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  1. pleas could someone get/give the captions for this
    Sorry but my german is very rusty :P

  2. Some good ideas, but I went to an all boys school. So getting an erection in class was difficult to explain! xD

    1. I hear this a lot about all boys schools. I would think they would be absolute nirvana for gay boys, but so often the other boys protest to be wildly hetero/homophobic. I guess it’s like a governor or safety valve. We couldn’t just have boys experimenting and having sexual fun out in the open, now could we? My summer camp experiences were everything I wanted them to be…sans getting caught by staff.

    2. sylvatica:
      “Some good ideas, but I went to an all boys school. So getting an erection in class was difficult to explain!”

      I as well! I can vouch for that statement, but I can also add to it: I had an all-boys dormitory life as well during h.s. and a dress code (shirts must always be tucked in). So, for me (and I’m sure several other boys there as well) I would expand that “erection in class” to pretty much anywhere on campus — going to and from classes, dining hall, anywhere on campus and hardly the least, anywhere in the dorm. You won’t believe all the times I needed to hold my books in front of me at waist level! And the many other times I needed to have some books to hide it. And the worst? Wearing white briefs in the dorm and seeing some real cute boy or watching something that just couldn’t keep it down for me!

      The stories I could tell ………….. :-)

    3. I went to an all-boys day school (not boarding) for my freshman-junior yeqars and we joked about it. I also had 2 J/O buddies among my classmates -we would eat our lunches quickly and then meet behind the stage in the auditorium, climb the ladder to the lighting and scenery catwalks and unbeknownst to all, took care of business. We had to be quick, were never caught, and were never late for our next class. Boys will be boys.

  3. Leave it to the Germans to approach this issue like fixing a car.;-) Obviously, I’m in the wrong business and I wonder if they used human models and interviewed boys in the process of making this PSA…hmmmm.

    Pocket pool as a suggestion to combat an erection(?)…hell yeah!

  4. I was impressed that the kid could knock down a store display of canned goods with his boner. He must be very well hung.

    1. It’s the Children’s Channel so I think the target audience is in the name ;) And yes, it’s mainstream, it’s a sub-division of ARD, a public station.

      1. In some cultures you’re a child until 18. I think there’s a big difference between this being aimed at 11-12 year olds (or even younger?) and, say, 15-16 year olds :-)

        Anyone know?

        1. The audience from 6 o’clock ’til about 13 o’clock is referred to children at the kindergarten/primary school age. After 13 o’clock there are shows for children around age 8-12 and after 18 o’clock-20 about the age 10-14.
          The show where this was broadcasted is for children for about 13/14 or something.
          My English sucks today, I’m sorry xD But I’m not up to think :D

        2. haven´t really watched it in ages but I´d say 6 – 15, maybe 16, depending on what time of the day it is

  5. My god these guys would me lynched in the US. Good short to show boys though. I was lucky enough to figure out the hand-in-pocket thing before I ever had any embarrassing moment.
    Thing is though, I don’t think the first kid was tying to hide it. Who cock lunges at a canned goods isle?

    1. Only because you associate the penis and an erection to sex and sex as a bad thing while it is a normal thing for humans… My nephew notice he had an erection last summer at the beach at the age of 2(and a half)…
      This happens, and won’t disappears by ignoring it… deal with it…

      1. No, I don’t think of sex as a bad thing at all.

        It’s just that I think of a CHILDREN’S channel as catering to kids 4-9 or so. I don’t think they need to see that; some of them won’t understand it.

        It’s different if it’s a teen/adolescent channel, though still a little out there.

        1. And how would it hurt a 9 year-old to see that?

          You should know that there’s a cultural difference between the US and Germany. While in the US violence on TV is perfectly fine while the nipple of a woman causes a huge outcry it’s the opposite in Germany. (Full frontal) nudity has a long history in German (& Scandinavian) children’s films while Germany has the toughest laws against violence in media world-wide.

  6. “If you place your shirt over your pants, you will look fat (implying instead of erect)”
    That’s the part that got me laughing

  7. Imagine watching this around your family or sister, former embarrassing, latter would lead to major teasing. The US with their Bible belt would be up in arms.
    When your going through puberty your hormones are so cocked up that anything of interest, and that doesn’t just mean of the sexual kind, gets turned into a full blown erection. The damn thing has a mind of its own at that time, until you learn to tame it.

  8. “Seems pretty inappropriate if this is, in fact, a “CHILDREN’S” TV channel.”

    “The US with their Bible belt would be up in arms.”

    Hey, Jen: You’re pastor/father is calling you now!

      1. You meant “you’re” I presume. :)
        I was stiff almost the entire year I was 14. It was pretty bad. Too bad they can’t show something like this to boys in the US. It would really cut down on the teasing.

  9. During the 1950’s in america, a popular question from disaproving adults was “are you preoccupied?” It was a sin to have a bonner back then.

    1. I agree, I never hide mine and I like it when someone is watching it!!!!!! An audience alway makes my squirts come out faster and harder and there is always so much more coming out at those spectators

  10. That was funny and very useful for boys. Unfortunately, such a vid is not likely to air in France, or any Latin country, not to speak of the US.

    Both boners and the wish to hide it are natural, so why not openly speak about it ?

    Prudishness doesn’t create a sane perception on sex, people learn to hide their desires (to others and/or to themselves, what is even worse) instead of controlling them, and that’s how we get abusers like DSK I think (DSK=the ex-IMF director, still presumed innocent though) …

    1. Why should it not been seen in France and Belgium. These countries have also produced liberal open films and vids.

  11. I know it wood {-oops, I mean would-} be a big thing to ask, but is there someone out there who could please interpret what is said and post it all here?

  12. Hope you understand what I ment:

    HE:We’ll start off with a film that will primarily be interesting for
    boys.We’ll explain how to hide an unwanted erection elegantly.
    She: That could also be interesting for girls since we will finally understand why boys stand around in souch funny positions.
    He: Do I have to get a vaccine against tetanus now?
    she: no

    film starts ….

    during shopping … in school … while kissing the girld of your dreams for the first time … those are just a few situations in which you would like to hide an erection without anyone noticing.
    don’t panic. there’s something you can do about it.

    hiding by an adjusted bodyposition.

    if you’re being surprised by an erection while sitting the best thing to do is to stay seated. yes, also in school. if there’s no table present to give you coverage the thing to do is to bow forward in a relaxed way. Every embarassing bulge can be hidden this way. but also crossing your legs will help. but even if there’s no chair your can “stand through” an erection. if you leg is bent the penis can lie paralell to the thig. or stand. the ereaction will be near to invisible for unsuspecting observers. apropos invisible. if you have a short moment for your own without anyone looking you have to act (handel) quicklich whilte the emphasis is on hand (hand). but the penis with one grab under belt and waistband. that’s a popular and effective trick which of course only works if you’re wearing trousers. cloathing is allways helpfull.

    hiding with the help of cloathes.

    who is surprised by erections often should consider wearing long t-shirts and shirts. cloth hides many things. also bulges. that’s in its nature. also the type of trousers can make the level of ebarassment grow. especially if other things are growing. in thight jeany eversthing is visible. really everything. so it’s better to wear wide trousers. wide trousers give the penis space upwards and it’s not stopped by cloth half the way. If that happens the bulge is much much bigger.

  13. When I was a lad I sprang a stiffie every morning as the bus approached the school. I had to walk in with my books held casually in front of me. I wasn’t the only one.
    In gym class and in the showers I had to constantly think of girls to prevent Mr. Happy from making an appearance. Even now nothing turns me off more quickly than the thought of a vigina.

    1. “…I had to constantly think of girls…”
      Aha hahaha!!! yeh, that always still does it for me!!

  14. Dewboy:

    @ Jen – “…I don’t think they need to see that…”
    Typical American mindset.

    @ Jen – “…I don’t think they need to see that…”
    Typical American mindset. Just sweep under the carpet and hide what every single boy experiences. The U.S. is so frigging uptight over sex.
    Whats next, chastity belts [the kind that was meant to stop a boys erection] being re-introduced again?

    1. Um, well, if your viewing audience is 3-8 years old, I don’t think it will be very informative or useful for them. Like other people besides me have pointed out, it makes a big difference which age this “children’s” channel is targeted toward. If it’s the Elmo/Pokemon crowd they’re trying to reach, then it IS kind of silly.

      1. Hey Jen. You know, in Germany, we have more than one tv-channel! And we don’t chain kids to the television. They can switch to other channels or go out and play if they are not interested in tv-shows.

        If 3-8yo childs show this clip they will be intererested. Or they like the comic style but don’t understand anything and forget this clip 5min after they saw it. So where’s the prob?! Kids don’t explode if they see things they don’t understand.

        And the KiKa has on different times a different target of child ages.

  15. I got erections whenever riding on the top deck of a London bus. It must have been the jogging around on the seat. And I got them well past 18!! Sometimes my bus stop arrived before I got it down.

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