14 thoughts on “Hej, Finn!”

    1. I don’t think much of this song, but he sings it much better than J.B.! And, he’s even, you know, ……. IN TUNE! :D

      And I think he must might be a bit better looking than J.B. also. :D

  1. Kawk ! He’s even cuter than Finn the Human! My Oh My… I’ll not be able to look at Adventure Time the same EVER again. Thanks, Josh & Lunty and everyone who got this work to the [usually an] Idiot Box here in US. For anyone who hasn’t seen this, seek it out – it’s well worth the view time – don’t know if NetFlix, et al keeps the discs but this is good enough to submit yourself to commercialism television @ Cartoon Network, IMHO.

    1. No, but it’s in MY city so I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for this cutie taking cabs here and there, lol :-)

  2. This lad is good and in tune, as for the song I could listen to him singing this for some time. He has a lovely voice and he is also very handsome.

  3. This photo was taken in San Diego, Ca during Comic con I believe ~~ I use to live in the high rise in the background. Very nice looking young man.

  4. He’s super fine. But kind of a unique brand of hottie too. I mean, he does have a sideways “M” on his cheek!

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