We decided to get rid of the password-system and use a user-system instead. 95% of all posts will be still public for everyone but posts containing nudity will be only visible for registered users. There will be more advantages for people who sign up in the future. Leave a comment or contact us if you have further questions.

Privacy info: To sign up you have to enter an user name and an e-mail-address. If you don’t want to use your private e-mail you can use anonymous services like BugMeNot Mail.

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Wir haben uns entschieden statt dem bisherigen Passwort-System ein User-System zu benutzen. 95% aller Posts werden weiterhin öffentlich für jeden lesbar sein, Posts mit spärlich bis gar nicht bekleideten Protagonisten werden hingegen nur für angemeldete User sichtbar sein. In Zukunft wird es für Leser die sich anmelden weitere Vorteile geben. Hinterlass einen Kommentar und kontaktiere uns wenn du weitere Fragen hast.

Hinweis zur Privatsphäre: Zum Anmelden musst du einen Benutzernamen und eine e-Mail-Adresse angeben. Wenn du nicht deine private e-Mail-Adresse benutzen möchtest, kannst du einen anonymen Mail-Anbieter wie BugMeNot Mail benutzen.

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Nous avons décidé d’ utiliser un système d’ inscription au lieu de l’ancien système utilisant avec des mots de passe. 95% du contenu vont rester accessible pour tout le monde. Mais il va devenir necéssair de s’inscrire pour voire le contenu contenant nudité. En future il vait avoir en plus bénfics pour les utilisateurs inscrits. Commentes ou écrites un e-mail quand tu as des questions.

Indication concernant la sphère privée: Quand tu ne veux pas utiliser ton adresse e-mail privée, tu pourrais employer un service qui serve les adresses e-mail anonymes comme BugMeNot Mail.

Inscris-toi et deviens un milkboy :o)


16 thoughts on “~ IMPORTANT ~ User System ~ IMPORTANT ~”

  1. Something’s wrong : I wrote the proper code for passworfand it says Incorrect password : I wonder what’s happening. Thanks, Claude

  2. There is NO WAY I am going to send you an email. The only true anonymous email is nym.alias.net and I don’t think most of your readers know how to use it. Sometimes I am a bit startled by some of the things you have to say, such as not knowing that Bernard Alapetite produced the huge series of magazines he did over 30 years ago. So then you also must know little about his history in general. I can see you someday blundering into a situation you can’t get out of and it is possible that you could provide a trail of breadcrumbs to all your registered users for the powers that be. Bye!

  3. Hi! How do we delete an old account (i.e. this one I’m posting on) I have a new email address, so can you help me delete this account I’m on?

  4. I agree with the first Forget It…. WTF kind of rubbish entered into your brain making you think this was a great idea?

    What a shame, Another great site flushed down the toilet.

  5. Oh stop whining. It’s a blog for goodness sake. If everything anyone ever did on a blog was perfect then we wouldn’t have Perez Hilton. Christ, so you have to create a fake e-mail that you never use again. Oh dear. Never mind.

    I don’t really like the system but it’s not exact site destroying.

  6. I would say it was a good idea to provide such a passwort-system for this site.
    THXs for the tip with the MailAddy – everything works perfectly!

  7. This blog is getting to be a VERY temporary autonomous zone changing with alarming regularity. What will the next flaming hoop be that we must jump through? And everything gets more limited and censored! OK, so now we will get our asses registered! What will be next? Notes from our mothers and fingerprint I.D.?

  8. @claude simard
    I could delete your account so you can make a new one.

    Use the contact form to tell me which one is your old account and I’ll delete it.

    Calm down. If you don’t want to register – just don’t do it.
    If you don’t like the way I handle things – just visit other blogs.
    And by the way: milkboys is totally legal, if you scared to put in an anonymous mail-address… ok, you can still read the other posts which make 95% (or more) of milkboys.

  9. Well, THAT took about 3 minutes. Paranoid Americans! (disclaimer: I’m american).

    I have a note from my mom all ready, Josh. Let me know and I’ll send it along. Fingerprint ID will be a little tough – my hands are busy!

  10. Good idea, Josh ! Thank you for all your efforts about your site wich is very pleasant to see and read.

    If I can bring you some very little help… I re-write your “french version” of your explanations about the registration system, in order to make it… “real” french ;-)). Just do what you want with that :-).

    “Nous avons décidé d’utiliser un système d’inscription au lieu de l’ancien système utilisant des mots de passe. 95% du contenu restera accessible pour tout le monde. Mais il va devenir nécessaire de s’inscrire pour voir le contenu incluant de la nudité. A l’avenir il y aura de nouveaux avantages pour les utilisateurs inscrits. Tu peux rédiger un commentaire ou écrire un e-mail si tu veux poser une question.

    Indication concernant la sphère privée : si tu ne veux pas utiliser ton adresse e-mail privée, tu peux passer par un site qui crée des adresses e-mail anonymes comme BugMeNot Mail.”

    Keep on your good work !

  11. Good idea Josh,it works for me. I can still read the comments and i hope it means you’re allowed to be a bit more daring,within the law of course. xx

  12. Hallo gesagt!Ich würde mich sehr gern bei euch mit einloggen,aber durch eure seltsamen Zeichen in den mir zugeschickten Passwörtern klappt das irgendwie nicht,habt ihr keine einfacheren oder deutlichere?Danke und bis gleich,Torsten. P.S. was ich bis jetzt sehen konnte war toll!!!

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