I don’t want to go back alone

Eu não quero voltar sozinho… Leonardo, a 15 year-old blind teenager, and Giovana are best friends. Going through adolescence together, she is starting to develop feelings for him but tries not to show it. Leonardo, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the same. When another boy, Gabriel, arrives in school, he immediately becomes friends with them. Leonardo, who was born blind, starts to discover new feelings towards Gabriel, understanding, for the first time, what is like to fall in love.

Curta – Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho – Subtitles: English French Spanish Turkish

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40 thoughts on “I don’t want to go back alone”

  1. That was absolutely darling. I knew a blind boy in middle school and was smitten with him. He was a little bit older than me, and I liked him because he just seemed so cool about everything. We didn’t have the chance to become anything more than just acquaintances, since he transferred to another school. This brought back my memories of him and how me made me feel inside. Thanks for the smile.

    1. This short was absolutely brilliant, poignant….I too had a crush on a blind boy in Jr High. I was too immature and too critical. I forced myself to get turned off by his cloudy eyes, the rocking he did while sitting and that damned noise from the braille typewriter. Those were just excuses of course, because I lacked the courage to explore the possibilities.

  2. Amei o curta, muito lindo. Cheguei a sentir as borboletas no estômago que o personagem deve ter sentido quando ele falou para a guria que tava apaixonado.

    E depois quando ele fala para o Gabriel pensando que esta falando com a Gi fiquei com medo da reação que ele pode-se ter, apesar de ele aparentar já gostar do Léo. Mas quando ele vem e beija, bá foi muito tri.

    O sorriso no final quando ele entende o que aconteceu fechou com chave de ouro.

    Sorry for the long post in portuguese, just thought it was a better way to put how I felt touched by this beautiful short movie. Also I wanted in some how express that I am Brazilian.

  3. one of the best videos you ever posted

    i’d like to go back to my 15es and be like them.. :)

  4. I agree with everyone. That was a very well done short film. The acting was very natural and the story was beautiful. We need more films like this. :)

  5. I also watched it without the subtitle because all the feelings told the story! Im still a bit overwhelmed about it. Something very different!

  6. D’awwwwwwwwwww :3 easily the best video yet. loved it. it made my day and prolly my week. so yeah thanks.

  7. OH, Leo’s moment of sweet realization… When the light goes on and he smiles and has to sit down! Do you remember a moment in your young life like that? I do! And I had to find more subtle ways to touch than he. We all had to do our little dances… our own little versions of “blind man’s bluff” to test the waters of our secret loves.

    Now, I’m going back to watch this gem again.

  8. At 06:48, in Leo’s room when Leo takes off his shirt and Gabriel looks away… then realizes, “Oh, I can stare!” And, he does… and he enjoys what he sees. So did I.

  9. Always remember to not just fave a vid on YouTube but down load it as well. So many brilliant short films are removed.

  10. Im 14 and this made me feel just so good. Exellent video and absolutely beautiful

  11. Wow… this was awesome. The actors were great, and i loved how it ended too.
    It is a “warm fuzzy” feeling video.

  12. I bet my boyfriend I could find a non depressing movie about gay boys.
    thanks for helping me win, since now he owes me something :3

  13. When I was finishing high school I fell in love of one guy and I knew that my best girlfriend was fell in love of me, that was curious because she was the typical girl that all boy in the school want, and when I told her that I was fell in love of my friend she only told me ”if you think is the best for you go ahead” she behaved like a all a woman

    Now i see this incredible video and I remind my history, of course I really loved this video, GREAT.

    Amei o curta, muito bem.

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