Is my Son… *gasp* …GAY!?

I don’t want to believe this is serious. An Android app in France promises to determine whether your son is gay by hitting you with 20 questions.

Subjects broached in questions on the app include the child’s dress sense, sporting prowess, musical taste and whether or not he reads newspapers. The questionnaire also asks mothers whether they are separated or divorced and whether there is an absence of a ‘father figure’ in their son’s life.

Clichés ahoy! If the app says your son isn’t gay, it gives you this reassurance: "You have nothing to worry about… You have a very good chance of being a grandmother with all the joys that brings." The other answer: "Your son is gay, accept it."

While French queer organisations call the app “homophobic and downright stupid” and suggest that parents should rather talk to their kids instead of using apps to find out if their son is into lads or gals the creator of the app says he doesn’t understand the uproar: “I made the app to help parents to accept their kids’ sexuality”, Christophe De Baran said. [via Pink Paper & Towelroad]


25 thoughts on “Is my Son… *gasp* …GAY!?”

  1. What a disappointment it would be to find out I’m straight from a phone app.

  2. Lol. I don’t adhere to any of the gay stereo types except working out and being handsome

  3. The eejit could have done a little research first. The family environment questions were laid to rest as irrelevant over 40 years ago. Sounds like a feeble attempt at making a quick buck.

  4. This is an example of the dark side of France … historically libertarian … but terribly retrograde when the children leave the track made by their parents. I have nothing against gays … if it the neighbor’s son who’s gay !

    The application “Is my son gay” causes indignation. Associations of homosexuals are outraged and plan to file a complaint.

    His creator defends himself, arguing … “humor” !!!!

  5. Nothing is as stupid as boxing people… even more so if through a few questions… what’s next? an app that tells you, if you got a gay sexual nephew / nice you kid will be it too?

  6. If you are more worried about who your son is sleeping with, then to love them. Then I do not think you are a fit parent.

    Remember the people who sell or promote stuff like this make their money on hate.

  7. IDK but I feel like discriminated, come on I have friends that are Straight that actually are more gayish than me and well I am bi does it make a bloddy difference I think not …

    what whe have reached …

  8. Well, he’s not the first one to try and make money on stupidity…
    Taking money out of the fools, that’s the best you can do in this economy, where greed has replaced ethics. People adapt to their time.
    So, another fellow citizen to be ashamed of. Not the first, not the last, I guess.

  9. Shame it’s only an Android app, i was wanting to find out if i was gay or not coz i need an app to tell me so innit

  10. yeah, I don’t see the big uproar with it. I think it could be a bit of fun. The shamed views should be put on the parents who choose to use it, rather than those who created it…

  11. Sorry, but “I made the app to help parents to accept their kids’ sexuality,” doesn’t reconcile with “You have nothing to worry about… You have a very good chance of being a grandmother with all the joys that brings.” I’m sure some people find this funny. Personally, I don’t think we should be giving press to this sort of tripe.

  12. 20 q asked in the app:
    1. Does he care about his clothes, does he pay attention to his outfits and to brands?
    2. Does he like soccer?
    3. Before he was born, were you hopeful for this child to be a girl?
    4. Has he ever fought or been into a fight?
    5. Does he read sport newspapers?
    6. Does he have a best female friend?
    7. Does he like team sports?
    8. Is he modest?
    9. Is he a fan of diva singers (Dalida, Mylène Farmer…)?
    10. Does he spend a lot of time in the bathroom?
    11. Is he wearing a piercing on the tongue, eyebrow, nose or ear?
    12. Does he spend a lot of time doing his hair?
    13. Do you wonder about your son’s sexual orientation?
    14. Are you divorced?
    15. Does he like musicals?
    16. Has he ever introduced you to his girlfriend?
    17. Is the father strict with his son?
    18. In your family, is the father often absent?
    19. When he was a child, was he somewhat shy and quiet?
    20. Does he share a healthy bond with his father?

  13. Following is a dialogue from a gay Mormon who has been promoted within the church. I found it very interesting and somewhat relevant to this stupid app, especially the “Your son is gay, accept it.” part:

    “I don’t want pity. To pity me is to make me a victim. I want understanding. To understand me is to love me as an equal.

    “I don’t want tolerance. If I am tolerated, I am disliked in some way. I want respect as a fellow striving child of God – an equal in his eyes.

    “I don’t want acceptance. To accept me is to graciously grant me the favor of your company. To accept me is to marginalize me with the assumption that I am less than you. I am your peer. I am neither above you nor below you.”

  14. I’m absolutely not okay with ‘accepting’ a gay son, like he’s a second place in a 50 yard dash. I’m trying not to be petty, but I have a mild grudge against the poke war boys. They should have been ECSTACTIC that milkboys found them interesting. Gay sons should be embraced, celebrated, because they’re boys. Period.

  15. Also, the whole grandchildren thing chaps my hide, too. There are so many children to love and embrace, they don’t have to be a person’s grand kids. And anyway, if a gay son wants kids, he can make it happen, so what’s the problem??

  16. I would be much more concerned if my kids were to turn out to be Democrats. God forbid!

  17. what a waste of money… a parent that thinks it needs an app like this is better off getting a shot of whiskey for the same amount and get more out if it…

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