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  1. Yup, his voice was phenomenal!!! What a story, too. Dad with MS, and all he wanted to do was sing well enough so that his dad would be proud.

  2. WTF! OMG! Dang boy, you got a voice! That gave me goose bumps all over. Your range is great and in a studio better control will enhance it even more. I like JB just as much as the next guy and Ronan makes me shiver too, but this young man may have them beat if they dont watch out. WOW, WOW, WOW!

  3. OMFG he hit the note! ^^ I was so worried when he was building up to it that his voice would crack or something xD Another amazing teen with an amazing voice. I hope puberty is kind to his vocal chords d=

  4. ok first off he is just as adorable as Ronan and two his voice is more than on par he was absolutly phenomenal he should win this year for sure

  5. I felt he showed more vocal range than Ronan, but I enjoyed both performances very much. My own, unscientific observation, is that boys who sing (meaning “really sing”) tend to not have cracking issues as their voices change, the transition seems much smoother.

  6. It’s funny how all these shows are EXACTLY the same…just change the accents involved.

    Anyway, I found him kind of flat…Ronan was much better.

    1. Audaciter, I thought I was alone with my thoughts. Ronan had much more gentle control in the upper registure together with a human touch that goes beyond mere technique. However, this kid certainly has a range.

      It seems like Austrailia is a large version of Texas. Kind of crude and rough around the edges.

  7. LOL Audacitor you must be tone deaf……That is just about one of the hardest songs technically to sing and he almost pulled it off note perfect and live I might add.

    1. I have to agree… this song is a totally different caliber from Ronan’s song, it’s just so much harder and the ranges are insane. I honestly didn’t think Ronan did anything terribly amazing. This song tho was pretty amazing. Unfortunately Jack doesn’t seem to have much of a personality on stage :S

      1. I admittedly don’t particularly like music, so my analysis was completely amatuerish. I just found his voice sort of boring… I didn’t mean flat in a tone/musical sense..flat in a not exciting sense.

  8. Another to add to Ozzies great young singers, including Troye Sylvan, Jordan Jansen and Cory Simpson. What a hard choice of song to master.

  9. Well, he can sing very well but he’s not in the same class of adorableness as Ronan by any means. The story is good and his looks remind me of 100’s of boys on the Aussie beaches.

    I didn’t like that he wanted to be the Aussie Bieber, that’s very limiting.

    Wonder how often that judge runs up to kiss cute boys? lol

    1. I had to laugh at his expression when the judge kissed him, as if to say, “Oh THAT was awkward.”

      Well kid, just be glad one of the judges wasn’t Vladimir Putin.

  10. Really great voice and range . Way better than J.B. So how far did he get in the Australia’s Got Talent show ? Hope we can follow him.

  11. although i was really blown away by the voice… Its just i wish they would stop with the shitty sob stories he clearly didn’t need it and everyone has one boohopo my friend cut his finger and would love to see me on stage. Boohoo my hamster died when i sucked it up the vacuum cleaner, and he was the only one who believed in me… I mean get a grip, Tina turner was Knocked around and raped by her husband you dont hear her knocking on about it.
    I’m not disputing the awesome voice

  12. Voices like those make me believe in reincarnation.
    It is not just a great voice, it insanely musical, trained, pitch perfect, and with a soul to it you expect from a black 60 year-old woman. This CANNOT be learned ‘just singing in the shower’.
    My old music teacher (i’m musician) was sat in front of an organ (the church kind) when he was 9, and was …played it, instantly.
    There has to be some form of inter-generational communication!

  13. Well, there’s a huge difference between Ronan and Jack. Jack has already been in a number of contests and won them, including Star Search in Oz.

    As far as I can tell, BGT was Ronan’s first public appearance which made his performance a lot better.

    Jack even dresses up like Bieber in a picture.

    I guess even with all the contests and money he’s won, he can’t get a record label to touch him.

  14. Pretty impressive, but hardly “pitch perfect”. He was painfully sharp on several of the high notes, as often happens when young singers are anxious. For me, Ronan Parke puts far more emotion into his singing.

    He’s also not the first 14 year old boy to belt this tune out. Here’s the admittedly much less cute looking Cristian Imparato singing it with the song’s writer David Foster at the piano.

  15. Maybe Jacks voice is better and his song is indeed more difficult but Ronans subtle coming out (choice of lyrics + performance) touched me much more. :)

    1. Methinks Ronan could have come out and sung “Mary had a Little Lamb” dressed in a burlap sack, and he’d still win some of you over, based on sheer adorableness alone. In terms of this and stage presence, Ronan has the clearest advantage. Still, there is something about Aussies…

  16. I’m definitely siding with the Aussies on this one. The song was technically perilous, and I would amplify the judge’s statement that he would either completely embarrass himself or absolutely astonish everyone. And boy did he astonish. Sure there might be plenty of shows like this on television, but it only goes to show you there are so many talented people out there. I don’t really watch talent or song shows, but I don’t mind celebrating extraordinary talent when I see it. And it doesn’t hurt that in a couple of years, this boy will be one hot, blond Aussie. :D

    ETA – And the Irish judge’s (is that the guy from Westlife?) giving him a kiss at the end was some really sweet icing on the cake. <3

    1. yes that is Brian McFadden from westlife he has been a judge on AGT for the last 2 years now :) he also went up on stage the next night and put his arms around a guy and sway with him. the guy butchered brians song (yes the guy chose to sing a Brian McFadden song) the guy was not as cute as jack though, but brian as a joke said yes to him and so danni siad yes as well he got through lol

  17. Very powerful pipes. Pitchiness acceptable under the circumstances. But he’s not really a pop-singer. If he retains the power he’s much more likely to become an opera singer.

  18. omg, i’m sobbing like an effing baby. such a lovely kid, great attitude, and he just rolled with the jerk who said “this will either be great, or suck; either way i’ll love it.” i don’t watch these silly shows, but i hope Jack goes far, he’s such a lovely lad – who can really sign, too – and bless him. so happy his mom was there.

    1. yes Dave that silly jerk is Kyle Sandilands he started on australian Idol as a judge and now does this, he also has his own radio show. We never take this guy seriously he is australias simon Cowe.

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