows there are enough historical references. ” … and my direct response to that (#49, and then again in #52), “And, “god” doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with it or knowledge of it, so don’t bring that element into anything. ” That was “directly above.”

              You really need to learn to read the posts correctly.

              I did say this before [above]: “Why is that so hard to believe? It’s exactly the same “method” as the idiocy of religion flowing from church to parents to (generally) all their kids through many generations. It’s the same thing that some parents will “drill” into their kids our Second Amendment rights — but they only see those “rights” as the “god-given right to kill all the homosexuals they can.””

              I’t’s obvious I was showing how the homophobic attitude was passed on to the boy. Again, you can argue until you’re blue in the face, but I’m correct.

              And again, your simple knowledge: “It doesn’t matter WHY he was a homophobe, …”

              OK, just try telling that to the Prosecutor and see how far that will get you for respect of the law and knowledge of criminal trials. Please, do so …… even if it’s just an email to the Prosecutor ….. and then see how [if] she responds.

              I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve seen my share of courtrooms as both at one of the tables and as a witness in criminal proceedings (and not as an accused which I’m sure you are dying to think about).

              You really need to cool down and realize that what I’ve said is not only probable but also fairly factual regarding crimes like this.

            4. Respect for the law? Yeah, I can just imagine this happening in the court room;

              “Members of the jury, as you can see, this child brutally murdered his classmate, because he was gay, and sho- wait, he wasn’t motivated by religion? NEVER MIND I’M OUT OF HERE.”

  12. Are you any better than this boy, wanting to see him a life long in prison – or even want to take his life?

    I feel shame reading all this hatered here.
    This boy was a KID, when he did it.

    Where did the boy learn his hatered against gays?

    Were this his own thoughts?
    Is someone responsible for thoughts, he most probably learned in his family and his school – and perhaps from the false prophets in his church??

    And please don’t cry out: YES! He is!

    Where does your hate for the boy come from – or is it just a believe in “Law and Order”??

    1. “Where did the boy learn his hatered against gays?”


      “Is someone responsible for thoughts, he most probably learned in his family and his school – and perhaps from the false prophets in his church??”

      Also irrelevant.

      This boy committed this act, there were two dozen witnesses and I’ll bet a whole host of physical evidence attesting to it. Yet, by your arguments, he should face no repercussions?

      Personally, I don’t give a flying fig if he was called into a room with god, the president, the pope, and his father who handed him the gun and told him to blow the other guy’s brains out. He made the choice to do it, he had ample opportunity to refrain from doing it, and he needs to suffer the consequences of his actions.

      1. That is two times not irrelevant:
        So can you tll us, why this attitude against minors doesn’t keep your prisons empfty???

        It is a fact, that the USA has the most percentage of its people incarcerated: 1% – which is the highest rate in the civilized word!!! :(
        And your answer just is: “irrelevant!” ???

        1. Yep, you want to empty America’s prisons, stopping prosecution of nonviolent offenders (such as marijuana possession) would go a LOT further and make a LOT more sense then allowing those that have proven they cannot live peacefully in society.

          As I’ve said before, if you’re old enough to shoot a load, you’re old enough to know that murder is wrong and what the consequences of it are. If you proceed to commit murder anyway, esp. in a manner where it was clearly premeditated, then you should be made to suffer those consequences. Period.

    2. you cant hide behind youth, you new he was killing someone else out of hate.
      You ask about the hate you have read here? What about his hate? what about the famile of the so called child he killed? How could you defend such a selfish person? How could you feel sorry for him? he commited a hate crime, simple. What do you say? live and let learn? pish!
      how about we all just shoot ourselfs in the head to save him the troble next time. dick.

      1. He was just 14, when he committed that crime.
        “What do you say? live and let learn? ”

        I’d say, get society to NOT teach hate to there youngsters, as it is done in sooo many comments here.

    3. Well said Miles,
      I agree total with you.
      One other point: Why it took 3 years to start the negotiation? In adolescents, this is far too long.
      At most American commentator: I do not understand you – you are on the state of the Old Testament or Torah – “An eye for eye, tooth for tooth.”

  13. Hatred never dispels hatred,only love dispels hatred. Environment gave way to this boys actions, you are not born with this kind of hate and no matter what the outcome is , he will have to relive his actions in his mind for the rest of his life.I would love to be able to see in his mind to know if he now really understands his actions and how he feels about them, not what he is told to feel about them.

  14. Miles has a point, and one that seems to be missed. The mind of a child is incredibly impressionable, and things just get chaotic as hormones and the changes in the way the mind can think come together.
    And, the other point he made: while kids can be cruel, the hatred adults teach goes far beyond.
    There is a real reason why we have the age of adulthood at 18. There is a reason we keep kids in school until that age, roughly. Childhood doesn’t end conveniently for the prosecutor….and to refer to two kids at 14 one as a child and the other as an adult is preposterous in any light.
    No, I agree with Miles; we have to somehow remember that these are children and also somehow hold them responsible enough so that this doesn’t happen again. Kids are gong to screw up, make mistakes and f.up royally….such is childhood. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s harder to do the right thing….much easier to throw the kid in prison and not care, huh.
    Such is my opinion, for what it’s worth.

    1. “Kids are gong to screw up, make mistakes and f.up royally”

      Yeah, kids can screw up …… and then there’s murder of another child/human being.

      This kid knew the difference when he went looking for his father’s gun the night before.

      This kid knew the difference when he put his father’s gun in his backpack on the way to school and made sure it was loaded with bullets.

      This kid knew the difference when he drew the loaded gun in the school’s classroom in front of all the other students in that classroom.

      This kid knew what was going to happen when he pulled the trigger of that loaded gun at point blank range at Lawrence King.

      This kid knew what he was doing …. all for the “excuse” of “gay panic” and that he might be “embarrassed” because he was the object of romance of Lawrence King.

      It’s time the court knows the difference between an accident and premeditated murder.

      This was premeditated murder. This boy knew that. He’s watched enough “cops” shows and other murder plots from TV and the movies — and that people die in real life.

    2. “There is a real reason why we have the age of adulthood at 18.”

      Actually, there’s not. It’s pretty much an arbitrary number that was picked when they made those laws. It could as easily have been 16, 17, 19, 17.5, or any other of a multitude of ages. Heck, for Jews it’s 13 and for most tribal communities there is no age, you’re an adult as soon as you can pass the right of passage (which is usually under the age of 14… just saying).

      1. Penboy and Sixie;
        I think I am in the tough position of agreeing and disagreeing with you both. Murder is quite final, and yes – he knew what was going to happen. My point is that holding the kid responsible is necessary, and so is remembering that he is a kid and that the thought processes aren’t the same. I don’t have the answer, but I am just against losing two lives in this.
        Psychologically, sociologically, a teenager is not an adult, no matter what “ritual” he may pass. Though I agree with you that the age of ascension is varied and individual, the age of 18 is a milestone in development for most youth. But, I appreciate what you are saying.

        1. @ randy – Randy, you are completely, 100% correct.
          “the thought processes aren’t the same”
          kids simple do NOT always think out the consequences of their actions. they don’t.
          its up to adults to lead and guide.
          AND keep firearms SAFELY LOCKED AWAY from kids so they DON’T do irrational things.
          [yes, yes I know he could have used another weapon etc]

          1. And adults do? If I had a dollar for every time adults didn’t think out the consequences to their actions I’d be richer than Bill Gates and William Buffet combined.

            1. @ Pieman – well, by that age they do know better, then they need to be held fully accountable…

  15. I am appalled at the venom and vitriol spewed here, where is the empathy? I feel sorry for Brandon. This is not to say that he should not be held accountable for his actions. But saying he should be locked away for life, raped, or murdered for his action… just terrible. Brandon was a kid acting as he had been taught was the appropriate response. What we, as a society, should want to do is educate him. He should be charged for murder, he is a murderer, but not as an adult.

    I find it ironic that there is nothing a teen can do to be seen adult enough to choose whom to date, but can be adult enough to understand murder. Either under 18 is too young to understand the consequences or it isn’t, yet our laws seem to have it both ways when it suits them.

    It saddens me that two boys are going to die for one murder.

  16. Well Markankhamen, maybe he should be let out at 21, (which would happen if this was Britain, believe it or not), according to you, and then he can brag about it in bars and go with like minded friends looking for “mincing queens”, to hurt or kill? What I can’t fathom is where the fuck does “Gay Panic”, come from? Imagine if Lawrence was black, and the Defence Lawyers made up such a term as “Ni@@er Panic”? Fucking hell there would be, rightly, a bloody riot. Imagine if then the lawyers said that Lawrence disturbed him by his hair/skin/lips and upset his KKK Youth Wing Feelings? The Little Cunt needs to be raped by boys the same age as him, or older, that have AIDS. Tart the little punk up as a whore and through him into the youth rapists cells with a giant tub of KY.

    Fuck him.


    1. Heh, actually, once upon a time there was something similar to what you describe…

      Used to be the term “crazed negro” in the southern USA…. fear of them led to all sorts of violence and discrimination against black folk. It’s even a big part of the reason why marijuana was made illegal in the USA.

    2. I would hope that six or so years in prison would be more than the opportunity to reeducate someone. Thats why prisons are also called Correctional Facilities… Ideally they are meant to correct behavior, not punish. Ideally, not that I think our system is anywhere close to ideal.

      What if the reason Brandon attacked is because he himself IS gay? With the way his father raised him it’s obvious he wouldn’t be able to cope. Assuming he is gay, would it still be ok to brutalize him?

      Regardless, the treatment some have suggested he receive is not justice, it’s vengeance. Revenge for a wrong done. Should he be treated that way (and I do expect he will get a life sentence) what comes out the other side would be more monstrous than what went in. Is that what you want? Because a life sentence in Cali isn’t always for life. Most commonly it’s 25-to-life, which means that after 25 years Brandon can apply for parole. Do you want a monster that hates gays for what they did to him to come out of that?

      Again, where’s the compassion? This is a human being we are talking about, a young man who couldn’t possibly understand the full consequences of his actions, especially considering his upbringing.

      I think a chance to prove he is human in six years is reasonable

      1. How to answer you? Let me count the ways. ………. Let’s just start with this:

        “Again, where’s the compassion? This is a human being we are talking about …”

        You and others are so quick to talk about “compassion” for ….. the murderer. How about let’s look at the other side of this coin: Where’s the compassion for the King family? They will no longer have a child for the holidays (only a photo on the wall). They will no longer have a child grow up into a man who would have a profession that he deserved (regardless of who may or may not like it). They will no longer have a son to express their love to.

        But, of course, you are more concerned with the compassion of the murderer.

        “I would hope that six or so years in prison would be more than the opportunity to reeducate someone.” [and] “I think a chance to prove he is human in six years is reasonable”

        Let’s see ………. You have a child and he grows up for 15 years — plenty of time to know him and to love him and to want him to be a success in some career.

        Then, a son of (probably) a religious nut-case grabs a gun, plans to and then kills your son in front of about 15 or more other children in school including a teacher. BAM! With one shot, your son is now out of your life (and his as well).

        So, tell all of us, after having loved and raised a son for 15 years, is a 6-year sentence for the murderer the right amount of time for you to forget your son? So, after 6 years, you can just forget you had a loving son and, oh, I don’t know, just go about your life as if you never had a child?

        What about the psychological “trauma” of all those other children in that class that were witness to a horrific sight and sounds of a murder right in front of them? How about what the teacher experienced watching this happened?

        Trial and sentencing (punishment) is specifically designed for 2 purposes — to avenge the innocent to some degree and to show to society the consequences of doing such deeds. 6-years? That’s enough for the next homophobic child or adult to “understand and learn” that killing another homosexual is really a bad thing?

        Not in my book.

        There are a couple of other points you made that I’m not willing to mention right now.

        1. Where’s my compassion for the King family? I have enormous amounts of it. It doesn’t come in the form of killing the murderer as an act of revenge. I don’t have compassion for the murderer, none whatsoever. It doesn’t mean I want his head on a stake as if that would accomplish anything. You have the scary violent “black and white” mob mentality and the venomous rhetoric of the most vile right-wingers I know for the death penalty. Except you’re on the left this time. Doesn’t make it any better. Please stop confusing people who are not bloodthirsty freaks like yourself with “people who have compassion for murderers”.

          1. Where did I say I wanted his death? I merely implied that I don’t think 6 years is enough incarceration.

        2. I think this is one time where I agree with you Penboy. Compassion has it’s place, but it needs to be weighed against the harm done.

          Any excuse anyone could possibly come up with do nothing to change the fact that not just a young boy has lost his life, but two dozen youth and a teacher will forever have to live with that memory as well.

          For anyone that thinks the excuses for Brandon McInerney’s actions that have been posted to this page justify letting him off lightly, I invite you to substitute the names Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy for his into your arguments and see if you still feel the same way. I could make ALL the same arguments about any of them.

      2. @ Markankhamen – all you’re points are on the mark…
        there HAS to be SOME balance, somewhere, at SOME point…

    3. Hey, “Whiterabbit” ?, dont you see, that you spew pure hate?
      you should know, that this attitude has brought the USA a World record among the civilized nations:
      Nowhere there is as high a percentage of the population imprisoned than in the USA: “””1%”””

      Arent you learning from that fact?

    1. nobody, and I mean NOBODY should be raped in prison simple to teach them a lesson.
      that’s a horrible wish to want for anyone…
      I’ll BET that if the killer was you son, you wouldn’t say “hope he gets raped in jail”

  17. Justin:

    He obviously is disturbed. I remember reading HE SHOULD BE MADE TO PAY WITH HIS LIFE!


    Why? How will it make the death of one boy bring justice for the death of an other boy? Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth? More blood for blood? An execution is simply a legal murder. it’s time we rise above this strange idea that execution is the right thing to do.

    Life in prison is acceptable in this case but I also feel that IF the parents actually taught Brandon to hate an other human because of race, color, sexual orientation or what ever else(just insert flavor) then they also should share in the sentence.

    1. Do you even understand the meaning and purpose of societal punishment?

      It’s meant for more than just an “eye for an eye” of the victims. It’s also meant to instill in the perpetrator and society at large that these things should not happen …. ever (of course, “ever” will never be fully realized).

      When you let someone off lightly, then the next perpetrator quickly accepts in his/her mind that he/she can do the same with similar consequences or even lighter — in today’s world, just get the “right” lawyer and/or make up the next “sensational” defense.

  18. Hatred is not the issue, or the excuse. We all have the right to hate, and we all do hate. I have my hates, and you probably have yours. Se la vie.
    This boy may have been raised to hate minority sexual orientations, and that’s fine with me. Hate and let hate….and let live.
    The motive here was not hate, bigotry or panic – it was fear. Panic results in paralysis, confusion and indecision – fear brings reaction. Anything less than violent over-reaction would, in the mind of the killer, diminish his blossoming teenage masculinity, or compromise the growing sexual power all teenage boys exalt in – either in his own eyes or those of his peers. Hate is a powerful emotion, but fear is greater, and to a thoroughly immature, flourishing adolescent, the threat of being the focus of an “unnatural” attraction, an unwanted invitation to an “abomination,” resulted in a siege mentality, a psychological circling of the wagons, and the embarrassment of being publicly stalked in front of God and everybody.
    What’s a str8 boy to do? Simple. Take the lovesick little queer aside and ask him to cease and desist in his pursuit – remind him that he’s looking for love in all the wrong places, and that he won’t be ‘asked’ again. “Do I make myself clear?” would have been an appropriate closing.
    So, what’s a society to do with a young killer whose immaturity and weak self-image exagerrates a truly harmless threat to the point that he commits pre-meditated homicide?

    Book ‘em, Danno.

    1. You seem to be a man of “perfect solutions.

      For any “thinking being” this is just as doubtful, as your statement: “The motive here was not hate, bigotry or panic – it was fear.”
      Who are you, to make such a statement?

      And one more issue; you write:
      “We all have the right to hate, and we all do hate. I have my hates, and you probably have yours. Se la vie.”

      So I leave you with your hates.

      You are really tricky:
      First you say: “We all have the right to hate.”
      Second you say: The boy’s motive was just fear – and not hate.”

      So you no longer have to think about your inhuman statement about HATE.

      Dear man: In case it was “hate” – which is NOT impossible, will you start rethinking your statement:
      “”We all have the right to hate, and we all do hate.”???
      You most probably should.

  19. Ok so let me throw a different light on this. First, I am a quietly respectful gay man who has experienced hatred from ultra butch homophobic people, and from drag queen squealing faggots. So I only weep for this story because both the victim and the killer are children. I think what all parents should take from this story and others like it is that compulsory public education (where some children influenced by sociopath monsters at home are allowed to intermingle) should be abolished. What we need is a system where one of two parents stay home to school children through the age of puberty after which said children are tested to admittance into a school BASED ON MERIT! Not based on income or heritage. I wonder how many law makers send there school age children to public school? Bullshit they know those schools are just years long kicks in the crotch sudo prisons to churn out frightened citizens/ or future cops. Our leaders have no faith in public schools, why the hell do parents do this to there kids?

    1. “… compulsory public education (where some children influenced by sociopath monsters at home are allowed to intermingle) should be abolished. What we need is a system where one of two parents stay home to school children through the age of puberty after which said children are tested to admittance into a school BASED ON MERIT!”

      If America went by that “logic,” then 75% of America would be hopeless illiterates (there’s already a number that falls into that category — let’s not increase it).

      Have you been anywhere through the poverty-stricken areas of not only the rural areas but also in large cities? To say abolish the public school system based on your criteria is ignorant, to say the least. I’ll be the first to agree fully that it’s far from “perfect,” but without it, our country and its “educated” would be further down the list than it is already (and it’s down way too far for this country).

      In poor areas and even in well to do areas, kids simply wouldn’t get the best education being “tutored” because you are then relying on “tutors/teachers” who may be suspect, at least, with their “credentials.”

      I’m sorry you were bullied in your school — I was to a small extent, also. But for me, I was able to “buck up” for the most part and get through it. It’s hard for some to do that, I know, but stop this thinking of abolishing a public school system just for a few problems it has.

      While you do make some good points, it simply is not practical to do that.

  20. Rehabilitation means; To restore to useful life, as through therapy and education or To restore to good condition, operation, or capacity.

    The assumption of rehabilitation is that people are not permanently criminal and that it is possible to restore a criminal to a useful life, to a life in which they contribute to themselves and to society. A goal of rehabilitation is to prevent habitual offending, also known as criminal recidivism. Rather than punishing the harm out of a criminal, rehabilitation would seek, by means of education or therapy, to bring a criminal into a more normal state of mind, or into an attitude which would be helpful to society, rather than be harmful to society.

    Is it too late?

  21. I can understand that it is hard for people to accept that someone at the age of 14 could get so messed up as to shoot someone but the fact is if at 14, if he can’t comprehend what consequences his actions would cause, then he should have been given help long before hitting 14.

    People use the age old excuse that everyone under 18 is too immature to understand adult concepts( like murder) and that they should be let off with a slap on the wrist and therapy.
    We all learn and can generally comprehend what is good and what is bad before we even hit double digits and teens definately know what is right and wrong.

    I don’t think he should get the death sentence as it is a hypocritical and barbaric consequence. That said, I think he should be locked up for a VERY long time because at 14 he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and should be punished accordingly like an adult.

    Hell, in a lot of countries he would be considered an adult by now. The western world infantilises teens too much and it gives them the false sense that they are above the law.

  22. Some of you keep saying that he is a kid and should be treated diffently to an adult commiting the same crime. The fact is at 14 he isn’t some little kid that doesnt know better,he is mature enough to know exactly what he is doing. Yeah, teens aren’t as mentally developed as adults but they are when it comes to what is good and bad. The only great difference between a teen and an adults mental development is their judgement skills. People make them out to be these stupid mini adults that aren’t even mentally capable of understanding even the most simplest of things.

    I have talked to many teens that are more well adjusted and mentally capable and mature than a large majority of adults I’ve spoken to.

    If the law is going to let him off easily because of his age then you have to wonder who decides where to draw the age line in these matters. A few more years and he would have been tried as an adult without a second thought. If development is an issue then why do people in their twenties get much harsher sentences than teens when it has been proven that the brain isn’t fully developed until your late twenties. I fail to see the difference.

    He is old enough to be put away for a long time.

  23. I do not condemned the boy for what he did, but I do not condone it ether. I think it should be up to the jury to deside. What He did discusting, and I fill sorry for the boy he killed and the people involved.
    But to blame guns, religion, or number of other things is not going to make anything better. If you say he should be charge becuase of his age, tell the 10 year old in Florida that was sentence to life, or 8 year old in Arizona that has been charged as and adult. He did what he did and has to face what will happen to him.

  24. when I was 14 years old I knew that it was wrong to shoot somebody in the back of the head, weather I agreed with the way he was or not. It’s impossible to make a valid argument that that was not premeditated murder, like he just happened to have the gun in his back pack, give me a break. I grew up in a household where there were fire arms and I was taught from a young age how to handle them safely and MOST IMPORTANTLY not to shoot people with them. This boy needs the book thrown at him, hopefully death penalty if possible but if not then life without parole. I know that this will not bring back the murdered boy but if it makes one other homophobe think twice before he does the same then it will have been worth it. I’ll be glad to go and witness his time in the gas chamber.

    1. If the death penalty made people think about their actions there would be no murder whatsoever in states where the death penalty existed. And if people actually thought about their actions, maybe they wouldn’t go out and kill people in the first place anyways.

      Deterrents do not work very well.

      1. “Deterrents do not work very well.”

        One thing is for sure, they definitely don’t “work” if they’re not used. That’s the problem with our “death penalty” in America. It’s so seldom used, it fails as any “deterrent.”

        Legally, because of all the automatic appeals (and lawyers dragging the case out so they can get as much money from it as they can), it literally takes forever to finally be able to actually use it (if and when you finally can use it).

        I always ask myself, how is it possible to take more than 3-4 months (and I’m being liberal here) to look over the court transcripts and actual evidence to determine the final decision? It doesn’t. It’s just our legal system’s way of making money on every capital case in this country.

        I haven’t stated that Brandon deserves the death penalty (although I wouldn’t shed any tears if he got it). But he doesn’t reasonably deserve only a 6-10 year sentence either.

        Pieman: Please note that I quoted you before I said anything against it. Please do the same for me.

        1. “They definitely don’t work if they’re not used”


          Texas alone has had 470 executions since 1976. 322 people are on death row. I suppose these are the people that the death penalty is not being used on? And the people that are deterred by the death penalty in the first place?

          1. Yes, Texas and California had more executions before 1976. Texas has more since then. But, really, what’s your point? You see a number like above and you automatically think that’s a lot? Consider the number of capital crimes in either or any state in any one year. If a state has 1000+ capital crimes committed in a year and has only (maybe) a dozen or so actually executed for them but has 100’s more on “death row” — that’s not really using it. Consider the actual executions only, not the appellate “death row” numbers.

            I don’t consider the death penalty being “used” if only a few dozen or even 50 or so are executed in one year when 1000’s of crimes are committed that warrant it. Also, those numbers don’t say much. To wit:

            Any number that is actually executed in one year is actually the “execution” of those that were sentenced way prior to that year …… by at least 10 years or more. So, by even with those figures above, those “executed” in 2011 are just those few sentenced most probably before 2001 and even way earlier because it’s only now their appeals have finally finished.

            You seriously need to understand those numbers much better before you go saying one state or another is “going wild” with the death penalty.

            As you quoted and I pointed out earlier, “They definitely don’t work (as a deterrent) if they’re not used.”

            1. Then what is the number you deem “a lot”, or “using’ the system? Is the chance that you could become one of those 300/700 people executed not enough of a deterrent? If that isn’t enough, would 1000 people be enough? 2000? How about we just start executing everyone publicly by firing squad that breaks the law period? Then no one will break the law. Everyone will sit inside their houses watching the shootings on a telescreen, right after the daily three minutes hate.

              Your idea is insane.

            2. Your venom won’t quit, will it?

              I don’t know what’s “a lot” — with regard to the number of crimes in each particular State. That’s not for me to say. But I think you have a pretty good idea of how many crimes are committed in a particular State and region and the general “attitude” (define that as you will). But start using some common sense about this.

              And stop looking at numbers that are “on death row” as numbers actually being executed. And stop looking at the numbers actually executed [this year] as the response for the crimes [this year] — they’re not. They’re for crimes usually at least 10 years and many times up to 20 years ago.

              “Your idea is insane.”

              OK. Now print out these comments and show them to a competent criminal attorney (Prosecution and/or Defense) and see what he/she says.

              Let’s get out of this Texas shit ……… From what I’ve been reading, they won’t seek the death penalty for him solely because of his age — so all of this is rather moot for this trial.

            3. So what you’re saying is, we shouldn’t look at numbers on death row as evidence that the state is using the death penalty. Even though to get on death row in the first place…you have to be charged with the death penalty! Ridiculous assumption, isn’t it. And we can’t use the number of people executed this year as proof that the state is executing people (wow, run that by me again!) because some of the crimes happened too long ago. And you won’t give me a very clear definition for “a lot”, but my numbers are still not enough anyways, even though we can’t seem to reach a consensus of what IS enough; and whatever numbers that are “enough” that I give you would just be discredited for some bullshit reason or another. Basically, I think what you want me to do is to ignore any number that doesn’t support your point.

  25. According to this article (and it’s been 3 years since the shooting so I think most media outlets would have most of the actual “facts” (police report and witness accounts):

    “McInerney is [now] just three months from his 18th birthday, legally an adult, however because of the severity of the crime he’s being tried as an adult anyway. If found guilty, he faces life behind bars.

    “That friend, according to court papers, then told how McInerney said to him that he was “going to get a gun and shoot (Larry),” also telling her “Say goodbye to your friend Larry, because you’re never going to see him again.”

    “It’s chilling to read those words alone, but that horror deepens a hundred fold when you know that the following day Brandon McInerney and Larry King were sitting in the computer lab at school when McInerney casually pulled out a .22-calibre gun from his sweatshirt and coolly shot Larry King in the back of the head.

    “McInerney, whose legal team are saying acted ‘In the heat of passion by the intense emotional state”’ then slowly got up as Larry King collapsed to the floor, looked around at his astonished classmates and fired a second shot right into the back of Larry’s head, as prosecutor Maeve Fox has written in court papers. According to the court documents it’s then said that McInerney dropped the gun and calmly walked out of class, leaving the teacher and fellow students horrified in his wake.

    “This crime bares all the hallmarks of a hate crime, a crime driven by hate and distrust of gay people, for during the subsequent investigation white supremacist materials were found in McInerney’s bedroom and detectives also found books and drawings of swastikas. McInerney chose not to attend a school field trip to the Museum of Tolerance, which is the educational arm of the human rights organization ‘The Simon Wiesenthal Centre’

    “William McInerney, Brandon’s father was sentenced for battery against his mother in 2000, going back further, he was also accused of shooting her in the elbow a few months before his Brandon was was born. William McInerney died in March of 2009 from ‘blunt-force’ trauma to the head at his home and the coroner has ruled the death to be accidental.

    “The jurors ultimate decision at the end of this case will not only determine the length of time Brandon McInerney faces behind bars, but also have far deeper reaches and repercussions. Many see this as a landmark ‘hate crimes’ case, with implications across the United States and the wider world. Yet regardless of that, the fact remains that two young lives have been destroyed.”


    I don’t expect him to be found not-guilty. But it appears he won’t get the death penalty. That’s fine with me.

    1. “Say goodbye to your friend Larry, because you’re never going to see him again.”

      Sounds like it could be “I’m thinking of doing something horrible, please stop me” to me. Why else tell not one, but two of Larry’s friends? Its sad no one acted to stop Brandon before this happened.

      Its been mentioned that at 14 Brandon would well know right from wrong. But having read his background I am far from convinced. His whole life he was shown that if you are angry you lash out, using a gun to threaten and injure is acceptable, that blacks and gays aren’t human and its ok to hurt them. His dad was the monster here.

      And that is why I am willing to offer Brandon sympathy, because I don’t think he really knew right. Right was something I don’t think he ever even experienced.

      He’s going to prison for life, the boy he was is dead, the man he could have been will never be. He’s going to a place where people like his father will tell him what a hero he was and what a great job he did. They’ll teach him more hate, where people like them are on the outside, they’ll train him to be more violent and hateful than ever. If he ever gets out it won’t be him, it will be the monster that system made him.

      1. “Sounds like it could be “I’m thinking of doing something horrible, please stop me” to me. Why else tell not one, but two of Larry’s friends? Its sad no one acted to stop Brandon before this happened.”

        You could be correct here. But we’re not doctors and certainly not any psychiatrists who determine these things.

        “Its been mentioned that at 14 Brandon would well know right from wrong. But having read his background I am far from convinced.”

        Again, you’re not the psychiatrist to determine his competency for trial — and believe me, he underwent several tests for that exact that, you can be sure.

        “His dad was the monster here.”
        I won’t argue that ….. but “the ball” was picked up by Brandon and now he has to answer for his deed. And he needs to face up to it and his “demons” as well.

    2. @ PenboyX2 – for once i agree with you.
      “I don’t expect him to be found not-guilty. But it appears he won’t get the death penalty. That’s fine with me.”
      and that’s fine with me too.
      [and he should NOT be incarcerated so he can be raped...]

      1. “[and he should NOT be incarcerated so he can be raped...]”

        Hey, dumbass — where have you seen “rape” anywhere in my posts? You need an intelligence transplant.

        1. Come on guys, we all have valid opinions and are mature enough not to let this debate sink into childish insults and personal attacks.

          You can have heated debates without flinging insults at each other you know.

        2. You didn’t, and I know you didn’t, nor did I say you did.
          In you’re last line I was commenting on, you said “…That’s fine with me.”
          My last response to you was “and that’s fine with me too.”
          That fully indicated the ending of my responses to you.
          I had put “[and he should..(etc)..can be raped...]” in parentheses to indicate a completely separate chain of thought from yours.
          You’re the dumb ass who needs an intelligence transplant.

  26. And excerpt:

    “The proceedings got off to a rocky start for the defense when McInerney’s half-brother, James Bing, talked to jurors outside the courtroom. Bing, 25, told jurors, “the fate of my brother is in your hands,” angering Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Charles Campbell. Campbell ordered Bing out of the courtroom for the rest of the trial. Then, after the day’s testimony ended and jurors had left the courtroom, Campbell found Wippert in contempt of court in another matter and fined him $500.

    “While questioning a police officer who had spoken to McInerney shortly after the shooting, Wippert attempted to elicit that the defendant appeared remorseful. But in pre-trial proceedings the judge had ordered both attorneys not to bring up McInerney’s statements to police. ‘You should know better than that,’ Campbell told Wippert. ‘I’m expecting that you are a more experienced counsel for a case like this.’ ”


    Way to go Defense — do what you can to make it a mistrial. Damn, that’s stupid on the part of the Defense. Keep it up and it will be declared a mistrial in the Appellate stage — just so the original verdicts get annulled.

  27. Miles, You are the one that spews pure hate by defending this bastard. Haven’t you read what Penboy wrote about the murderer? Don’t you care about the victim? Or do you only care about the KKK murderer?



    1. It’s not defense, it’s not wanting to stoop down to the level of the murderer. There’s a difference, and you can’t grasp it. Way to turn this into a “with us or against us” situation. Black and white thinking is more a part of fascism than “defending” a murderer.

      1. Pieman, you are right.

        @ Whiterabbit:
        I hope, you can show us, where I did defend the murderer!
        But please: Stick to my texts.
        In comment #71 I ASKED:
        “Where did the boy learn his hatered against gays?
        Were this his own thoughts?
        Is someone responsible for thoughts, he most probably learned in his family and his school – and perhaps from the false prophets in his church??”

        I ask questions and you accuse me of defending a murderer. You simply turn facts to “prove” your hatered.

        It is – that is my strong believe – that hatered – also your hatered – doesn’t solve any problems – it creates new ones ( as you show us in your comment #129). And that’s, what American society suffers from right now.

        How else could a democratic country like the USA, talking soo much about liberty and freedom, have the highest rate of “people incarcerated: 1% – the highest – among western democracies”?

        Would you please answer those three questions I asked?!
        BTW: The pope is not – NOT – the biggest homophobe; he never killed for his homophobia. And he doesn’t hate – as you do.

  28. So what do you say to the murdered boys parents? “Suck it up”.” He’s dead get over it”. “He was queer, he deserved it”. My cousin who was also gay, was stabbed to death in front of my eye’s at 15, (I was 12), and the bastard, who was the same age, got out at 21. Don’t fucking tell me I can’t grasp it. It’s you that defends this cunt who can’t grasp it.

    BTW In Germany he would probably be underage to get anything except a slap on the wrist and a few years in a youth hostel. Maybe because in the recent past 14 year old boys, got away with murder and where given a medal for it. Why one of them is even now the Pope. The biggest Homophobe of all.

    Heil his “Holiness”.

    Fuck them all.


    1. re: Whiterabbit…
      I’ve finally understood your anger on this, and you have my sincere sorrow, though I imagine it will still come to you poorly due to your continued pain.
      I don’t know that anyone has defended this attacker so much as wanted to not see another life lost. As you are intimately aware, there is nothing that can undo or bring back the victim. The only hope is that understanding can restore all involved, and as you deftly point out, there are more than just two involved in this tragedy. Throwing some soul into prison does nothing for the ones who still suffer from this incident, though that is likely the place he needs to be until the problems that are driving him can be eradicated. Then what? What does society do with that attacker once he understands what he’s done and can be treated somehow?
      Does it really help the other’s parents by telling them “Suck it up, we threw the little bastard in prison for you”?
      You are in the unique position to understand this question: How can healing take place for those who suffer from this incident? How can we think not only of the victim and the attacker, but all others who writhe in pain from this? What can be done to actually restore the people so hurt by this?

  29. This is one of the clearest cases of first degree murder there could be. It was preplanned over a good period of time. It is certainly not a crime of passion occuring in the heat of the moment. The idea that the perpetrator was seized by a “gay panic” and this should mitigate the charges is wrong, but it is telling in terms of a significant percentage of society being unable to deal with and their loathing of the whole gay world. After all, this boy Mc Inerney may have thought that he would actually be seen as a “hero” to certain elements of society for doing what he did. If the defense actually goes ahead with their “gay panic” defense, they are going to have to explain from wherefore this panic derived. This boy learned such hatred and loathing somewhere. This could lead to some interesting testimony as to how these ideas were implanted. A boy at that age generally experiences the world he is in as an absolute not to be questioned. It is only later in life that he hopfully aquires the ability to look back with a critical eye at these things and change his attitude about them. Sadly, in this case the deed is done and there’s no looking back. His “teachers” have to take some blame.

  30. Pure and simple, premeditated murder. The fact that he took the gun to school, sat behind the lad and fired twice can only be described as such. But what about the fact that schools, especially in America, supposed to have security officers to make sure that students do not take guns, knives or any other sharp implements into the classroom. However disgusting the crime is, he should not be tried as an Adult but as a Juvenile. Found guilty and serve a minimum of 25 years.

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