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  1. Hi, Josh ! This is a truely great video ! That’s why I love your blog so much : it is always surprising ! Best wishes, Harry

  2. Dear, dear Josh…
    You find the most wonderful things to share with us; we don’t deserve you!
    A lovely video, so sweetly tenderly erotic.

  3. Hi Josh, what a truly amazing vid. Thanks for a great site and keep up the good work. I love this blog, something different everytime you log on. Brill. Best wishes Pete

  4. Thanks Josh – amazing video – this guy is incredibly sexy and has more great stuff on xtube (just do a search at the site for ludicolo) – his pics and vids are very artistically done and he is so… umm… watchable…..

  5. Hey ! Thanks for the video man.. it’s awesome. Btw, is there any informations about this guy ? where did you find it ?

  6. There was a recent post about the photographer Bill Henson on Dennis Cooper’s DC’s. Henson’s photos show teens surrounded by darkness. In the interview segment on DC’s Henson said also the darkness comes out of the teens.

    I thought of that when seeing this video.

    Please google some Bill Henson images to see what you think.

  7. Hi Josh, thx for this really good stuff and for your blog in general. Till now, it’s been always a pleasure to visit your site… THANK YOU!

  8. I really haven’t seen all that many videos with this subject matter. Most seem pretty boring and stupid, and it’s far more fun to do it than to watch some other dude do it, but this video is the only video I’ve seen that absolutely ranks as ART! Wonderful creativity!!

  9. One of the finest short films I have ever seen.
    And yes, Lukas, it is somewhat reminiscent of Bill Henson’s still photography, but I think this is even better than Bill Henson and I think Henson would agree.
    This is one hell of film.
    Thanks Josh! This is one hell of a blog too!

  10. Very sexy video, indeed!!!!!!! – This guy should be a video director / producer for music videos!
    -so simple, yet so sexy!!

    -nice one!
    Love R.

  11. Kann mir jemand sagen, was das für ein Lied ist? Danke.
    Does anybody know what song this is? thank you.

  12. This was really, really nice. The tattoo on his leg and that last breath after climax…sweet.

  13. Josh,
    Yeah, I thought it was the same one as before. Cool. Like it then, liked it now too. And, as indicated and agreed upon by many here, great job and thanks.

  14. @Lukas, teens aren’t dark. Maybe teens from Australia are dark and American to, but that is most likely a reflexion of the societies. I lived and went to school in Japan when my father worked there and I never found Japanese boys dark. They are very open and free about sex and maybe that is wast annoys people from other cultures where sex is a big problem. But Japan has almost none of monotheistic dogma and the children who grow up there are not only more free to do what they want then compared to in the West, but also they are far better behaved.

    My feeling about Australia is that it was the DARKEST place I have ever gone. So Henson is right. But he is right only in the middle of his own place.

    My aunt is friend of and worked with Dennis Cooper who lives here in Paris and he is what I call dark. When I see him in the cafe with his bf, they even have dark looks on their face even if they are smiling. Maybe this is his image. His work is very bloody. I mean cutting up boys bodies just to have a look at blood — guts — pain. I know there are people like that but that is dark to me.

  15. According to his web site, http://www.cam4.com/ludicolo, he is 51 years old. Wow.
    As Eisenstein has already said, it is one of the finest short films ever made! And who am I to question Eisenstein?
    For a 51 year old to pull this off, it is nothing short of a miracle and I think someone should contact Benedict at the Vatican and arrange to have this guy canonized. Saint Ludicolo! Oremus!

  16. I have many times waited from around from 1 too 3am french time in hope of seeing the live show this boy gives on his web cam ocassionaly. he’s a bright star in a dark universe and floods me with happy emotions.


  17. bella secco,fatte rivede’ fatte risenti’ che sei er mejo,le tue performans sono molto stimolanti.

  18. Marcel,
    You are right on. Thanx for your remarks. This video is beautiful isn’t it? I appreciated reading your eyewitness view of DC. We can be happy can’t we — really happy.

  19. I watched this video when you first posted it, and just rewatching it now, I still adore it. I love the part where he goes underwater to his anus. It’s just visually amazing.

  20. Yes! The green ambiance lends a kinda artistic envy. And; the gurgling bath sounds as of some subterranean, deep-sea exploration goin-on. Which there was ‘in a manner of viewing’. The sphincter ‘coming into deep-sea view’ cheekily flexing was a masterpiece (I think).

  21. This definitely crosses the line into sexual artistic expression…an avenue that is VERY RARELY, if ever, explored in film/video form.

    I love this guy.

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