I ate all your Candy!

Here’s some cruel, cruel (yet incredibly hilarious) Halloween aftermath. It’s off-topic but I just had to squeeze this one in here ;) Watch the whole thing, the kids at the end are the best!

YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

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The older one will be your president someday with some luck, the other one (2+2=5) will be the 1%.

43 thoughts on “I ate all your Candy!”

  1. Is it wrong that I wanted one of the kids to come back with. “And I drank all of your Scotch”?

  2. would have been fun if one of the kids knew the hidingplaces of their parents and would go: Nope it’s all here! *opens door* TADA!

  3. I wonder if any of the parents actually *did* eat all of the candy before recording their kid’s reaction.

    1. Well…in the one scene, there is a table of empty wrappers for the children to witness (in absolute horror). So the parents either unwrapped each candy and hid them, or they really did eat it all. I’m assuming though that the candy was just hidden and eventually returned?

  4. WTF! These parents must pay back their kids in hard, cold cash, if they REALY eat all their kid’s candy.

  5. We have a wonderful tradition at our house. For Halloween we buy lots and lots of the good stuff – no “fun size” or cheap crap -we buy the full size bars. All premium and even imported brands. We arrange it all on a huge silverplate platter. Then, on Halloween night, we turn off the lights. Nobody comes. YESSSSSS.
    Next day, we dive in! That big beautiful platter keeps us on a non-stop sugar high until Christmas.

    1. “Next day, we dive in! That big beautiful platter keeps us on a non-stop sugar high until Christmas.”

      Thanks. I’ve always wondered what keeps the Republicans going for so long. No wonder they cry and pout every time someone mentions the top 1% tax increase that’s been due for so damn long.

  6. Lol that was a really rotten thing to do to such young children. Gave their parents a good laugh though, and from their viewpoint that’s acceptable. I do have similar memories of being laughed at, by adults at such a young age. Totally pissed me off at the time.

    Also there is this insane dentist that is so bent on preventing kiddy tooth decay, he urges parents to steal their children’s stash and bring it to him. For every pound ( or whatever weight or volume ) handed over, he makes a donation to charity. Like I wish he’d eff off and mind his own business and not try to dictate what parents should do.

    Then lastly, of course there’s this nutbag local pastor that wants to change Hallowe’en into ‘Jesus Ween’ and it appears it’s gone semi-viral or whatever:


    I’m old, and I say be kind to your children, and let these happy festive customs continue, and stop trying to mess with them.

    1. That’s not just one guy…. there’s a group here that encourages kids to give their candy to their dentists every year in exchange for a toy, donation to charity, or some other treat of the participating dentists choosing. I’m not sure if it’s something done nation-wide in the US or just something local though.

  7. The last two kids were the funniest, but all were priceless and sooooo hilarious :-)
    No, it’s probably not so funny to the kids who “suffered” the incident of their candy being taken, but their reactions to the “thefts” were pretty darned funny.

  8. Wow, how old was that last kid? I feel intimidated by his precocious common sense and composure.

      1. Wow, I wish I could say I had that kind of control over my temper when I was that age or even at my current age, lol. I did like how the younger brother was a little bit more full of rage but he followed the example of his elder brother. Nice example of how kids can surprise you but how they’re still quite impressionable.

      2. Sam

        Thanks for the link – the longer version of these two boys, who are so adorable and amazingly level headed for their age, is a must watch!


  9. Oh my god! I loved the boy on the right in the last scene! He was so cute and so smart! I freaking adore him! Can I adopt him or something?

    I would only have been one of the ones crying.

  10. I was like aw :( how could you do that to your kids but I loved the last two kids xD they’re darned smartasses :P

  11. The parents were cruel to do this and laugh at their children? (I got a laugh too.)

    The young kids were so sad/mad that they cried and most actually shed tears over some candy?

    Seriously, you have to wonder (at least I do) how and why these young children could/would put so much “value” on some candy from strangers that they probably wouldn’t get and eat within their own family throughout the year. It’s pretty sad that young children can/would value such crap in their lives — and this was brought on by their parents allowing so much candy and allowing their children to watch so much TV (re: an atomic bomb’s worth of commercials for such crap) instead of getting their children to read more or do more physical activities outdoors.

    I’m not a “grinch,” but seeing such a young child “mourn” — with tears, no less — at their thought of not having and being able to eat that much sugar left me wondering about the raising style of those parents — this TV-inspired joke notwithstanding.

    And then we have some numbskull above who is berating a DENTIST (of all people — who stands to lose business) who wants to keep this sugar bomb away from children so that their teeth will have a better chance to grow naturally and provide them with strong(er) teeth throughout their lives (where are the tears when their teeth start rotting and literally falling out of their skulls — some as early as 30-ish?).

    1. agreed :),and i’ll be darned it the voice of the blond kid in the middle of the clip AND his mom didn’t sound incredibly sexy

    2. > candy [...] that they probably wouldn’t get and eat within their own family throughout the year

      Your own point not only answers your question but also defeats your argument about an over-sugared upbringing.

    3. While the kid’s’ reaction prolly is partially in response to the supposedly lost candy, I would think that the bigger reason for such an extreme reaction is that their parents have broken their trust.

      At the age that most of those kids are, you look to your parents for support, safety, knowledge, and pretty much everything good. At that age, you trust your parents on a level no adult can comprehend trusting another human.

      When those parents claimed they ate all the candy their kids spent days/weeks looking forward to and “worked” all night to get (in the kids eyes anyway), they broke that trust.

      Never-mind that most of that candy would prolly be rationed out a couple pieces a day for a week or two until the kids forget about it before mysteriously disappearing anyway (as happened in most of the households in my neighborhood when I was a kid, no good parent wants their kids eating that much candy)

    4. Oh come on. Most kids of that age will turn on the waterworks for even the tiniest thing if they’re in the wrong mood.

  12. XD I watched this on youtube earlier, the last boys are soooooo cute and soooooo funny

  13. Daddy, while you were sleeping last night, I took the keys to your BMW and accidentally drove it through the front of the 7-Eleven!

  14. that little girl who threw the wrapper at her mother looks like she doesn’t need any candy, she’s on her way to being a little porker

  15. the last vid looked a bit fake but so damn funny

    in the anti spam check i wanted to put in 5 for 2+2=

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