17 thoughts on “If Gay Guys said the Shit Straight People say…”

  1. So true!!! Really nice post. Reminds me when I was in high school and “friends” of mine would tell me: “It’s ok if you’re gay as long as you don’t star touching me” No need to say they were all fuglys.

    1. You think you’ve got problems Carlos. I’m bisexual and ‘friends’ of mine would tell me “It’s ok if you’re bi as long as you don’t start touching me OR my girlfriend”. The worst part though was when they would pretend to be drunk and start touching me inappropriately with the line “You’re bi, you like it really” Being bi doesn’t mean I want to have sex with everyone on the planet, especially some closet case with borderline homophobic tendencies due to their own ‘shameful’ desires.

  2. I sooo want to share this on my FB but unfortunately some of the straight people would get it. :-((

    1. Share it!! It’s a good way to clean up your Facebook. You can delete all the people who post homophobic shit.

  3. For me, the best line was ….

    “It’s not a problem that you’re straight …. but do you have to show it off so much?”

    1. Yes haha, according to society straights can talk out loud about cunts but two gays holding hands is showing your gayness. It’s so ironic.

  4. “Sooo… You and your girlfriend… how do you decide… who does… what?”

    “Hey you’re a great guy, man. But just so you know, nothing straight is gonna happen between us.”

    “It’s not a problem that you’re straight, but do you have to show it off so much?”

    Q: What does a straight horse eat?


    ~Love it~ :D

  5. In all honesty I think a lot of gay people bring this sort of thing on themselves. I have never been a fan of effeminate gays. It’s not the fact they are effeminate – you are who you are and shouldn’t have to hide that. It is those gays who accentuate their sexuality with affected speech and mannerisms. I dislike pretentious people, those who try to be something they are not.

    People who try to make others believe they are intelligent, well-travelled, wealthy, female, whatever. Yes you are who you are and if you have a surplus of female genes, be yourself and be proud. But if you are acting a part then you are fake and deserve critique IMO.

    Too many gay people are ‘in your face’ and it causes unnecessary conflict. They do it to say ‘I’m gay so what the fuck are you going to say about it you homophobe’ and that is using sexuality as a weapon. To me sexuality is irrelevant but unfortunately not everyone is me, and it is important to be sensitive to ‘differences’.

    This is a double edged sword but it applies to many things in life not just sexuality. People should be respectful of others regardless of their own personal beliefs. It is the same with race, colour and creed. I find many gays to be insensitive towards the feelings of straights, yet they will scream and stamp their feet should someone have the audacity to call them queer.

    In the short time here I have been appalled by the lack of tolerance and empathy towards others. On a gay website you would expect a sense of community, a ‘we’re all in the same boat’ spirit and camaraderie.

    I’ve had all the homophobic comments and taunts but it was mostly at school, then people grew up (some anyway). First and foremost we are all citizens of planet Earth and should make an effort to get along regardless of what others are doing. By all means meet bigotry with bigotry, arrogance with arrogance, hostility with hostility, but never pass up an opportunity to try and make things better.

    Just saying (as so many of you say when conscious your comment will piss some people off).

    1. Good points and well stated.

      I don’t necessarily agree with each one, but appreciate your clarity and easy-to-read manner.

      I am personally very straight-looking and acting and am too old to change either, not that I would or could.

      Although I am sometimes annoyed with the in-your-face flamers, I also recognize that these are the boys that keep our general gayety out there in the public eye. Plus, I love the boys of Helix as opposed to the muscle-bound men that the general public seems to think epitomize of ‘gay ideal’. Give me a twink any day!!

      1. If we all agreed on everything it would be a boring world and thank you for not ranting as some have a tendency to do.

  6. Growing up, I’ve always been “middle-of-the-road” but decidedly more “male acting” (depending on how you wish to consider that). We had very few “effeminate” boys (if any — I don’t remember any earlier on) in my schools (primary, middle [jr.] and [sr.] high) to even know that they would even be “different”. I did befriend one in high school (and this was a private, religious boarding school). It wasn’t until after graduation when I did some light travelling (as far as my thumb would get me — and that was from Los Angeles to Denver one time) did I start seeing and knowing more “effeminate” guys and then even more when I was doing my several years stint in the Military (always in civilian territory — not the bases). Of course I never “came out” during this time and afterward as it wasn’t necessary for any “coming out” because of my careers and life ‘style’. I was never concerned about my family knowing and wouldn’t have cared one iota if they did find out (and they were very religious).

    But, what I learned and came to appreciate very deeply some time ago when I was more “into” they history of gays in the USA and elsewhere is that it was (in New York) the “effeminate”, drag-queens who started the gay liberation — it was they who stood up to the N.Y. cops during the infamous Stonewall [club] riots. They took the beatings and started (slowly, to be sure) the insistance that people of authority/government treat them as HUMANS and not animals.

    And although I will sometimes “cringe” a tiny bit when watching a gay parade or other social gathering of a multitude of gays, I will still defend and cheer them and thank them for their proven fortitude which so many “butch” gays (myself included) would never have done.

    [And, I hear that something similar is going on in places like Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador, to name a few, and their drag queens are helping those areas get more civil rights and freedoms.]

    So, I say, “thank you!” to all who will stand up for their civil rights under pressure.

  7. Its funny how some of the jock types try to act macho, putting on the deeper than normal voice and aggressive mannerisms, especially at high school age. Are they just covering up their innate gayness? Surely everybody is gay deep down! There will be no future for the human race unless we stop reproducing so let’s be gay. I was straight and now I’m gay, although I did reproduce one progeny along the way. He does the deep voice thing, but maybe he is gay!

  8. My favorite one, ( i use sometimes) is ” I’m totally ok with it. Some of my best friends are straight”.

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