27 thoughts on “Il faut partir, les amis!”

  1. Well, to me, it looks like they are grieving. Perhaps a funeral. They don’t look like happy teenagers in the photo. It does look like a tender hug nonetheless.

    1. well in french Il faut partir, les amis! means It is necessary to leave, the friends!

          1. In this case it would be “We have to depart, friends!” – I think it’s somewhat obvious that this is the same as “my friends” here :p

          2. Josh is correct. Another good example: The movie “Aus Revoir, Les Enfants”. When the priest utters these words as he is being lead away by Nazis, he is saying “Goodbye, children.”, not “Goodbye, the children.” Syntax is the key. I spoke fluent German and French before learning a single word of English. Can you tell?

  2. There is something in the one guys hand…maybe a hymn. I’ve seen things like that handed out in church.

  3. I think I recall seeing this in the news. Maybe one of the school shootings here in the US. It was a couple years ago.

  4. I’m pretty sure a funeral was held; and a young man is comforting another one, who, may be, has lost a dear one. Everyone on the picture is sad.

  5. Almost certainly grieving – one of the times when we can lose the posturing and artificial restraints and truly be human.

    1. no, josh doesn’t mean he has to close the blog (like the blogs made on blogger (from google))
      it is just the title of this pic…

  6. untill now I can’t stop looking at this pic…. what is it with this pic that makes me sooo…. I dunno… emo? The hell Im no emo :D

  7. It’s definitely grieving. But a beautiful picture, full of whatever meaning you wish to interpret.

  8. this photo is about no funeral but about a girl finding out her boyfriend is gay and the other boy in the pic is pissed. GET IT…..

  9. A great photo regardless of the situation. The girl infront of the shot and the guy at the back frame the 2 guy’s in the middle. Beautiful.

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