Not a day goes by without someone mailing his photo to be featured here. Some actually end up on the blog but most don’t. Not because the people on them don’t look good – a lot of the readers, of you guys, are actually really cute ;) – but because the photo itself doesn’t really fit the quality standards of the blog (there’s no polite way to say that :p). Just look at the photo on the left: There’s an amazingly handsome boy on it (who’s turning 16 today by the way, happy birthday Felix!) but the image is small and the quality isn’t the best. It’s mostly either poor light, an outdated camera or this or that. Now we all know that not everyone can afford a good cam or learn to be a great photographer within a day.

But then again some people are investing a lot of time and money into photography – Olly is just one of them so he’ll be my example here ;) And here’s what I thought: I know that there are quite a few regions where lots of milkies live somewhat close to each other. Like the UK, Sweden or parts of the US. So maybe we could get up a little database with people who are willing to make photos and people who’d like to get one or two good photos of themselves so these people could get in touch with each other? With some kind of feedback system to bar out creeps who might get the wrong idea about the whole thing. The photographers would have some models they could practise with and the people being photographed don’t need to buy an expensive cam and learn how to do proper photos to get a picture that is good enough to be featured here.

Good idea, bad idea? I didn’t really think about the details yet, it was just something that popped into my mind so let me hear your comments & suggestions.