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  1. Mmmh, homoemo is certainly the hottest porn site on the internet (apart from the dark corners of the web where those who want to go to heaven are not supposed to surf *cough*).

  2. This boy is almost identical to the many I see each morning as I exercise my dog. They, of course, are wending their way to school and pay little attention to my slack-jawed stares.

    I can only presume they all know they are drop-dead gorgeous.

    1. WOW! I don’t dare go near a school. Just walking by, if you smile and stop to watch the kids playing soccer or something else in their gym shorts or just in clothes, you are likely to be stopped and questioned. In a restaurant, I was sitting with a friend, and I saw a young man come in who looked really nice. I watched him without reservation cause you look at people in those situations. A woman with him or near him, saw me and pointed me out to a man who glared for 20 minutes until we were seated. In the bar…. fer god’sake.
      Any interest shown to children up to 18 years of age, is considered pedophilia (incorrectly) and over 18, if you are older, the law is grey enough to still allow your being picked up.
      I don’t know if they know they are gorgeous, but they know admirers when they see them. When they do, I move along.

      1. When I say “stare” perhaps it would be more accurate to say “furtive glance”! :(

        As you say, anything more will land you in jail, without collecting $200 on the way!

        1. Oh ok… yeah >_> I know what you mean.
          I learned to use peripheral vision… that’s all I’d need. Registered sex offender for looking. >_<

      2. If you like this model as much as I do, I’d suggest you to move to the country where he comes from, where there is a lot on offer just like him and you would not be breaking any law. Though, I shouldn’t be telling you, as I don’t want more competition! :) He’s over the aoc even in the US, so just go for it! Furtive glance, or more, it’s all fine!

  3. I actually know both Kevin Nash and Josh Holden personally!! They used to go out with each other although “Kevin” is a bit of a knob

      1. No, not their real names. I could tell you the real names of the ones I mentioned but then I’d have to kill you :-P

    1. Mmmm used to have a friend who looked like Kevin Nash but with strawberry blond hair and freckles, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… My fave on that site is Alex Cane, when he has his beautiful natural hair color which I think brings out his freckles :)… reminds me so much of another young man who I used to do it with lol, oh I miss it so much!

  4. If you look carefully at the first pic, he sporting one hell of a hot package. Pity it’s almost obscure by the logo. He’d fit in my bed, no worries.

    1. That was the second thing I noticed too. I have to admit, the first thing I noticed was his lips. A little too made up, was my thought, but nice nonetheless.

  5. homoemo gets better and better :3 some vids still make me go wtf was the director thinking? but some are verrry nice. jack styles is adorable.

  6. You are fucking orgasmic:) even though your ‘gay’ you should seriously hit mehh up ;D

  7. my god this kid’s lips are out of this WORLD !!! *____*
    i cant even speak, theyre so outstanding…

    NEVER have i seen a guy with lips like that oh my gawwwwd ;o i bet he’s awesome to kiss

    beautiful, beautiful boy. he looks all softttt =D

    i wish i wasn’t a girl right now.

    1. oh my god, I know how you feel. my friend and I are like in love with him, but sadly we’re girls :(

  8. hey jaxy, im 18 brazialian and australian and you are the reason i came out wen i waz 16 ive been trying to talk 2 you for 2 years now hope you can reply,would love to talk to you.. dez

  9. jack styles

    wonderful. so cute. I love him. I want to see him again.
    so so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. i love him 2 he is just so cute and sweet looking 2 me i would fuch him hard if i had seen him.

    1. hey there, do u know where jack styles (simon) now? they said he quit in homoemo. pls reply

    1. hey there :) hmm you’re a good friend of “jack styles”? do u know where jack styles (Simon) now? they said he quit in doing “video” please reply Scott, I’ll appreciate it thanks

  11. that boy is beautiful to look at their lips
    anyone know the name?
    I appreciate
    is really cute

  12. uuuuuuu
    el es muy lindooo
    necesito saber el nombre verdadero de el
    si alguien lo sabe

  13. hi jack if you read that u make me really happy if u send me an mail (:
    because i am a yung gay from germany and there is something who i wanna ask u .please!!!!

  14. 谷歌是傻逼翻译的是个球。大爷我直接上中文了。
    I’m very very very very very very very very very very very very like him~~(╯3╰) chu~~

  15. Wow what a hot adorable cute skinny emo boy with a nice big cock that I love to suck.

    1. I agree with you m8, i love his gorgeous slim legs, and his thighs are to die for, i could caress and kiss them all day, as for his wonderful young cock, well, i would suck it till the cows came home.

  16. i think he is very cute.
    and i really want to know him.
    who can help?3Q.
    and in his video,it seems like that he is a little impatient in my view.

    but anyway,he is good.

    1. me too :( do you know where he is now? any updates? please reply to my email, thanks

      1. Do you know if Jack Styles is his real name? He’s absolutely attractive!
        I’d love to know him.

  17. absolutely delicious! Yummy…. Jack, I’d love to spoil you and worship every inch of that lovely body of yours! :)

  18. he’s very cute!
    i love him sooooooo much !~~
    你妹的,,求资料呀 这孩纸多大了 近况怎么样?好可爱好可爱 H的时候心都给我萌碎了~~

  19. i’d love to shave his pubic hair off,then he’d be smooth all over,and lock him in chastity for a month or two.
    these young lads get too much pleasure.

    1. i think it was Simon Michael Wright, if you look the name up on google there are a few references on him like his ‘ModelMayhem’ account and stuff

  20. Can you guys please stop saying his name. I do not know him personally but this is how we found out all his personal information. Ok Stop commenting his first name and soon his last name will come out.

  21. his videos are gone from homoemo and his own site is floating dead in the water since over a year now. i wonder if he overdosed or something.

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