13 thoughts on “James, Bars & Melody”

  1. Perhaps it’s just not my type of music; but these boys don’t seem very talented to me. Cute yes. Talented? Not to my ears.

  2. Bars & Melody;

    Just wondering, why are they singing the very same song again?

    In America’s Got Talent, the performers are REQUIRED to perform something DIFFERENT (after the audition) ….. to show that they really do have some talent and NOT just a “one hit wonder”.

  3. Well, I bet Simon is glad in a way that neither of these two won BGT. I’m pretty certain they will both be signed to SYCO record label in short order and long term I’m thinking that James has the best chance for success.

  4. This is a pattern I’ve seen a number of times on BGT.

    Audition: Song A
    Semifinal: Song B
    Final: Song A with a slight sprucing up (usually addition of a chorus

  5. I dont care if you dont think they are talented but at 1:56 when they go in for the hug, its the cutest freaking i’ve seen all day.

    I want to squeeze them.

    1. @ Cody
      ❦Shame be I never made it as far as the hug but thanks to you I did. You’re 100% correct, that is the sweetest, cutest thing ever! If all else fails may that friendship endure…

  6. One of the things I’ve liked about these two in all the videos ‘ve seen is the way way they aren’t afraid to be “touchy-feely”ith eachother. Charlie, especially. He’s always grabbing onto Leondre’s arm or hugging him. It’s just so sweet to see the innocent and sincere affection they have for eachother.

    Their TwitCam videos are alot of fun as well.

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