21 thoughts on “He might have Sex with you”

  1. “milkboys” wrote:
    ‘He might have Sex with you’

    That’s as may be, but what will his girlfriend think?

  2. In the spirit of international relations, yes I would have sex with him. Given that he lives in a Commonwealth country and is 17, such sex would be fully legal. Praise be.

    So Troye, give me a call.

  3. Troye is not the first one making youtube videos like this. Same style as the guys before him. But still funny answers.

  4. some guy in the yt-comments wrote “do you know that you’re on a gay site? a “militant and sexual-contents gay site? check “milkboys”, you’re one the first page ;)”.

    1. The English word militant is both an adjective and a noun, and is usually used to mean vigorously active, combative and aggressive, especially in support of a cause. – Wikipedia for what its worth :p

      Josh has a secret society that infiltrates the deepest corners of government, education, political positions, and he is the reason I sleep with the lights on. ;) well that and his attack monkeys with lasers, but I don’t want to get into that at this moment.

  5. Hey fredlobo, hate to rain on your parade. But US law says eighteen for its citizens no matter where they are.

    1. Actually, the US law says you cannot go to foreign countries for the purposes of engaging in unlawful sexual activity. So you couldn’t take your 15yo boyfriend to France just to “enjoy” him. Nor could you book a sex tourism tour in Thailand…

      But if you happen to be there for other reasons, general travel, business, etc and you meet someone you are free to engage in lawful activity.

      I was planning a trip to Australia later this year…

    2. It’s 16 in many states, such as Washington where I live. Please don’t spread urban legends.

  6. OMG!! He is sooooo cute!!! <3
    Love at first site!
    And "Yes, Yes I will" have sex with you ;D

    I love you Troye <3

  7. This is my favourite video of Troye’s so far. The bit when he does that funny voice is hilarious :-)

  8. I’m certainly not tired of him. He’s a very cute guy plus if you did get together he could sing to you while you’re umm, nevermind.

    I’m sure he gets lots of messages from girls and guys, I think all the Youtubers do and, since he’s still doing vids, they don’t much bother him.

  9. I don’t think anyone could get tired of him he’s so cute and funny. Yeah I would have sex with him.

  10. not tired of him and, sure, I’d show him a good time in Texas [in mostly all accepted meanings of the phrase] – THAT being said; he is quite cute and much less annoying than some YT content providers, soooooo…
    concerning the “travel for trysting” & age of consent issue; exactly HOW would that come up [pun apology] unless it was done for political / protest reasons, etc. – i mean, last i checked “humping my brains out” wasn’t really an acceptable response to the “Reason for your visit” query when returning to your country of residence OR when entering another sovereign [pun alert], although….

  11. FYI – He’s finished filming “Spud 2″ for release this year. Don’t know if it’ll show up in the US though.

  12. Wow he’s cute, and the video was awesome. I think who ever ends up with him should feel lucky, I know I would ^__-..

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