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If you want to help fund our server you can do so by watching porn. Seriously ;) If you sign up at Helix Studios or one of their related sites with this link milkboys will earn a commission of $35. The cool thing: one month (non-recurring!) there costs only $34.95 so we get every cent you spend and you get a month of porn for your donation :)

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If you want to donate more or less than $35 or if you don’t want to buy porn to do so you can use Flattr. Just click here and use the flattr button. Signing up at Flattr takes less than a minute and you can donate anonymously. They support PayPal, Moneybookers, wire transfer and more. Want to know more about how Flattr works? Check this out.

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We’re happy to announce that we can also accept BitCoins now. BitCoins are as anonymous as it gets, you don’t even have to sign up anywhere. You can send them (or fractions of them) to this address: 14Y6HPrW9JMrbKqLyE6PXETySYqCYceofr



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